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We are currently looking for two to three FULL moderator applicants, who would be brought onto the team immediately, in order to get the hang of things before Laena transitions off of the mod team and out of the game and to fill the roles that Bella will be leaving when she departs the mod team.

Laena will remain on the mod team in a full capacity until roughly October 1st, 2017.
Bella will be stepping down from her role on the mod team and Think Tank once we find a suitable replacement.
Ryoko will remain on the mod team as a LIST mod only. She will leave the Think Tank and cease to play Peromei once we find a suitable replacement.
Ryn will be rejoining the mod team in a full capacity immediately.

Moderator Needed Roles:
- Able to help with monthly Application Cycle
- Able to address player concerns with the rest of the mod team
- Organization and writing of Events with the rest of the mod team
- Help with Task Board prompts and submissions
- Occasional help with other prompts
- Running various NPCs, including the possibility of one or more of the Arehtei
- Creatively proactive, with the ability to suggest and help craft the overarching game plot outside of the basic outline based on player suggestions and feedback

Moderator Desired Aspects:
- in the game at least 6 months (not a hard number, we are willing to consider < 6 months for the right person!)
- prior modding experience is helpful
- have enough time during the week to be a dedicated mod
- thick skinned, the ability to let negativity roll off your back if things get rough
- dedication to the game and the role to be a stable and reliable fixture on the mod team for a good length of time.
- HTML abilities are a definite plus!



If you would like to apply to play an NPC and be on our "Think Tank" team instead, we have a different set of requirements for them. They will not be involved in mod decisions at all, but will be heavily involved in the game plot as they will be the ones to play our NPCS.


Think Tank Requirements:
- Ability to track and keep up with the Arehtei Scheduler post, where audiences with their designated Arehtei will be requested
- Ability to follow through with and complete threads involving their Arehtei in the Catch All logs
- Ability to contribute to developing Arehtei Domains and information as requested by the mod team which may include helping with events that heavily include the Arehtei
- Creative flexibility to continue a consistent portrayal of the Arehtei, and development.
- Willingness to communicate with the rest of the Think Tank and Mod Team regarding Arehtei developments
- Communicating your schedule and availability to the rest of the Think Tank and Mod Team should you become unavailable for long stretches of time.
- Time to devote to heavier volume Arehtei event threads as needed
- Dedication to the game and the role to be a stable and reliable fixture on the Think Tank team for a good length of time.
- Ability to contribute creatively to events and world building in the game as a whole


All applications are screened! We will respond and contact individual applications after Mid-May with further questions, followups or decisions. Final Mod decisions will be announced to the game at large after applicants have been notified.

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