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[ player plot log ]


We've had a lot of player plots that have come through as well as other smaller events that leave potential impacts on the setting. To make it easier to keep track for everyone, we've created this log!

❖ Plot Proposal

We welcome and encourage all kinds of events and plots, especially if it can drive the game's emotional flow direction in any way. Thus if you have a particular event that you'd like to suggest, fill out the following form and we will discuss it with you either on here or in private depending on the nature of the plot.

❖ Points of Interest

Additionally, if your character has been through an event or has done something that could alter the setting in some way that should be noticeable by the population at large, fill out the following form! It could be something being destroyed, created, and it doesn't have to be something created by emotions. If something is built, like a new attraction or local location to visit, you can mention that, too! We will try to work it in, either by publicly announcing it or have tasks that may react to the change.

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Player: Claire
Character(s): The Overwatch cast, but open to the whole game too
Plot idea: The rest of the Overwatch cast and I have been doing a bit of chatting and we thought we might have a cool player plot to throw out there, with your approval!

Essentially, it would revolve around the emergence of a secretive new gang on the streets of various cities. Along with the usual misdemeanours associated with organised crime, they have also started to push a new emotion-based drug created partly from crushed crystals, which produces in its users an intense, rapturous high that also has potentially deadly side effects. They have, for the most part, managed to successfully conceal their activities through the use of weaponised emotions by some of the gang's key members- including the ability to alter a witness' emotional memories of events, either to scare them into silence or override incriminating thoughts.

We were thinking that players could stumble on their activities and set about enacting justice on them however they see fit, only to find themselves quickly framed for various (potentially serious) crimes as the gang tries to cover their tracks. Obviously this is where we'd need more clarification on what would be possible there, along with what the possible consequences could be.

Right now, we're thinking that the plot would revolve around discovering and eventually taking down the gang in question- we're happy to take on NPCing duties as and when they're needed, ftr. It would naturally be open to everyone in the game who'd be interested, and would give people a lot of more action- and drama-oriented things to thread out- characters could even try the drug themselves and potentially face the (temporary, but horrible) consequences. Before we start to plan out any details, I'd love whatever feedback you could give us on how feasible this would be, and, if there are problems, how we might go about tackling them.
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Hey mods!

Just checking on a timeframe thing - can we go ahead and start the ball running on this, for duration of about a month or so?

We've got an OOC + IC post drafted and ready to go to kick things off whenever we get the clear.
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point of interest

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Player: Peace
Character(s): White
Temporary or Permanent? Permanent
Description: So White's been wanting to make FeelGood's products of emotion potions more of a medical thing, to help apathy at large since it does help those that take it, not to cure it so much as it medicate the worst of it! I wasn't wholly sure if I should go about this here or on the mod contact itself, but it'd work basically as in taking memory petals, doing the usual distilling process as she does with her products, but in a more professional and research-based setting; whoever works in that department would have anything they need supplied to them for testing and the like. Maybe pill form too. Prescription-based or whatever so there's no intense abuse of it (though obviously that can be circumvented as players want it, it's just easier to go through White for bulk buys), can be used to help those that are dangerous off the deep end (like Junko and her despair, for instance) without the use of taking away emotions completely... etc etc. Stuff like that!

Tasks would probably be the best way to incorporate it, with batches of paid research groups and etc to test the medicine. If there's anything else that needs to be paid attention to, I'd be happy to talk things out!