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[ application: original characters ]


Canon Applications are here

Applications are on a monthly cycle. They run from the 1st through the 4th of each month. The cycle opens at 12:00AM CST and close at 11:59PM CST. Notices will be sent out all at once at the end of the cycle, and no later than 24 hours after the end of the cycle.

IMPORTANT: Only the following types of original characters are allowed to be applied for—

  • Pure OC. These are the typical kind of OC that everyone is familiar with. They are characters that are the player's own creation with their own world that is also of the player's design. There is zero relation to any pre-existing canon.

  • MMO OC. MMOs, or Massively Multiplayer Online games, particularly those with a lot of roleplay and character build-up, have existing world building and lore that they have to follow. These characters are created by the player and can have their own story, but they have to follow the rules of the game lore. We consider "main hero" characters as those who are one of many in a great group that influenced the storyline, rather than the singular Great Hero character. This is to help multiple MMO OCs from the same game to have stories that mesh well together.

  • Blank Slate Canon Protagonists. For our criteria, these types of characters are those which you control throughout the game and essentially make the player the main character. They may have a name and a couple of personality traits, but everything else is up to the player to interpret. Examples of these are most of the main characters from Dragon Age, Skyrim, Pokémon, etc. Important: Please note that this category ONLY pertains to the protagonists of canons. This does not allow side characters or other support NPCs as they have set stories and personalities. This section has nothing to do with how much headcanon is used and is only about the purpose and design of the protagonist character.

The following would not be allowed:

  • Fanon/AU OCs. Characters that are based off pre-existing canons or an alternate version of the canon. We would not allow these OCs not because we are against them on principle, but it could cause unwanted confusion and complications with current existing casts. This type of OC would have needed to be allowed from the very beginning so players would know what they were getting into.

  • Game Native OCs. Currently the game is not ready for such a type of character, as it would introduce other complications and worldbuilding that the interested player would have to be aware of. In addition, it would require more close connection with us the mods than we are currently ready for.

Before applying, please be sure to read the following:

  • Read the Rules and the Game Information.
  • Suggestion: Find some character sheets that have questions directly related to character building. These will help flesh out your application and give some guidelines as to how to write about your character.
  • Feel free to use the most recent test drive both for practice as well as to use for samples. IMPORTANT! If you submit threads as samples, you must submit the application with that character journal. This is the only way we can ensure that the samples are from you and not someone else.
  • Linked samples must have been made within the past year.
  • You may apply for up to two characters per cycle.
  • Do not plagiarize. If we find that the information provided was directly taken by either another player or some other source material, the application will be rejected immediately. If we find this after processing the application, we will revoke the application and have you removed from the game with potential ban.
  • Reusing your own applications from other games is allowed. We only ask any original written samples to conform to our game. That is, we don't want to read samples that are set specifically for another game's premise. Note: this does not apply to threads linked from other games used as samples.
  • If you are rejected, you cannot reapply for the same character until the next cycle. However, you can apply for a different character in the same cycle.
  • Those accepted must fill out all of the required entries within a week to be considered part of the game. Otherwise, we will consider it a revocation of the application.
  • Fill out the form and comment to this entry! All applications must be posted directly to this entry; no linked-in applications allowed.


Contact: Journal/Plurk/AIM — anything to help identify since someone might share your name handle.
Age: You must be at least 13 years old to apply.
Current Characters: If a new player, just put "N/A"


OC Type: Indicate whether this OC is a Pure, MMO, or Blank Protagonist type of OC. If it is a Blank Protagonist, indicate the canon here.
Point Taken: A sense of time when the character is taken. More applicable to MMO and Blank Protagonist OCs.

World Building: This is separate from the character's personal history. This section is to provide us with information about the character's “canon” in general. We will have no idea what kind of world that the character is coming from, and this is the only place we can learn about it. We don't want an encyclopedia, but we will need to know important details about it so that we can understand the culture the character is coming from and how that will affect how they think and behave. What countries are important? What kind of geography or political climate? Are there any social conflicts that would impact the character or would influence how they view others? For MMO and Blank Protagonist OCs, linking us to wikis will suffice, but feel free to add more to it.

Backstory: While we don't need a play-by-play, what we would like to see includes how the character lived, what choices they've made and why, what events occurred that developed them, and other important facts that will help us understand the character. For MMO OCs: Most MMORPGs will have a set storyline that the player character has the opportunity to play through. Keep in mind that rather there being a singular "Great Hero," all MMO OCs are to be seen as a part of a large group of heroes if you choose to follow the main storyline. Also keep in mind that all MMO OCs will have to follow their game’s canon lore. For example: A character could not save the NPC that canonly died, nor could a mission fail if it is set to succeed. However, your character could have died and or had difficulty fulfilling the mission. It is also possible that your character had no part in the overall game's story and had their own adventures in the world instead. Finally, there can be no romantic or familial relationships with named NPCs.

Personality: We're looking for how they think, why they act the way they do, their strengths, their weaknesses, their thought processes, their opinions, their conflicts, what makes them feel the way they do, their significant traits. When writing your character, be careful! We want to avoid characters that are the super invincible almighty hero that can do no wrong. The one who can charm anyone with a smile, can easily trick and deceive, has the power to bend wills with ease. All characters have flaws—no one is perfect. But more importantly, such infallible characters are not interesting to play and interact with. In short, the character should be realistic, balanced, and well thought out. If we feel that your character does not meet this standard, then we may ask for a revision or reject if it cannot be changed.

Abilities: If there are any particular abilities the character has supernatural or otherwise, list them here. Referencing to a wiki list is acceptable if applicable. However, if there are any particular abilities that need to be weakened or removed, note them here.

Alignment: Please refer to the Alignment entry to choose which alignment your character would most likely fall under. Include a brief (a couple of sentences max) just to help explain why you think your choice is the best fit.

Other: Anything else you'd like to mention.


Sample: We have two sample requirements.

General Sample: We should see examples of the character's dialogue as well as some introspection or additional narrative to further show how you intend to write the character. This is the most important part of the sample and where most of the weight will be.

Emotion Sample: This is our "game setting" requirement. Essentially we want to ensure that you have a basic grasp of the game's premise, especially with the use of emotions. It can be a small scene, even incidental to the main sample. A reminder that apathetic characters will also create effects, such as loss of color, surface distortion, holes forming. This section doesn't have to be lengthy, but the effect must be clear for us to see.

The emotion sample can be part of the general character sample. If so, please link directly or directly quote that portion so that it's easier for us to quickly find it.

The samples can be "written" in three different ways and you can choose which one will work best for you:

  1. Test Drive. You can utilize our test drive to cover both requirements of the sample. So long as there is enough character portrayal and a scene with an emotional reaction, be it within the prompt or done during the thread, then it can be used for both.
  2. Link out + Written. You can link to threads/entries from other games, memes, or museboxes to show character portrayal, and then write an additional short scene for the emotion portion of the sample.
  3. Original Sample. You can write a complete sample that shows both character portrayal and a scene involving emotion use. This can be one sample or two separate samples. If you opt to write an original sample, you are welcome to use any prompts from any of our Test Drives, Intro Logs, Task Board, and even past events. You are also free to change things up and are not restricted to any of these prompts. They are just here to help offer ideas.

Format wise, you can use either [ brackets ] OR narrative prose. We do require that the writing at least be coherent, have proper sentence structure, and is mostly grammatically correct (we realize that writing styles can be loose/creative in [ bracket ] form so we're giving a bit more leeway). One last suggestion we have is try to have the character interacting with the environment and try thinking of the sample less of a narrative piece but more like a post or thread prompt you might make in the game. That will help the sample show not only how you will write the character, but also how you will play them in practice.

Questions: If you have any questions, ask them here.

Clean copy and paste form here:

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megumi hakone | original character

[personal profile] mugenhatsuden 2015-12-01 10:34 am (UTC)(link)


Player: Eon
Contact: [ profile] eonflamewing
Age: 19
Current Characters: nada


Character: Megumi Hakone [ 函根 寵 ] | Callsign: Mugen Hatsuden [ 無限発電, Unlimited Generator ]
Age: 18
OC Type: Pure OC
Point Taken: Post-battle with Niflhelm, after she enters a coma
Edited 2015-12-01 10:34 (UTC)
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[personal profile] mugenhatsuden 2015-12-01 10:35 am (UTC)(link)
World Building:
Megumi's world is much like our own - the real world - up to a point. It followed world history for the most part of its existence, until the start of the 21st century. The divergence was catalyzed by a single event, occurring on the date that a significant part of the Western population believed to be the apocalypse - December 21st 2012.

Belief is power. And as a result, a great change happened upon that day. The scientists operating the Large Hadron Collider, managed to breach a critical energy threshold in their experimentations, detecting for the first time the fourth field of physics - the soul field. Of course, its true nature was not realized until a decade later, but that event marked the first manifestation of the soul field into reality, and thus the possibility of humanity harnessing its power.

We now divert a little to talk about the soul field. Much like the gravitational field or the electric field, it is a property possessed by matter - a form of energy, or pressure exerted by sentient beings. Consider it similar to the reiatsu - reiryuoku system from Bleach, except that soul charge is possessed by all living beings as a measure of their sentience. For example, plants would have very minimal amounts of it, and the soul charge per organism increases as one moves up the sentience ladder. This field usually exists separate from the field of reality - that is, it is undetectable and inaccessible by normal means, until the high energy collisions, combined with emotional tensions of the scientists, resulted in the field being 'shaken' so that it would come closer to the plane of reality. Imagine two sheets of cloth, now moved closer together, so that a finger poking into the top cloth would bring it into contact with the bottom one. Humanity as a whole now had enough poking ability to influence reality with their wills.

Of course, it wasn't so easy. While the news of the soul field becoming apparent did spread, true knowledge of its potential was restricted to secret research teams of various superpower countries labouring away in isolation. For the older generation, the only way they could induce any ripple in the soul field was to employ gargantuan particle accelerators that could intersect both reality and the soul field. However, as time passed, children with the innate ability to force their soul charge to interact with reality were born.

Most of them were discovered in their teens, for the formation of one's soul charge was tied very closely to one's identity. Those with the aptitude to bend their own soul charge to their wills usually had their abilities manifested along a certain theme, and their soul charge themselves took on a specific conformation and colour, termed a Sign - perceivable by those with Signs attuned to seeing others' soul fields, and later on by machines specifically engineered for this purpose. Sign users could force their soul field to intersect with the plane of reality, thus imposing changes upon the environment around them. For example, a Fire Sign user could manipulate flames, a Chlorophyll sign encourage plant growth. Essentially, this was a generation of superpowered children that were growing up - while only about one in a thousand were Sign users, they still constituted a very large part of the population, especially in crowded areas. Faced with a growing number of exceptional children whom they could not control completely, the heads of leading nations came together for a referendum. Together, each nation pledged to monitor their Sign children closely, and to share research reports about this newly-found power.

At the same time, creatures termed Negatives began to arise in cities and suburbs - dark, monstrous forms that lurked within the soul field and fed off humans' soul charges, rendering them apathetic and listless. First misdiagnosed as a 'depression outbreak', the true cause was discovered by a Sign user with an oracular ability - that parasites lurked within the soul field and were now able to prey upon innocents. Sign users were thus placed within a rather unique situation - as the only ones with control over their soul charges, they were logically pressed into dealing with the situation.

Negatives are rather similar to Sign users, in this sense. Each sentient being - let's say, a human - exists equal parts in the soul field and in reality. Imagine an object floating in a tub of water, air being the soul field and water being reality. Sign users are able to force their soul fields to manifest in reality - imagine the object being pushed down into the water, like so. Negatives are objects that usually exist in the soul field, but can reach down into reality to affect humans. In this way, Sign users are able to force themselves into the soul field dimensions where Negatives operate - pushing the object upwards into air - and thus eliminate them. These parasites often manifested in the shapes of people's greatest fears, and were concluded to be the result of the vices of residents coagulating into a sentient (albeit only slightly) entity. Battles between Negatives and Sign users thus often played out much like magical girl tropes - think Madoka Magica - where the users entered a twisted pocket dimension created by the Negative, much like a nest. By eliminating the Negative with their Sign abilities, the threat would be neutralized and the people live on in peace. As a result, government-sanctioned teams of Sign users were formed, each assigned to guard their resident area from Negative attacks.

This had a two-way effect: Sign users were legalized and thus required to register their abilities, often being conscripted into these peacekeeping teams while still in their schooling years. While they were given recognition for their efforts, sometimes even as heroes, it also meant that they were placed under strict watch - a sort of padded restraint, if anything. The governments intended to portray Sign users as useful members of society to restrict backlash from non-Sign users - as a result, each user was screened by talent and essentially forced into community service to 'prove' their worth and harmlessness to the rest of society. Sign users who did not cooperate were Gently Persuaded otherwise, and those whose Signs could be weaponized were offered places in the military. Thus, Sign users became an important, but watched part of every economy - those who by virtue of having 'more' than the common man was forced to give back more as well.

A few years down the road, as more knowledge was gained about the soul field, the fear that the general population had regarding their Special Children gradually dissipated. Even non-Sign users could tap into their soul charge after an interfacer was invented to bridge the gap and give every human a portable power source. Then, thirty years after the fateful day, the collective soul charge 'sea' of the human race's consciousness was first detected. Nations and companies rushed to capitalize on what was hailed as the true 'inexhaustible' fuel source, for the tenacity of the human spirit would never run out. (Or so it was believed.) The developed world was mostly weaned off fossil fuels, for interfacers provided convenience independent of the grid. Of course, black market trading in soul charge sapped off the dying and the poor still occurred, with promises of 'soul diamonds' providing unlimited energy - but for the most part, it was kept out of sight by those who enjoyed the technology on a daily basis.

It went without saying that the Sign users were definitely not pleased about this, but in their dispersed numbers during the early years nothing much could be done. However, during the 2040s, a series of events culminated in the meeting of several Sign users who could manipulate the very fabric of space itself. By combining their powers with that of many other Sign users, overseen by a user whose Sign granted her incredible computational power - the first stable pocket dimension was created. The thus named Eden became the keystone for a city that would grow inside it, becoming a haven for Sign users away from conscripted service by the nations they were born in. Senior Sign users offered lessons for the younger ones on how to best use their powers, and through that a steady stream of Signs began flooding into the city. Eden grew and grew, a city built by Sign users for Sign users, and accessible only by warp codes useable by Sign users - a city-state of its own.

The political fallout from this was immense. While some nations tried to restrict their Sign users from leaving at any cost, they were eventually thwarted by the founders of Eden themselves - a triumvirate of a Space user, a Warp user and a Radar user (known as The Three) meant that nothing escaped the communication reach of Eden itself. Faced with mass exodus and the development of Eden as a self-policing country, recognizing the legitimacy of it became a pressing issue. Eventually, Eden was acknowledged as its own state, and given a seat at the United Nations, and in return more information about the true nature of the soul field became available to the public. One gift from Eden to the rest of the world was a self-judgment system - the soul field of an individual did reflect their mental state, and a criminal's soul would be corrupted by the knowledge of their deeds. It was already known that twisted Sign users tended to implode under the weight of their own sins or diseased minds (so to speak) and turn into Negatives, it was only a single step further to induce similar transformations in mundane convicts. It was not a reputation that Eden welcomed, but it was necessary. Enough to hold the peace, to hold legitimacy. And life went on.

Of course, things weren't going to stay calm for long. As with every instrument that divides one man from another, conflict was sure to arise. Dissatisfaction grew on both ends, both with the disenchanted humans at their powerlessness and perceived receiving end of pity of the Sign users; and the Sign users themselves who did not wish to slave over what some perceived as an endlessly greedy and unappreciative leech on their talents. While governments could implement regulations, the sentiments of the people could not be controlled directly. Combine this with the abuse of Sign users by unscrupulous individuals in power, this created a simmering stew of negativity and hatred amongst humanity. This revealed a hitherto unknown aspect of the soul field in one of the most disastrous way possible. Fifty years after the prophesied coming of doomsday, it finally came.

The Soul Sea was, after all, a reflection of humanity's desires. When humanity wished for destruction, it would indeed birth destruction. This was why criminals tended to be 'judged' by their powers themselves - if they committed too many acts that went against the commonly held beliefs of humanity, the Sea would slowly corrupt their Sign from within, as was the wish of the people. And in the same way, as prejudices and hatred spread, the Sea too became poisoned. Combine this with decades of being drained off by energy-hungry humans, it had hit critical capacity. It turned out that the Sea was not unlimited, as previously believed. It operated on a give-and-take principle - for every bit of power siphoned out of it, it would require more sentience and though to be put in - a zero sum game.

The result was a widespread wave of apathy and hallucinations that struck all nations, as the Sea itself created its own Negative and unleashed it upon the world. Existing conflicts only intensified, as both sides of war zones pointed fingers and used it as an excuse to further their battles. While the triumvirate of Sign users governing Eden knew the truth behind the whole meltdown, they were powerless to do anything about the battles that waged outside their dimensional borders. All those that remained in the now-haven of Eden could do was turn their talents inwards and take up arms to vanquish the despair of humanity itself - named Niflhelm by those who could perceive it.

Many died during the crusade, giving their lives to pave a road to Niflhelm's lair and to take down the beast's many offshoots. This was when the true nature of Negatives became apparent - they were simply inversions of normal sentience, and the Sign users had vanquished them all along by bombarding them with enough soul energy to fill the 'hole' on their own. To neutralize all of humanity's grief thus required a disproportionate amount of sentient sacrifice - hundreds of Sign users did so, all in possibly vain hope of freeing many others from Niflhelm's hold over Earth. It was a long, long battle, requiring skilful strategic maneuvers and deployment of Sign users so that they could fill Niflhelm's void the best they can - but it was done. A journey painted with both the blood of users and the blood of war victims in the real world. With it, the Soul Sea was sealed away for good, and remaining Sign users moving out of Eden. The city was sustained by the combined Soul pressure of all its inhabitants, and with a good three-fourths of them gone, the pocket dimension simply wouldn't hold.

The year is now 2063. All that remained would be to repair the problems in the real world, for the flames of war wouldn't die so easily. Would it end for the better, or for the worse? That, too, was an unknown.

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Re: Accepted!

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Maridian | World of Warcraft (OC)

[personal profile] seesbosscrotch 2015-12-02 12:03 am (UTC)(link)


Player: Dragon
Contact: [ profile] dragonoflife
Age: 34
Current Characters: Roy Greenhilt, Princess Celestia, Klavier Gavin, Wrath
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[personal profile] seesbosscrotch 2015-12-02 12:04 am (UTC)(link)

Character: Maridian Gladespire
Age: 121
Point Taken: Shortly after Alliance and Horde forces began their assault on the Blackrock Foundry in Draenor

World Building:
Azeroth, central world of WoW
History of the blood elves
History of the Blood Knights
The Warcraft universe. There's... a lot...


Maridian Gladespring was born in what is now known as the Ghostlands, before the beginning of the First War. The Gladespring family was affluent but held little renown; its members typically served as chamberlain, advisers, or other subservient roles for other houses, Windrunner being the most notable. In this latter capacity, some even joined the Rangers, but as the youngest child of the family, Mar had no expectations placed upon him. Given his choice, he preferred to study and learn, valuing knowledge for his own sake -- and as those could lead to perfectly respectable positions in keeping with the family's values, he was given free reign to study as he pleased.

A ravenous student, Maridian was not insensitive to the outside world, particularly as he grew into late adolescence and the aftermath of the Second War led to trolls burning the edges of the Eversong Woods and the high elves' withdrawal from the Alliance of Lordaeron. Though he had been sheltered during the conflict, his elder sister Rimethiel had begun training for the Rangers in its aftermath, and curiosity about what was out there led him to chase a depth of education in history and culture much greater than usual for the average high elf.

But everything changed when the fire undead nation attacked.

Arthas's marched through Silvermoon slaughtered everyone he had ever known. 90% of the high elven population died that day -- his friends, his teachers, his fellow students, his parents, his siblings. Maridian only survived by raw luck, having been trapped in a basement by collapsing rubble that the Scourge didn't have the time to dig through before Arthas yoked them forward on their march to the Sunwell.

The next seven years went very poorly for Maridian. The solidarity of the reforged Sin'dorei kept him alive and prevented him from falling through the cracks alone, but ravaged by survivor's guilt and arcane withdrawal, he found himself taken by an almost suicidal mania. If he had been an adult and thus eligible, he would have taken up arms and charged into the battle against the Amani trolls and the Scourge, almost certainly to his own death, or signed up with Kael'thas Sunstrider's expeditions against the Scourge and then later to Outland. But he could do none of that. All he could do was stay back in the remnants of Silvermoon, scrape together what martial training he could from whoever would offer, and watch the suffering of his fellow blood elves, and their determination to succeed despite it.

Somewhere along the line, as he slipped just a little bit out of tune with reality, that suicidal mania and his desperate drive to stop his people's suffering crystallized into something just as fervent, and possibly more wholesome: the desire to protect, at any cost.

“Any” cost, in this case, was tapping into the powers stolen from the naaru M’uru.

After countless efforts to present himself as a candidate, to make himself known to the wizards and ex-priests who had begun this undertaking, to serve his people, it became clear his drive and dedication were neither to be denied, nor wasted. The Blood Knights did not have so many volunteers -- the Sin'dorei did not have so many PEOPLE -- that they could turn away one with the desire to serve.

Thusly empowered, Maridian stormed across Azeroth in a fury – slaying the traitor Dar’Khan Drathir's forces to cement the Sin’dorei’s ties to the Horde; laying waste to foes across all of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, and then arriving – somewhat late – to the invasion of Outland and the war against the Burning Legion. Not terribly long after his arrival, the elven prince Kael’thas Sunstrider stole the naaru from Silvermoon in order to summon the demon lord Kil’jaeden to Azeroth. The Blood Knights pledged their allegiance to the army dedicated to his destruction, and Maridian took a minor role in reclaiming the Isle of Quel’denas and the Sunwell for his people.

Soon thereafter, the undead Scourge struck against all the people of Azeroth, baiting the Alliance and the Horde to come to Northrend. Maridian was one of the first off the boat. Eager to act, he forged a group of like-minded heroes into an elite fighting force that, alongside other heroes, carved their way through the necropolis Naxxramas, slaughtered the corrupt Aspect Malygos before he could banish all magic from Azeroth, defeated the undead Nerubian king Anub’arak to become champions of the Horde and the Argent Crusade, then stormed Icecrown Citadel itself. After countless grueling battles, Maridian found himself face to face, blade to blade, with the Scourge’s leader, one of the most fearsome foes known to all Azeroth: the Lich King.

He fell at Maridian’s hands, and those of his friends.

(Or at least, if you ask Maridian, that's what he'll tell you, but he's also perfectly aware that other heroes have claimed his accomplishments as their own. Considering that the bronze dragonflight are both blatant temporal meddlers and total idiots -- seriously, when you look for the leader of the Infinite Dragonflight and someone you didn't expect appears in your spell as the answer, you don't just shrug and say the attempt must have failed! -- he figures it's quite likely that everyone is entirely right. Hell, he found THREE hilts of the legendary blade Quel'delar in the Pit of Saron that one time, it's fairly obvious to him that reality doesn't quite fit together properly on Azeroth after all the damage it's taken.)

A bittersweet moment marred this series of victories, however. As death knights broke free of the Lich King's chains and made their way out of the Plaguelands to rejoin the old alliances they had once fought for before their deaths, Maridian found that though everyone he once knew had died, they were not all lost to him. Among the exhumed legions now welcomed to Orgrimmar, he found his elder sister, Rimethiel -- the Ranger of their generation, who had fallen years ago in the razing of Silvermoon. Refusing to accept that death now lay between them, he invited her to join his allies, and she accepted... wondering all the while how her scholarly brother had become so fanatically eager to get hit in the head with extremely large weapons.

Maridian returned to the Horde capital of Orgrimmar after his victories, though peace was not to be had for long. The immense dragon Deathwing arose from his retreat, shattering the world and sending the elements into chaos. The time apart had sapped the resolve of his allies, however, and the team that had put paid to the Lich King could not reforge itself. Their efforts to stop the Twilight's Hammer had achieved little next to the successes of others. Slowly, his friends drifted apart to other tasks and duties, and Maridian found himself returning to Silvermoon, confused and sorely heartbroken. What good was it to take blows, if you had no one to take them for?

A Master among the Blood Knights, he took on a squire, Liuzia Summersdawn, an eager young paladin with more of a romantic interest in him than he would ever voluntarily acknowledge, and with some of his acquired wealth purchased a small estate on the edge of the Ghostlands, where his sister could slake her undead battlelust on the Scourge and he could perhaps have a home again. But the situation in the wider world quickly deteriorated to the point that even the mightiest of heroes were called upon to travel through time itself in order to save the world... and many, many members of the Horde cried out for a shield to protect them and a sword to guide them. Emerging from his semi-retirement, Maridian entered these temporal pockets, becoming one of the many heroes to slay Murozond, the corrupted future self of Nozdormu; to help Illidan slay Mannoroth; and to bring Thrall to Wyrmrest Temple, and there aiding him in destroying Deathwing.

(Three aspects by his blade, he might have a habit.)

Thanks to his constant achievements despite his personality, Maridian was among the first to be called to the battlefront of Pandaria. Refreshed by his return to the battlefield and not at all particularly concerned about the Horde war efforts, Maridian set off on a journey of exploration and discovery across Pandaria -- along with heroism and valor, as he aided the Pandaren in protecting their homes and fields from the mantid and the yaungol. As before, an alliance of like-minded warriors struck the first blows against the darkest foes they faced -- the Titan engine known as the Will of the Emperor, Queen Shek'zeer of the Mantid Empire, and the Sha of Fear itself. As they battled against the emperor Lei Shen, Maridian became more and more convinced, as did everyone else ever, that the rule of Garrosh Hellscream was leading the Horde to ruin. Seeing the ruin of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and unwittingly helping the Horde leader recover the remnants of an Elder God, began to build a rage in him such as he hadn't felt since the days after Silvermoon's fall. Garrosh would end his people, he believed. But now he could fight it.

Maridian prepared to take up arms against Hellscream himself -- but to his surprise, found that while his help was welcome, it wasn't nearly as necessary as he believed it to be. While he fought on the outskirts of Orgrimmar, word came, to his surprise, that the Warchief had fallen. Without him ever getting close to his lieutenants or war machines! It was very confusing, and yet very heartening, for the paladin, to feel like perhaps he had been an example. Perhaps Azeroth itself had at last raised so many heroes that hope was within their grasp.

But he had no time to reflect on this, for Garrosh Hellscream escaped his imprisonment and fled into the past to the world of Draenor, ancient home of the orc. There, he tampered with history, preventing the fel corruption of the orcs and instead uniting them into an Iron Horde that dared to make war on Azeroth. By special request, Maridian was one of numerous warriors and heroes whose service to the Horde merited the title of General, and alongside this substantial crowd he traveled to Draenor-that-was and founded an outpost there to battle the menace of the Iron Horde.

Here, he learned what the true nature of Azerothian heroes was. He offered his sword and shield to others, but found to his horror that these heroes had no heart or stomach for the true challenges of war. While Mar and his friends had struck time and time again at their foes, pressing on the slimmest chances and taking the greatest risks to strike at weaknesses in the hopes that this time they would at last strike down their enemies, this new generation of heroes emulated his swagger without his dedication. Their confidence didn't match their determination, and when they splatted on the defenses of their enemies like water on rocks, they melted away, slinging insults at others rather than girding their strength to make another attempt. The experience shook Mar deeply, and as he returned to his garrison... intent on resigning his commission, and cutting ties with the Horde at last.

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Takato Wakahisa | Original Character

[personal profile] ungaikyo 2015-12-07 04:01 am (UTC)(link)

Player: Levy
Contact: [ profile] pathogenic
Age: 26
Current Characters: N/A


Character: Takato Wakahisa
Age: 212 but looks around early 20s
OC Type: Pure OC
Point Taken: After the demons are fought out of Sprensonne Academy.
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World Building:

It should be noted that the world which Takato comes from is Earth. More importantly it is Earth as of January 2010 and contains many of the similar factors and political personnel that the actual Earth does. However there is a magical aspect hidden within his world. Basically it’s Earth with mythical creatures inhabiting it and some are rulers of nations like America. Mythologies are something of an underground sort of existence; not thoroughly believed in, but there are some people who know and work alongside them. Magicians for example are some of said people, however many magic users within this world don’t like mythica. The reason for this is because they are still feared for being so powerful despite their being trapped on Earth. For each mythica and its similar kin there are famous families. For instance for vampires the Dracula family is quite well known and powerful. Takato on the other hand is a simple spirit and not very well known on his own. His species, tsukumogami, however are very well known myths and fairytales. So while Takato and other minor spirits of his kind aren’t exactly famous they still have decent power residing within them.

Most mythological creatures walk the Earth under the guise a human being. They interact much the same way as ordinary humans do and are separated into their respective clans. Mythological creatures in this world are beings from a 4th dimension. The 4th dimension is a plane that exists outside the realm of human sight. You can equate it to something like heaven or Mount Olympus and usually the beings within it can cross back and forth between their plane and the plane humans inhabit by feeding on human belief. These beings came across Earth because of the potent magical energies Earth was giving off. They typically, and used to in the past, lived outside the realm which most people could see. They derive their energy on the strength of belief from these creation myths they made for humans. In return they taught people how to harness magic. But that makes one wonder as to why the mythologies would paint themselves in such ways? They were lost in translation due to fear and liberties taken by others, thus making them differ, sometimes greatly, from the original stories.

As the years and times changed people stopped believing in the old stories. Mythica, who so desperately sought to return to their home plane, were now trapped on Earth because they lacked sufficient power to cross back over. Many gods and goddess were prey to this and many of them could only muster enough strength to take on the form of human beings. An example would be Takato who, while being a spirit of a well-known myth, cannot exactly cross back over into the plane which he and so many other mythologies inhabit. This only increased tensions between mages and mythica, but there was one place that humans, mages, and mythica could coexist: Sprensonne Academy where Takato and many other stray and wayward mythologies have gone to in the past.

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Shadow | City of Heroes OC

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Contact:impiousimp at plurk
Current Characters:n/a


Character: Shadow/ Mathieu Carver
Age: 12
OC Type: MMO; City of Heroes.
Point Taken: A few months after Dark Astoria Event

World Building:

The world of Primal Earth was once just like any other world, relatively normal, with the notable exception of the long forgotten myths of the ages that have been shown to be true, most notably by a pair of stalwart friends seeking a cure for a life-threatening illness shortly after WWI. The two stumbled upon the Well of the Furies, and in drinking from it, they gained the god-like powers of the incarnate. The two friends also discovered the fabled Pandora’s Box, which instead of containing all the world's plague and disease, contained all of the golden light of creation, and all of human creativity from the past millennia. Once released, it began the new golden age of superheroes. The two friends went their separate ways, later becoming Statesman and Lord Recluse.

Today, superheroes are so prevalent that there is an entire economy based around them in Paragon City, the home to many of the greatest heroes Primal Earth has ever seen, from Numina and Manticore in the Freedom Phalanx, to hundreds of everyday men and women gifted with god-like abilities fighting for truth, justice and freedom against hoards of vicious criminals. Paragon itself had suffered a serious blow at the hands of the aliens known as the Rikti. The city set themselves up with a series of war walls around each borough constructed with the very technology the Rikti had used against them. Circa 2007, Paragon City took down the mothership and isolated it in it’s own sector of the city, inviting many heroes to take their heavily guarded fortress down once and for all.

Meanwhile, across the sea, the Rogue Isles fester with all manner of villainy, ruled by the iron fist of Lord Recluse and his Arachnos organization. Ruled by anarchy and chaos, the rogues and villains gather there, making it an extremely dangerous place. Civilians would rather bow their heads than risk provoking a supervillian, or their ruling power, lest they be stolen away in the dead of night. Everyone here is aware of the war zones scattered along the coast, the ultimate showdown of Recluse’s evil might, and Statesman’s righteous heroism. The world awaits the conclusion of the conflict of these age old enemies.

Mathieu Carver was born in the isles, a young son to a magically inclined family. His grandfather was a powerful wizard, retired but formerly an informant in the magical underworld for the Midnighter’s Club. Hiis mother, meanwhile, was a skilled potion maker and alchemist. His father was a petty crook, trying to make it into the big leagues and pull off a few good heists so they could leave the isles behind them. When Mat was five he disappeared, forcing the family to move into a more modest living arrangement.

Mat didn’t much care for the family arcane business, and usually kept his mouth shut about it and his grandfather’s history. He instead took an interest in the things his father taught him, like sleight of hand. This was a skill which his grandfather Bastien cultivated by introducing him to the concept of stage magic, which was more appealing to Mat but with little practical application. Thus it came to everyone’s surprise when the boy was confronted by a being of magical light, Orion. Orion introduced himself as a long dead warrior given new life and form, that of a lion, by the Well of the Furies. He had chosen his descendant Mathieu to be his vessel to someday return to the battlefield upon the arrival of “The Coming Storm”. Eve and Bastien were not exactly thrilled by the news, but given how enamored Mat was with the entity, they gradually accepted the idea.

It was around that time that Mat turned 10 that he began to hang around with other kids in the community that were his age. Some were orphaned children of villains, a few were naturally powered, and others were just normal kids like he was sans the lion companion. The existence of these children did not go unnoticed by those keeping tabs on the metahuman population and those interested in exploiting them. A subsidiary of Arachnos, a sort of evil school for gifted youngsters called Nest Academy, had the resources and the incentive to do so. As far as Arachnos was concerned they were responsible for producing the next generation of super villains to fight on Lord Recluse’s behalf.

A trap was set for the group of kids as a ‘routine’ contraband investigation was issued for their area, and the kids were sent off towards the coast to play. They didn’t expect anything, at least until Orion was snagged by a specialized containment field used to trap the spectral pirates that haunted another area of the island. Once he was taken care of, a powerful psionic was then deployed to knock the kids unconscious. From there, they were loaded onto a carrier ship and sent off towards Cap Au Diable, another island in the system.

Upon their arrival, a magical specialist named Thaddeus was called down to examine Mat and Orion to see what was to be done about them. They found that Orion was too powerful to control on his own, and Mat was powerless without him, but it was clear that they shared a powerful arcane connection. Through further research, it was determined who Orion was and what his purpose with Mat truly was, so they decided to speed things along with a little of their own magic. Using a powerful spell and a number of other magically inclined staff, they chose to infuse Orion with the essence of an umbral beast in order to take control of him and his power, while still using Mathieu as a vessel. Using their most powerful spells, they forcefully merged the two.

The results of this unnatural fusion were quite traumatic, forcing the boy’s body to warp and morph to a different configuration, accommodating a more predatory anatomical structure. A happy medium between man and beast, the transformation left the boy unconscious for a week. When he came to, it was to a new and changed body that he would have to relearn how to use. Time, however, was not a luxury his new captors were willing to afford him.

He learned quickly what the consequences of bonding with Orion would have been, were he corrupted or not. The two individuals were gone, a single consciousness leaving Mat to wonder which thoughts were his and which were Orion’s. There was a heavy presence in his mind likewise, the darkness, counterbalanced only by what was left of Orion’s strong spirit, protecting Mathieu’s soul, in a sense. Were it not for that, there was probably nothing stopping the boy from embracing the darkness wholeheartedly.

If that wasn’t a headache enough, he was frequently put into what appeared to be a courtyard inside a fortress along with others. Power inhibitors were used to insure the youths couldn’t kill each other with their powers but still allow them to figure out a pecking order. The only solace he could find was that his friend Emile, an older boy with sonic powers, was more than willing to look out for the poor kid as he readjusted.

After months of learning to co-exist with others, Emile and he were decently settled though neither of them had much interest in the training. The only difference between the two was that Thaddeus had Mat under his thumb. Thaddeus had a strong ability to control the boy with his power over the dark essence that he had instilled in him. Any order given to him, Mat was compelled to obey. There were some notable exceptions such as his refusing to kill a prisoner scheduled for execution, for which he was reprimanded harshly. For his punishment, Thaddeus had simply trapped the boy in his own shadow for a few days, leaving him completely isolated from his friends or sensual stimulation. This power over him made him easier to handle, but it bred a strong dislike for authority in the boy. He hated every minute of it.

As time moved on he became more accepting of his circumstances, and the fact that he felt distinct from either Mat or Orion, but those two parts contribute to the whole. He choose to take on the name his peers had been calling him, Shadow, as a moniker for his current form. Straight to the point and simple, just like he prefered it.

Then came Mot, a long forgotten god of death and destruction. It sought to consume everyone and everything, if its reach were to escape the confines of Dark Astoria in Paragon. Word got out that some heroes were seeking to bind him so he would be forever trapped in his prison within the warwalls in Astoria. Lord Recluse himself sent and order down calling for every able bodied superhuman to join the fight in Dark Astoria, fighting alongside the heroes against a common enemy. The kids at the Nest where all left behind with minimal supervision..

It would have gone fine, except one of Mot’s corrupted tendrils breached the walls of the fort and killed the base’s power source and the power inhibitors, meaning there was nothing stopping the kids from retaliating. Most of the kids fought against Mot’s minions, driving them off and defending what little they had, others turned against the staff who had held them here against their will. Throughout the fight, Shadow was forced to stay near Thaddeus’ side, as the man chose to stay behind to watch over the Nest. It seemed as though they were pushing back until a spined tendril arced into the air and slammed down toward the two. Shadow was grazed but dodged the brunt of the blow with his quick reflexes. His eyes fell upon his controller, as the man begged, then commanded the boy to save him. He actually might have, but be it through his own willpower or Thaddeus’ rapidly fading power, Shadow just stood there and watched as the tendril sunk further into the ground, pulling the man down with it.

Finally free, the boy sent a rallying cry to the others, to bust out through the wall while they could and earn their freedom, but only a few, including Emile, followed through with him, and only after clearing the path. If the world was going to end, Shadow figured he’d go out on his own terms. The night was long and bloody, but suddenly, everything stopped. The hoard of monsters and tendrils seemed to melt away into the ground, leaving the kids grateful that they still had their lives. Most of them split away, either doubling back to the hives to check on things or going out on their own. Shadow, Emile, and two others, however, simply boarded the nearest ferry and headed to Nerva Archipelago. Not exactly safe, but they could figure something out.

They made their home in a cave in the jungles of Nerva. Their biggest problems being the Longbow base to the south and the Circle of Thorns to the north, but the cave they chose to inhabit was well-isolated from either camps. They made a base inside an old forgotten pirate ship that they fixed up to fit their own needs. From here, they managed to live pretty securely, though without most luxuries one might hope for.
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Part 2

[personal profile] orions_shadow 2015-12-07 04:53 am (UTC)(link)
Mathieu was considered a happy and easygoing kid, despite the poverty he grew up in. He was sweet and considerate, but also adventurous, boisterous and reckless. Orion meanwhile, was a proud old warrior, intelligent, valiant and confident. He served to offer his charge wisdom and curb that unbridled energy into something useful. As Shadow, he bares many of these qualities in different proportions. He is twelve years old and still searching to figure out what and who he is supposed to be. For a boy who once had a destiny, he has to carve a new path out of what he has now.

Intellectually he has falls back on the philosophies of his parents. Magical methods, traditional learning [through books] and practical experience. He has his interests, such as the skills his father taught him in cards, or the herbalists and cooking his mother taught him, all practical skills you need to survive out in a lawless world. So his interests are usually pragmatic and utilitarian. Learn about the world, have an advantage in combat, and always know who your friends are. Due to childhood opting out of what little television there was, he tends to enjoy books and comics, but mostly non fiction.

He tends to be easy going at home, lazy and eager to relax, as is a tendency common in cats. In fact, many of his habits lean feline, from sleeping to his nearly strict carnivorous diet. At times, his instincts can get ahead of him, dropping his attention in favor of sudden movement, or sound, as well as stalking behaviors and hunting behaviors. He barely flinches at the thought of hunting his own food, and given his diet he usually only cooks for one, but is sometimes conscientious of others, glimmers of his old human self emerging from the depth of his psyche to share among his friends if he thinks what he made is good enough to share.

Shadow tends to have a generally negative self image, given that many people refer to him as a rat or a filthy mutt due to his unique coloring. Even in Paragon, many people regard those with animal attributes with a negative light, leaving this teen to view himself as somewhat inferior. He also finds the fact that he has not been able to track down his family as a sign that he is not adequate enough to find them. It is mildly depressing to him. He compensates for this by portraying himself as tough and capable, cocky, all to measure up to his peers and some imaginary mantle he believes he was supposed to step into as an adult under the guidance of Orion. He is neither Orion nor Mathieu any longer, so he is unsure of exactly what he is supposed to do.

While Shadow is generally wise in the way of getting along on his own in a dangerous town, there are times when he overestimates his own abilities and charges head first into a conflict. His candid direct method of speaking has also managed to get him into a fair bit of trouble as well, and he occasionally gets in over his head. If it is verbal or physical altercations, he usually needs to be put in his place before things escalate. Being the devil may care reckless youth that he is, he does have a need to explore and seek adventure, like always wanted to do as a child. That said, he’d rather get along on and do his own thing than get into needless trouble if he can help it.

In the year he was under the control spell he spent most of his time trying to resist his captor’s orders, to little to no avail. This seeded a deep distrust of both adults and those in authority over him. He rebels against what he perceives as propaganda, as what you’d expect from growing up in a place where there’s an hourly recording of Lord Recluse speaking about anarchy and villany. He typically prefers the company of those who are closer in age with him, but he will tolerate the company of adults. It’s just matter of gaining his trust that’s the true issue.
It’s in a fight when Orion’s influence takes hold. Rushing into battle, bullheaded and stubborn, he’ll take a hit for the innocent bystanders knowing he’ll be fine due to his healing factor. He fights with the confidence that he’ll come out on top, even if he loses, that’s just the attitude he goes into a fight with, doubts and hesitation are left at the door. He is tactically inclined for the most part, surveying the area before attacking, observing his opposition, unless the need to act is absolutely a priority he will spend the time he needs to get an advantage. Given his affinity for close range combat and melee, he tends to be less inclined to take on those who fight with long ranged weapons or long range super powers head to head. This requires use of his more stealthy powers. If victory is not assured even with sacrifice, he will make a tactical retreat in order to be able to fight another day. He’s nobody’s fool, although some of the actions he takes while in combat can be taken as thoughtless and reckless, and occasionally they are. It’s just that most of the time he’s not going into a fight without some knowledge of what he’s up against. This of course really only applies to Shadow on a good day, as there is a deep unsettling darkness within him.

The darkness inside him is due in part to the forceful infusion of darkness into Orion, and their subsequent bonding. However intelligent he can be in a fight can be overwhelmed by his innate need to fight, his desire to spill blood for the sake of it. He’s gotten used to it, built a tolerance to the urges to fight and found a way to temper his raw emotions over the past year, but it doesn’t always stop him from acting on it. Doing smaller more mischievous acts like petty crimes or stealing, or even just getting into petty squabbles tends to subside the urges he has for a time, but not for terribly long. He tends to be perceived as a troublemaker, a prankster, but really the last thing he wants to do is give in to the blood lust and fury. For him it’s not a matter of ‘if’ he loses control, it’s when.
Archtype: Brute
Shadow Control: Shadow possesses an array of abilities involving the control over darkness and shadows. Superficially he is able to change the shape and move shadows around, which is useful for diversions. His most notable skill, however, is his ability to teleport through the darkness, phasing into whatever shadow he can find be it day or night and moving through them as if they were transport tunnels. He is capable of seizing the shadows of others to immobilize them, so long as he has some sort of shadow to connect to.

Lastly, he is capable of storing things in his own shadow, sort of like dimensional storage. Not only does this mean he doesn't need a backpack, but he can also perform neat parlor tricks as well. As long as it's his shadow.

The Teleportation and storage both require sufficient shade on his personal being to work. Should he use his storage in his pocket, it will end up the same place as everything else.

The teleporting requires shadows to use as a conduit. Likewise, too much light means he can't teleport, but without a little light for him to find an access point he can't teleport at all. Further, light weakens him overall. Just being in the sun or bright light makes him feel lethargic, and bright enough light is actually mildly painful.

Shadow's dark abilities grant him a resistance against psionics. Most psychics deal with the material, be it moving objects or accessing minds. All physical. Because the source of Shadow's powers are immaterial and outer worldly, psychics have a much harder time penetrating his mind. It's automatic for Shadow, a shroud of darkness over his mind which typical psychics would find incomprehensible and almost too difficult to a maze to navigate.

Likewise psychics would find it difficult to use telekinesis on Shadow as the negative energy unleashed by his powers are difficult to mentally latch on to. It's much easier to push away than to grasp onto and hold for any length of time.

Another odd quirk to his abilities is the ability to create channel his negative energy as shrouds around himself, which can then be passed on through physical contact to obscure vision or temporarily blind his foe for a few seconds, which is usually long enough to take his opponent down.

The drawback with all these powers is that the negative energy inside of him can influence his behavior in and out of combat. In combat, he can be thrown into a fury which

Shadow is capable of incredible feats of endurance and physical athleticism. With a moderate healing factor, resistance to physical pain and heightened animal senses, he is capable of holding his own for quite a while in most combat situations. He can’t heal instantly, but is quick enough to have him back on his feet within a day of a particularly nasty defeat; a few days to a week if he actually breaks something. This is generally thought to be linked to Orion, as opposed to his darker abilities. This also explains a degree of enhanced strength and speed as compared to regular lions. It’s hard to quantify just how strong he is, since while he can’t hold a car over his head he can lift one enough to get someone out from under it, and he tops out in speed running at around 50 mph, on all fours.

Likewise he is also very sturdy, able to resist damage from blunt force extremely well, as well as blades and guns to a certain extent. He can't stop someone from cutting his arm off, but mere cuts and slices into him won't slow him down too much. His greatest weakness again is light. Characters with light based projectile powers could easily take him down. Likewise, he does extremely poorly against long range weaponry with any caliber higher than that of a pistol or energy weapons/offensive magic of any kind.

Shape Shifting He can morph between a semi human form and that of a feral quadruped lion. His human form likewise also has many leoine features, they’re nearly interchangeable. In his feral form he can move faster on all fours, in his human/lion form he is more limber and agile.
Note: This transformation was inspired by the Stealth Panther transformation power.

Alignment: Thras
It was hard to choose since a few of them fit the bill in my opinion. Trust and Distrust would probably be my second choice given Shad’s history but I think I’m going to go with Fear and Bravery since he tends towards fearlessness but when he does feel fear it’s pretty intense.



Test Drive: Sample 1

Sample 2 [The silhouette of a black cat could be seen, or looking something close to a silhouette of one, with glowing green eyes and black wisps rising from it’s hide. The image itself is hard to make out, as for some, telepathic projection does not come as easily to some as others. Telepathy was probably the worst possible means of communication for him.] Tell me this isn’t the only way to send messages here.

[The wisps flare up briefly, as his brows knit, then he takes a deep breath and shakes his head] I don’t know if I’m going to be up to using this much if it’s this hard to do.

But whatever. I’m Shadow, I’m a lion, get that fact outta your system mates. It’s not that big a deal.

Kay, so introductions over. that’s all I got. [And the image fades out.]

Questions:When I did the thread with Haru I wasn’t sure if a minor shape shift was a reasonable manifestation of emotion. Big cats actually can’t purr, but a slight change to the hyoid bone would enable him to be able to, which would be a manifestation of contentment.

But I wasn’t sure if that was what you were going for or if It’s a good idea or not. /shrug?

What says you?
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Thereth | Warcraft OC

[personal profile] unholy_rebirth 2015-12-08 03:57 am (UTC)(link)

Player: Molly
Contact: [ profile] marvelousmith
Age: 25
Current Characters: none!


Character: Thereth, Knight of the Ebon Blade
Age: 26
OC Type: MMO OC (World of Warcraft)
Point Taken: in the middle of Mists of Pandaria.
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[personal profile] unholy_rebirth 2015-12-08 03:59 am (UTC)(link)
World Building: Thereth is from World of Warcraft! The most relevant wiki pages are probably the following: Horde, Tauren, death knight.

Backstory: Thereth was born some time before the Third War, when the New Horde had not yet been formed and the Tauren lived relatively peacefully in the plains of Kalimdor. Along with her family - mother Teylne, father Ezra, and grandparents Bahadur and Loma - and tribe, the Stonehoof, she traveled across the Barrens in the traditional Tauren manner, learning the land and the teachings of the Earth Mother. Her grandfather was an arch-druid of some renown and showed her the Druidic arts, but she had no talent for magic, though she embraced the ideals of nature-worship and connection across species.

Many Tauren are given "weaning names" as children and are not told their true name until sometime later. Thereth's childhood name was Neuhi, "Little Horn".

While her horns were indeed very small, the rest of her seemed to grow quickly and she was big and strong even compared to her male peers. She had a gentle nature, however, and was more interested in listening to stories and helping her parents with chores than in tussling (though being able to wrestle the brattier boys to the ground was fun, too).

At six, her younger sister, Merva, was born. This was an exciting event for Thereth, and her love for and protectiveness of her little sibling shaped much of her personality, strengthening her natural nuturing instincts. Merva was rather dissimilar to her - small, frail, and slow to make friends - but that did not matter to either of them, and they were inseparable as younglings. Thereth cared for her during her many short but unpleasant bouts of sickness, and chased away the bullies that picked on her, beginning to learn the value in fighting to defend.

As the sisters grew, their futures solidified. Merva did have a knack for nature magic, and the entire family was very proud to know that she would grow into a strong shaman. Thereth, meanwhile, was a great fighter and a good hunter, and could become a fine soldier or guard or perhaps even a sportsperson of some sort. She also enjoyed drawing and even learned some inscription and calligraphy (though these were somewhat unusual hobbies, as Tauren use a pictorial writing system rather than an alphabet).

At twelve, Thereth went off on her first solo hunt and vision quest, as was traditional. She returned triumphant with a slain crocolisk, and the tribe celebrated both her hunting prowess and the spirit and sacrifice of the animal.

Though the vastness of the Barrens helped her tribe avoid the violent intents of the tauren's seminal enemy, the vicious centaur, attacks became more and more frequent as Thereth grew older. They had already killed her aunt's family when she was very young, and she was compelled into the roll of warrior and brave in order to protect the rest of her people.

When the New Horde - then comprised of orcs and trolls - arrived in Mulgore, the Stonehoof readily followed High Chieftain Cairne Bloodhoof into an alliance with them. Soldiers were needed for the Third War, and it seemed only natural for Thereth to join. She readily made friends out of her comrades - most notably an Orc shaman named Garnath - and served excellently as an obedient, monolithic front-line fighter who kept the enemy occupied while more dangerous but fragile combatants took out their targets. Her squad fought against the Burning Legion at Mt. Hyjal, the turning point of the war and a demonstration of the combined might of the New Horde and the Alliance.

Once the war had been won, the Horde began building a new life for themselves, and Thereth spent a short time adventuring and aiding both her people and their new friends. As she turned eighteen, she and her family began preparing for a different sort of adventure: her marriage. As was traditional, she entered into an arranged match, and though she did not know her betrothed too well, she was fully ready to wed him and was excited to begin this new chapter of her life. He was a shy and unassuming young Longwalker by the name of Sharad.

On the day of the wedding, before the pair were able to say their vows, the undead Scourge attacked.


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Re: Accepted!

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Syrlya/The Commander | Guild Wars 2 OC

[personal profile] duskbloom 2016-01-04 12:38 am (UTC)(link)

Player: Athuria
Contact: monochromic @ Plurk, Syrlya @ Skype
Age: 23
Current Characters: N/A


Character: Syrlya
Age: 3 years
OC Type: Blank Slate Protagonist (Guild Wars 2)
Point Taken: Heart of Thorns (7. Prized Possessions)
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Syrlya/The Commander | Guild Wars 2 OC

[personal profile] duskbloom 2016-01-04 12:39 am (UTC)(link)
World Building: Tyria is the world that Syrlya comes from, he's a member of the Sylvari race.

Backstory: Syrlya awoke, fully grown, from the Pale Tree on the 32nd of Zephyr (or February 2nd) as the sun was just beginning to set. But his story truly starts just before his birth into the world.

While in the Dream, in a sort of pre-life for learning about the world they were about to be thrust into, Syrlya was shaken to awareness quite violently. A Sylvari named Caithe, one of the oldest, called out to him and led him to defeat an image of a dragon in his Dream, which was assumed to be a sign that his Wyld Hunt, his destiny was to defeat the dragon Zhaitan before it could destroy the world alongside the other elder dragons.

Syrlya awoke, and was immediately thrust into helping others as he navigated the world. He saved a knight named Tiachren and helped him defeat his changed Beloved and put her memory to rest. He met Trahearne, the oldest Sylvari, and aided a Sylvari named Malyck to defend his home and save his friends, only to discover he was from another tree entirely and paved the way that he may part in peace to find it. He was caught as the decision maker between the three enti-dragon orders seeking aid: the Priory, the Vigil, and the Order of Whispers. With their help he retrieved a fabled blade of his people, Caladbolg, and defeated a lich. Shortly after he took an expedition into old human catacombs, where he was caught in a disagreement between Caithe's old friends Logan, Rytlock, and Eir.

He decided it was best that he join the Vigil to continue fighting the dragons and was assigned to Forgal. Together they stopped an assassination attempt on a peace delegation, and saved and recruited a tribe of blubbery, peaceful sea-dwellers known as Quaggan. They worked together as partners once Syrlya rose in ranks to Warmaster of the Vigil, and as partners discovered an incoming siege to the port town lion's Arch. They left to the fort of Claw Island to warn them, and met Trahearne there who had the same warning. Unfortunately their words were not heeded, the fort fell and Forgal lost his life giving them the chance to escape.

There was little time to grieve before the Vigil jumped to defend lion's Arch from the onslaught. They were successful, but knew time was short and so Trahearne joined Syrlya on his quest to gather allies to retake claw island. they also conferred with the Pale Tree, who gave them a vision to unite the orders and the guild Destiny's Edge and gifted Trahearne her fabled blade Caladbolg for the task.

They managed to convince the three orders to work together to retake Claw Island. It was such a success they agreed to unite, and Trahearne was tasked to lead the new Pact as its Marshal as Syrlya's suggestions. In turn, he appointed Syrlya as his second in command. They set up a base on the beaches East of Orr, the land Zhaitan had claimed, and pushed inward to defeat the dragon. Destiny's Edge finally reconciled, and joined them on the final assault that took Zhaitan down.

The campaign was difficult and costly, but short, and they were ultimately successful in restoring the damage to the land and slaying Zhaitan. The war had been hard on Syrlya, young as he was, and so he took time to recover away from the Pact--however, his peace was still short lived.

Strange alliances between enemy factions had begun arising, and Syrlya couldn't stand by as innocents were threatened and the Vigil became involved. Syrlya was one of many putting down these threats, and along the way met his friend Rox, Braham, Kasmeer, Marjory, and Taimi. Together they began to unfold the mystery behind this sudden war, and were able to link everything back to a single Sylvari--Scarlet Briar, who was seemingly on a crusade of destruction. She frequently mocked them personally once they uncovered her identity and her plot, and they worked together to stop her.

The battles came to a heed in Lion's Arch, and Scarlet did what Zhaitan was never able to and poisoned and leveled the city. Once they had saved the townspeople, Syrlya and his friends took the fight straight to Scarlet. They succeeded in defeating her, but not before she triggered a breach in the magical flow of energy, a ley line, and woke the elder dragon Mordremoth.

Though they did not know at first just what had occurred--only that an ominous roar had been heard across the land. It did not take long before his presence was known, though--destructive vines and plant monsters began springing up around the world, causing death and destruction. Syrlya leaped again to the people's defense, and he and his friends continued to follow Scarlet's Legacy deeper into the west Maguuma jungle.

Seeing the destruction, and discovering that it was Mordremoth behind the attacks, they rushed to notify the Pact and the various leaders of their races to unite them against this cause. It took some convincing, but they were able to gather everyone at the Pale Tree and held a summit where Syrlya encouraged everyone to work together to defeat Mordremoth before it could become as powerful as the other elder dragons.

He was successful, but Mordremoth's minions attacked the Pale Tree just as they came to an agreement. Syrlya was faced again with the dragon from his Dream and realized it was not a symbol of Zhaitan at all, and that his destiny was not finished. He fended off the dragon, but it fled before he could defeat it and left tremendous damage to the Pale Tree. With the last of her strength she bade Syrlya closer and gave him another vision of an egg and a golden city, before she slipped into unconsciousness.

So Syrlya rendezvoused with his friends to research, and they were able to uncover that the egg was a dragon's egg: an offspring of Glint, who was an elder dragon minion that turned against her master and fought to destroy him. Syrlya understood the importance and rushed back out west to try and find the egg. He reunited with Trahearne, who offered his support, but was unable to stay for long when the stakes were so high.

Caithe took special interest in this egg, once she heard about it, and joined Syrlya on his search. But once they retrieved the egg, she grabbed it and fled--only asking Syrlya to trust her as she left. Syrlya was left baffled, and returned to the Pale Tree in hopes she could assist him with this sudden setback.

When they were able to catch her in a moment of awareness, and explained the situation, the Pale Tree gave them a chance to use magical seeds to look at Caithe's memories, in an attempt to use her past to trace her steps. They discovered her relation to another firstborn, Wynne, who Faolain has become obsessed with her supposedly harboring a dark and dangerous secret.

Syrlya met with Trahearne once last time as he was preparing the Pact to fly out west to take the fight to Mordremoth before he had enough minions to push back their assault--or strike them first. Syrlya promised to meet him out there, but first he needed to find the egg.

Caithe's memories led him to a cave hidden deep in the west desert, before the jungle. There he witnessed the last memory of Caithe and Wynne, and discovered the horrifying secret she had been holding--that the Sylvari were Mordremoth's minions from the start, only seemingly freed. Caithe revealed herself once she saw the seed Syrlya had used, and they argued over the egg. But the dragon from his Dream returned, and as Syrlya fought to defeat it for good Caithe slipped away with the egg again.

Syrlya ran back to warn Trahearne about the truth, but the Pact had already left before he could make it back to their fort. He and his friends, now joined by the ex-felon Syrlya once put in prison, Canach, headed into the jungle to seek out Caithe and the Pact.

As it turned out, the proximity caused many Pact Sylvari to fall to Mordremoth's influence and they turned on their allies. The fleet was utterly destroyed, and Syrlya learned that Trahearne and three members of Destiny's Edge, Logan, Eir and Zojja, were kidnapped by Mordremoth's new minions and being brought deeper into the jungle. Syrlya fought off Mordremoth's call in his own mind and they wasted no time pursuing them, but Syrlya knew he still had to keep an eye out for Caithe as well.

They found Eir along the way in their search, alongside Faolain who was also captured. They freed them, but only just in time for one of Mordremoth's monsters to corner them. As they tried to flee Faolain betrayed Eir and left her for dead, but Eir also crippled her and the monster killed them both with Faolain being dragged into the jungle. As she was Braham's mother he mourned the hardest, and Syrlya and the others left Rox with him so that he may bury her properly and mourn.

They assisted small Priory camps deeper in the jungle as they followed clues for Trahearne and Caithe. They met a glowing being named Ruka, who explained that his people, the exalted, were created for the purpose of protecting Glint's egg. they manage to catch up to Caithe just as she's cornered by Faolain who was turned into one of Mordremoth's monsters.

Ruka pushed Syrlya to grab the egg and run, and let his friends defend Caithe. With his head swarming with purpose and desperate need Syrlya lunged for the egg while they kept Faolain distracted--only to find his emotions so strong that they pulled him into Empatheias.

Syrlya's precise storypath is as follows (a link to the storyline missions can be found here but are summarized above):

Personal Story
Fighting the Nightmare > Awakening > Holding Back the Darkness > A Sly Trick > Deeply Tangled Roots > The Heart of Nightmare

Where Life Goes > An Unknown Soul > A Different Dream > Snuffing Out Embers

A Splinter in the Flesh > Sharpened Thorns > Secrets in the Earth > The Bad Apple > Flower of Death > Ascalonian Catacombs

Setting the Stage > A Fragile Peace > Killer Instinct > Don't Shoot the Messenger > Minister's Defense > Caudecus's Manor

Bad Ice > Pastkeeper > Evacuation > Twilight Arbor

Forwarned is Forearmed > The Battle of Claw Island > Killing Fields > Defense Contract > A Light in the Darkness > Under Siege > Retribution > Sorrow's Embrace

Honor of the Waves > Forging the Pact > Tower Down > Munition Acquisition > Breaking the Bone Ship > Battle of Fort Trinity > A Sad Duty

Temple of the Forgotten God > Close the Eye > What the Eye Beholds > Estate of Decay > Ossuary of Unquiet Dead > Further into Orr > Marching Orders > Armor Guard > The Steel Tide > Against the Corruption > Romke's Final Voyage > The Source of Orr > Victory or Death

Lost Shores

Living Story Season 1 (Excluding: Holiday events, Super Adventure Box, and Edge of the Mists as they are not directly part of the storyline.)

Living Story Season 2

Heart of Thorns
Rally to the Maguuma > Torn from the Sky (Syrlya chooses to trust Laranthir) > Establishing a Foothold > The Jungle Provides (Syrlya chooses to defend the Itzel town) > In Their Footsteps > Prisoners of the Dragon > Prized Possessions.

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Leaf | Pokémon FRLG | Reserved

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Player: Violet
Contact: [ profile] avioletqueen or PM!
Age: 19
Current Characters: N/A


Character: Leaf
Age: 12
OC Type: Blank Protagonist from Pokémon Gameverse: FireRed/LeafGreen
Point Taken: Right at the point where she's entered into the Hall of Fame as the latest Champion.

World Building: her backstory is here!
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Backstory: Leaf was born and raised in Pallet Town, though 'village' would probably be a more apt name for the few scattered buildings that made up her rural home. Despite this, she was always a curious, imaginative girl, and she grew up with an intense desire to explore the entire world, let alone the Kanto region. It was natural that she fell into friendship with the grandson of the famous Pokémon Professor who lived in Town, and she spent ridiculous amounts of time with Blue Oak, poring over books with pictures of faraway places and dreaming of the day she'd be seeing those sights in person.

Of course, this changed as she grew older. Blue started to become meaner, and he grew into kind of a bully, so Leaf stopped hanging out with him. No problem. She still had her hopes of seeing the outside world - and something more. She couldn't help but become interested in pokémon too, after spending so much time in an illustrious professor's house. And so she remained generally friendly with all the kids her age, but secretly yearned for the day that she'd get her first pokémon and finally leave Pallet Town to see the region.

That day came when she was eleven. She got to choose her first ever pokémon, her Squirtle, whom she immediately nicknamed Splash. Of course, then Blue had to ruin the special moment by choosing a Bulbasaur and challenging her to a battle, but that was okay. Even Blue's meanness couldn't get her down now - her journey was finally beginning.

But before Leaf left on her journey properly, she was also enlisted by Professor Oak to complete his lifelong quest of cataloging every pokémon in the world. She happily accepted, knowing that this task would lead her to explore every corner of the region.

She left home the next day, and her journey truly began. Slowly and steadily, she trained and leveled up her pokémon, challenging the gyms at each city she visited. While Blue raced through his badges, Leaf took a more laid-back approach to life, thoroughly enjoying every possible amenity that each city had to offer, while meeting as many people as she possibly could. As a result of her long hours that she spent simply hanging out with her pokémon instead of training or battling, she developed incredibly close bonds to them all.

But her journey wasn't all fun and games. Periodically, she seemed to find herself running into bizarre, evil plots put together by an organization called Team Rocket. Leaf was initially frightened of Team Rocket and their ruthless ways, but whenever she ran into them, she was determined to defeat them, despite her fear. And in this way, she continued to travel throughout the region and discover as many pokémon as she possibly could, even visiting the Sevii Islands off the coast of Kanto, all while working her way up to the Indigo League. When she went to the Viridian Gym to try to obtain her eighth and final badge, she was shocked (and mildly terrified) to find that the gym leader was none other than Giovanni. After losing to him once or twice, she eventually defeated him, and he promptly disappeared before she could make sure that Team Rocket was put down once and for all. All in all, her final match wasn't as satisfying as she'd hoped it would be, and it honestly left her a little uneasy.

Upon reaching and beating the Elite Four, Leaf was surprised to find that the Champion was none other than Blue. However, though his pokémon were all impossibly strong, they simply didn't have the bond that Leaf shared with hers through their many adventures together. She ended up defeating Blue and taking the title of Champion from him. As Professor Oak inducted her into the Champion's Hall of Fame, she felt a rush of emotion she'd never recognized before - exhilaration, that she was now her region's best trainer; worry, that her journey had come to an end, and that her relationship with Blue was unsalvageable; and more than anything else, hope, for what the future had in store for her.

Personality: To put it simply, Leaf is a curious, imaginative girl who has an incredible amount of determination. From when she was a young child, she's always had the ability to look forward, having big dreams for the future despite the limitations of her small town environment. Her curiosity drives her every move and decision, and she gets very excited when she gets the chance to have new experiences and meet new people. She loves broadening her horizons, and she's never afraid of stepping out of her comfort zone. In fact, one might say that she's most comfortable when she's doing something daring, reckless, and completely unfamiliar. Leaf is also very imaginative and creative. As a result, she has a very open mind, and she's a tolerant soul in general.

Leaf has a very high opinion of herself. This isn't to say that she's egotistical or narcissistic, but she definitely doesn't have any confidence or self-worth issues. She knows her capabilities, but she does have the tendency to push herself further than she should. She'll never back down from a challenge, and this leads her to make dumb decisions sometimes. But she's used to getting herself into and out of scrapes, so she'll never let something like that get in the way of her sunny optimism. Furthermore, Leaf is very tied to her family. Although she spends most of her time away from home, she loves and values her parents a lot, and now that she's not training towards becoming Champion anymore, she tries to visit them more often in the midst of searching for the gems.

When it comes to her interactions with other people, Leaf comes off as excitable and friendly. She loves meeting new people, and this shows in her amiable nature and overwhelmingly positive attitude. Additionally, she is a very generous person. She's always ready to give other people credit for the fantastic things they do, and she gives out compliments without a second thought. Leaf is also an incredibly active person, in more ways than one. She can never stand still, and is always ready to throw herself whole-heartedly into something new. In addition to this, she's ridiculously talkative, and she could probably carry on an entire conversation by herself if the other person didn't get too annoyed by her rambling. But her sweet appearance doesn't mean that she doesn't have a competitive streak as well. When in competition, she always tries her best to win or come out on top. She does process losses in a healthy way, by resolving to improve herself and get better for next time, but she's also a kid - losing to someone at anything isn't going to make her like them very much. Finally, though she's a nice person, you can get on her bad side. She doesn't like rude people or bullies, and she's quick to bluntly tell them that she doesn't like them. Leaf doesn't hide much from other people - she just doesn't see anything about herself that she'd want to keep secret.

Leaf does have some problems with focus. While she enjoys having new experiences, this does mean she has a habit of starting things and not following through with them. She's an incredibly proud person - while she isn't full of herself, that doesn't mean that she'll let other people bring her down. She's also surprisingly quick to pick a fight if someone's gotten on her bad side. She values her friendships immensely, and can be very overprotective to those close to her, including her pokémon. In fact, the easiest way to provoke her is not to insult her, but to insult the people she's close to. Finally, her cheeriness has become such a defining characteristic for her that even when she's sad or upset for any reason, she'll try to force herself to put on a smile and face the world anyway. In that way, she's not the best at processing her unhappy emotions, which is probably her greatest fault.

That being said, in general, Leaf has a contagious enthusiasm for new experiences and an indomitable optimistic spirit that carries her through life, and she's always excited to make new friends and find new dreams for her future.

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Frisk | Undertale | Reserved (posted with permission!) (1/2)

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Player: Gorse
Contact: [ profile] gorsecloud
Age: 24
Current Characters: n/a


Character: Frisk
Age: unspecified, between 8-10 likely (so let's split the difference and go with 9)
OC Type: Blank protagonist; Undertale
Point Taken: shortly post-True Pacifist end

Undertale full-game spoilers below for all routes, read at your own risk

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World Building: Frisk's wiki page
Information about the Underground including a brief history
Brief overview of Monsters and Humans as presented in Undertale

Frisk's life on the surface was not the happiest. Or at least, it may have been at first, but after being orphaned at a young age, Frisk was passed around from foster home to foster home. The overall quality of life averaged from passable to not very good depending on the location, and overall Frisk grew up feeling alienated. They had difficulty reaching out to others, knowing that nothing would last.

A series of these unhappy circumstances leads to Frisk climbing Mt. Ebott, a mountain where it was rumored travelers who visited would disappear. Whether by foolishness or fate, Frisk finds the hole that leads to the Underground, and they fall.

Upon waking up, Frisk is almost immediately greeted by two of the Underground's inhabitants. First, Flowey the sentient, talking flower tricks them and attempts to kill them for their soul. Then, they're saved by the monster Toriel, whose warm treatment of them reminds Frisk of hazy distant memories of before their parents died. Despite being comforted, Frisk is still spooked by the monsters that attack them as they travel through the Ruins, and Flowey himself. The solution, they reason, is to get back to the Surface, even if it means leaving behind this kind old lady.

They remain with her for a little while, but when Frisk eventually asks to leave the ruins, Toriel, in an attempt to protect them, attempts to destroy the only exit. When Frisk tries to stop her, Toriel challenges them to prove that they can survive, and attempts to fight them. When trying to talk to her and reason their way out yields no results, they do fight, to try to prove just that. They win the fight, and in doing so Toriel dies. Frisk is devastated, but pushes onwards.

They travel through the Underground, meeting many of its different and often bizarre inhabitants - the two skeleton sentries Sans and Papyrus, the captain of the Royal Guard Undyne, the royal scientist Alphys, the movie star robot Mettaton, even a shy awkward ghost named Napstablook. They don't go out of their way to hurt anyone, but they're scared and confused, and at times lash out in that fear. And even when there are monsters - especially Papyrus, who always stops their fights just short of seriously hurting Frisk and even comes to worry about them enough to not fight at all - who want to reach out in friendship, Frisk is reluctant to accept, too used to a life where close relationships never last for them.

And then there are the times they die. Because as Frisk discovers, upon arriving in the Underground they have gained the ability to SAVE and RESET, allowing them to wake up shortly before their would-be deaths. Stranger still, they hear voices, usually during these deaths but very occasionally at other points as well. Usually a deep voice, but sometimes that of a child too, and both call them Chara.

Also as they travel, they learn of the Underground's history, of the barrier and how they - Frisk - would be the seventh and final soul needed by the monster King - Asgore Dreemurr - to free monsters from the Underground. They even learn the story of how Asgore and Toriel's son, Asriel, befriended a human child who had fallen into the Underground long ago, how that child and fallen ill and died, and how Asriel had died at human hands trying to fulfill the fallen child's last wish.

Finally, Frisk reaches Asgore and the barrier, and though neither party really wishes to, they fight. Frisk wins, eventually, but seeing Asgore's reluctance, feeling no small measure of pity and guilt towards the mosters, and not really having anything worth returning to on the surface, spares him, even though it means they will remain trapped underground.

However at this point Flowey, who has been following Frisk all along, steals the other six human souls, kills Asgore, and traps Frisk in a nightmare realm. There he proceeds to kill Frisk over and over for his own amusement while they try vainly to fight back. However, eventually Frisk's cries for help reach the other six souls and they rebel, leaving Flowey battered and stripped of his powers. Despite all they endured at his hand- er, petals, and his continued threads, Frisk decides to spare him, having seen enough pain and meted enough of it out.

But what now? Seemingly moved by their decision, Flowey offers an option: if Frisk can prove to him that they can make it all the way through the Underground without killing anyone, while reaching out in turn, then he'll give them a happy ending, a real one. Frisk accepts, taking their still newfound power to Reset and winding the clock back to when they fell.

They're overjoyed to see Toriel again, and stand their ground instead of fighting her (as they do in every subsequent run). They make mistakes as they go, and have to Reload and Reset more than once. Learning to reach out and connect with others is hard after closing themselves off for so long, but the more and more they try, the more they fidn themselves falling in love with the monsters of the Underground.

And eventually they manage it. They don't hurt a single monster. They go on a date with Papyrus. They burn down Undyne's house as part of a cooking lesson. They encourage Alphys to face her fears, and then help her confront her past. And it's then that they get a very strange phone call, from someone who thanks them, and calls them Chara.

When they face Asgore again, this time the fight is stopped before it even begins, as all of Frisk's closest friends - including Toriel - rush to their defense. However, it's then that Flowey springs his trap. He steals the human souls yet again, and ensnares all of Frisk's friends. He then tries to kill Frisk yet again, but when more monsters from all around the underground come to help them, Flowey instead opts to absorb their souls and regain his true form: Asriel Dreemurr.

At that point, Frisk is engaged in another fight, this time one over the ability to Reset, over their Determination. Asriel, who has mistaken Frisk for Chara - the first fallen child - wants to force Frisk to relive their journey through the Underground over and over, in order to keep them from "winning the game" and leaving him behind. Eventually he traps Frisk entirely, however Frisk uses their ability to Save to reach out to the souls of their loved ones, and then to Asriel himself. And their Determination wins out. Asriel remembers the person he had been before he'd died, and accepts Frisk as their own person.

Asriel then uses the human and monster souls to break the barrier before freeing them, even though it will mean returning to being a soulless flower. Frisk comforts him, even returns to the Ruins to visit him one last time. Then, they return to where the barrier had been and cross out to the Surface with their friends - no their newfound family.

As they watch the setting sun with everyone, Asgore asks Frisk if they would be willing to help as ambassador to mend relations between humans and monsters. And just as (if not more) importantly, Toriel asks Frisk if they would like to stay with her. On both counts, Frisk gladly accepts.

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lioriley | pure oc

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Player: LiLi
Contact: [ profile] mantears
Age: 25


Character: Lioriley
Age: 500
OC Type: pure oc
Point Taken: before adopting vales
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World Building:
Kilarria is your basic high fantasy land. Dark elves, light elves, dwarves, dragons, humans. You name it, Kilarria has it.

There is little to no technology, especially in the elven kingdoms. Magic is a very prominent and important part of every society and is used for more or less everything, like lighting and cooking and general survival. All of the kingdoms are ruled under a king and queen, each with their own rules set as to who would take the throne next. For example: the light elves go by who is the most powerful and dependable to rule the country where the dark elves elect their ruler through votes from the mage counsel, dwarves go by blood, etc etc.

The races are, for the most part, segregated, as detailed below in the beginning of the history section. There is a lot of trading that goes on between the races, as each one has something the other does not. Currently at the point where Lior is being taken from there is a world-wide treaty set in motion ( finally ) that has the races in a state of peace. Or they at least tolerate each other a little better.

The layout of the world is akin to what Pangea would have looked like; One big formation of land with the island of the dragons down at the bottom.

extended information here

thousands of years ago, the guardian spirits of the world created the land that would soon be known as Kilarria. Kilarria was vast, housing a variety of different creatures, all associated with a particular element. The Light Elves of the sun, the Dwarves of the stone, the Dragons of fire, and the humans of earth. It was when the light elves exalted some of their own kind, that the last race would be created - from those cast out from their people, the spirits would create the Dark Elves - children of the moon, and later, protectors of the northern realm.

Our hero is one of those moon children, a young dark elf by the name of Lioriley. She lived in the city of Maligrae for her entire life as most dark elves do, daring not to venture far from their homeland for fear of ridicule. She likely would have never left, if a catastrophic event hadn't forced her intervention.

Not far from Maligrae, a small city of light elves resided, living askance their dark-skinned brethren but ultimately ignoring their existence. That was, until a massive explosion shook the city to its core, one large and powerful enough to be felt across the lands. Panic and paranoia spread across the light elf realm, and the few that had actually witnessed the explosive attack and survived, mentioned word of a dark elf fleeing from the scene not moments before.

No dark elf would believe their people to do something so mindlessly cruel, and none could even begin to fathom who would even consider doing such a thing. Perhaps it was coincidence, or gut instinct but somehow Lioriley knew that something about this situation was wrong. Unable to sit idly by, she did the only thing she could do -- she took her concerns to the King of Maligrae. When she came forth and approached the King with her concerns, he would not listen to her, though he had good reason. She was no one, a novice mage with no knowledge of the outside world. He couldn't rightfully make any strong decisions based on gut feelings from a no-named novice mage. Despite this, Lioriley took it upon herself to leave the city of her own accord and investigate the explosion herself.

That went about as well as expected.

Before she was even a mile from her homeland, she was attacked by a deadly chimera in the Sleepless Forest outside of Maligrae - a dark and eerie place, nearly impossible to navigate unless one knows the twisting paths well enough already -

Enter Alairr, a veteran Knight of Maligrae that had been set to patrol the borders of the city and make sure no one went in or out without explicit permission to do so. After dispatching the beast with ease, he planned on taking Lioriley back to Maligrae for her own safety, knowing that no dark elf should be wandering around alone while the light elves (and most of the other races) thought they were a danger to their people.

But she protested, protested until her throat was sore and she told him something wasn't right. Something had to be done, that there was no way one of their own people would do this, no way one of their own could do it. Alairr had chalked it up to naivety and blinding optimism, but she was stubborn, and eventually he decided to at least humor her for a bit at least. Alairr refused to bring her to the light elves, though, and they settled on venturing to a small dwarven town between the light and dark elves, a neutral land where perhaps they could gather some information, if there was any to be had.

They camped there for days, and when nothing came of it, Alairr assumed that would be enough to convince Lioriley to return home and go on with her life. As Lioriley was ready to admit defeat though, she overheard a very interesting conversation between a dwarven smith and trader. Apparently, Alairr and Lioriley were not the only dark elves they had seen recently - and there was one in particular that had been there a few days prior to the explosion. It wouldn't be entirely odd, had he not been accompanied by an older human man, who looked as if he was carting the dark elf around like a dog.

That raised a few questions. Why was he there? Who was the human with him? And why did he blow up a city and kill hundreds of people? Lioriley needed to find the answers to those questions, no matter how loudly Alairr protested that there was nothing she could do on her own. So she (gently) interrogated the dwarves for more information and found that they knew little of the elf, but recognized the human man as one of the more regular clients. A man named Irial that worked as a healer in a poor human village not too far from the dwarves camp.

Dragging Alairr along with her to said village, they eventually made their way to Irial’s home - only to find that he had vanished not long before their arrival. They did, however, find the mentioned dark elf that had been accompanying him; a young man named Enfaren. Skittish as he was upon being approached, Lioriley assured him that they meant him no harm and slowly persuaded him to explain the situation.

Enfaren told them that Irial had captured him years ago just outside of Maligrae for the sole purpose of using him as a pawn in this grand scheme of his. He revealed that he was in fact the elf that had attacked their light elf brethren, but not of his own volition. Irial hoped the oncoming war would provide a distraction for him to move in on the dark elf territory in search of an ancient tome - a tome housed in the depths of the dark elf city, granted to them by the Spirits at the time of their creation. This tome was as powerful as one might expect, and Irial wanted it desperately enough to destroy everything that got in his way.

Unfortunately, that is all that Enfaren could tell them, as Irial had been smart enough to keep the more intricate details (like when he was planning his mentioned infiltration) to himself. Wanting to stop Irial before he managed to go through with his plan, Enfaren suggested going to visit the Seer Dragons in the south for advice and (hopefully) hints as to when he would sneak into the city.

Taking his advice, Lioriley travelled to the dragon’s island known as Travrra on her own, while Alairr headed back to Maligrae to warn the king and attempt to halt any progress Irial may make, and Enfaren remained at the mage’s home in the village as not to raise suspicion. When Lioriley arrived on Travrra though, she found that the dragons were none too willing to just hand out information without a price. So she was to undergo ridiculous tasks and quests for the dragons, until their respect had been earned and she was thus worthy of the knowledge. Since this is Lior we're talking about, it can be assumed that she failed the tests damn near every time, but never once gave up. Almost out of pity did one elder dragon - Veles - finally concede, sick of watching the girl's failure. He told her that Irial was currently on the move to Maligrae, and was likely being accosted by Alairr as they spoke. Frantic, she pleaded for Veles to join her and he, begrudgingly, brought her back to Maligrae… just in time to find Alairr fatally wounded after his fight with Irial. Unfortunately, Veles had not warned her of that, and she was left to try and care for him before he inevitably died from blood loss in her arms.

Irial had escaped that time, but Lioriley vowed that she would not allow him to do so again - for her people, for enfaren, and especially for Alairr and all that they had fought for. So with Veles at her side, they went to speak with Enfaren once more in hopes of having him fight by their side against the wizard. It took a lot of convincing, but he inevitably relented - wanting to repent for all that he had done to instigate the war, even if he had not done so willingly.

With the war still raging between the elven cities and only in command of the few mages and soldiers they could afford to disband, Lioriley, Veles, and Enfaren ventured into the mountains again to stop Irial once and for all. When they met with him in the main chamber holding the book of magic, Enfaren managed to pin the man down long enough for Lior to take the book and recite a spell powerful enough to drain the man's magic. However, in doing so she had to sacrifice a good portion of her own magical energy and ended up falling into magically induced coma for nearly a year, cared for by Veles during that time. Irial was handed over to the high elf court and eventually executed, Enfaren pleaded his case and was forgiven for his involvement with the wizard, and was sent to train as a knight to further serve the dark elves properly. The two cities signed a treaty and the light elves offered to support their dark elf brethren with more soldiers in the case of another war. Veles ( while hating the fact that he was stuck in such a cold environment ) stayed and watched over Lioriley until she finally awoke.

Upon awakening lioriley decided to continue her magical training with Veles on Travrra for the next 50 or so years. During that time, the world remained at peace, and the races managed to get along with one another without incident. But there were still dangers lurking in the human kingdom, unseen for those many years was a young light elf named Mathurin, disguised as a human to blend in with his surroundings. The man had worked with Irial in secret, using his own brand of magic to string him along and do his bidding. When Irial had failed his quest during the first war, Mathurin took things into his own hands.

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Merisia Thenel | Final Fantasy XIV (OC) 1/4

[personal profile] likescaves 2016-02-02 07:50 am (UTC)(link)

Player: Zee
Contact: [ profile] eiyoko
Age: 26
Current Characters: None!


Character: Merisia Thenel
Age: 20
Point Taken: A short time after fleeing from the Howling Eye.

World Building: Here's a handy dandy wiki link! Hope you're a fan of reading...
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Merisia Thenel | Final Fantasy XIV (OC) 2/4

[personal profile] likescaves 2016-02-02 07:56 am (UTC)(link)
Backstory: Major spoilers for the main scenario quests of FFXIV follow!
Merisia grew up in a family of bandits in the many caverns of Thanalan, stealing to survive. However, over time Merisia became a bit of a treasure hunter while out scavenging and thieving with her siblings. This led to a few nasty mishaps, and Merisia ended up being essentially grounded on a frequent basis. During one of her solo outings, Merisia happened upon adventurer bound for Thanalan, returning from a trip to Limsa Lominsa with a hefty bounty in tow and chatting with his party about their recent successful excursion. Merisia found herself more than a little envious of such freedom and rich rewards. Soon, Merisia left home and took up thaumaturgy magic, opting to be an adventurer rather than a thief (though she was not opposed to picking a few pockets to make ends meet from time to time). She immediately made for Ul'dah, familiarizing herself with the city while picking several rich pockets and even carrying out a few small-scale robberies of her own.

Eventually, her hand was caught. Although Merisia feared her time was done and she would be imprisoned, the man instead gave her an offer. He introduced himself as Emereck, claimed to be a practiced gladiator and member of the Adventurer's Guild, much like Merisia. Although still wary of him, Merisia agreed to keep in touch, if anything as thanks for not turning her in. Over time, the two grew to be good acquaintances, and eventually close friends (though Merisia was reluctant to admit it, even when Emereck teased her about it).

Several months later, Emereck and Merisia ended up on a request to check the roads for a lost caravan. Upon arriving on the scene, the cart was wrecked, the cart's chocobos all but fled, the cargo either damaged or ablaze, and the survivors were trembling in fear. Just as Merisia began approaching one of them, a vision of the past flooded her vision, showing the caravan being attacked by imperial soldiers, several of the survivors setting off with precious little cargo on the chocobos that once drew the cart while the rest attempted to fight off the soldiers. As the vision ended, Merisia heard Emereck cry out that they needed to return to Ul'dah immediately.

Merisia spent the next few days silent, reluctant to speak to anyone other than Emereck about the incident. Emereck again and again extended offers for Merisia to accompany him somewhere as a "Path Companion", but she refused until eventually he dropped the offer, much to her relief. Merisia soon returned to her adventuring like before, albeit much more cautious this time. Soon, the whispers of Imperial activity became too great to ignore, and Merisia found herself joining the many adventurers fighting in the Eorzean Alliance against the Garlean Empire. Though this was mostly at Emereck's behest, Merisia reluctantly admitted that she was doing it on her own accord as well, especially after her vision at the ruined caravan and the rumors of the rapidly descending moon, Dalamud, being the work of the Empire. While at first her excursions involved smaller missions with Emereck against smaller groups of imperial soldiers, it was not long before a full-scale battle ensued in the desolate region of Mor Dhona.

The battle took an unexpected turn when the red moon Dalamud above them burst into pieces, out of which sprung Bahamut. Soldiers of both sides of the conflict fled while Bahamut laid waste to the battlefield. When Archmage Louisoix attempted to re-seal Bahamut, however, the ancient primal proved to be too powerful, shattering the spell and beginning to summon an enormous flare. Louisoix, in a last ditch effort to save the valiant adventurers - including Merisia - that fought for Eorzea, transported them forward through time. Thus was the Calamity, and the end of the Sixth Astral Era.

Merisia quite suddenly found herself alone on the shores of Limsa Lominsa five years in the future, dazed and confused. For some time, she retreated in solitude, relieved that the realm survived to see another day, but shocked at the sudden shift in scenery and mood. She also found that not only were some of the citizens of Limsa Lominsa that formerly knew her suddenly unaware of who she could possibly be, but she was no longer familiar with her own magic. To make things worse, Emereck was nowhere to be found.

After finally recovering, Merisia began seeking a new way of life in a new realm. Fortunately for her, the Arcanist's Guild was not only open, but accepting members. Deciding that it was a perfect opportunity for a fresh start, she joined the guild, and quickly rose through the ranks to become a formidable arcanist. Merisia began to search for Emereck, but to no avail. There were no signs of him on the battlefield, nor had any other adventurers heard of him. In hopes of finding some clues, Merisia resumed her previous travels as an adventurer and "treasure hunter", hoping that perhaps by returning to her previous lifestyle, she'd run into him again just as she had the first time.

Soon enough, her travels took her to Thanalan, where she searched for her family to see if they escaped the Calamity's destruction, only to find her home completely destroyed. When Merisia questioned the inhabitants of one of the nearby camps about this, she began hearing rumors of repeated kidnappings in the area by beastmen. Merisia, taking it upon herself to investigate these rumors, found herself on the receiving end of an Amalj'aa ambush. Though a skilled arcanist, Merisia was grossly outmatched, and wound up kidnapped herself. To her horror, the Amalj'aa planned to bring her to the primal Ifrit to be tempered with several other victims. As Ifrit doused them all with blue fire, however, everyone was shocked to find that while the flames had tempered the souls of the other victims, Merisia's remained untouched.

Ifrit, enraged, attacked Merisia. Knowing she was outmatched and not wishing to remain to fight a primal, Merisia managed a narrow escape and fled the Amalj'aa encampment, not eager to see how the lizardmen would react to the turn of events. Word of Merisia's exploits soon made their rounds, and soon she received an invitation to join the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. Hoping it would lead her to Emereck, she made her way to their headquarters with many questions on her mind. There, she learned of the Echo, the strange ability she (and many other adventurers) possessed that made her immune to tempering and able to see the past, among other things. She also discovered that her late companion was among their members before the Calamity, and his constant pestering to be his Path Companion was actually him trying to introduce her. Upon discovering that Emereck truly was nowhere to be found, the reality struck Merisia that Emereck was not simply missing; he hadn't survived. For a time, Merisia remained silent on the offer to join the Scions, overcome with heartbreak that her only friend was lost to her forever. Perhaps had she listened to him, joined him sooner, aided him more, he would still be alive. She wouldn't be suffering this pain and none of this would have ever happened. Merisia resolved to never let such a thing happen again, not only in being more careful of not letting others come to harm, but also in not letting them too close.

After a short time, Merisia finally agreed to join the Scions in their efforts to halt the primal threat to Eorzea, but only if she retained her independence as an adventurer. It was not long before Merisia met a few new companions within the Scions. An archer by the name of Seda'li befriended her first, although admittedly it was a very one-sided notion. Although at first a little too forward and eager, Seda'li proved to be reliable and skilled with the bow, and Merisia agreed to fight alongside him, "...but only because I have to. Don't get any ideas." Merisia still preferred to work on her own, and the sting of losing Emereck was far from gone.

Alongside many of Merisia's explorations in Eorzea, her investigations as Scion did not go neglected. Her next duty sent her to make peace with a beast race in the Black Shroud. Merisia, having no fondness of Gridania for many reasons, was immensely reluctant to go, and only ended up being dragged there at Seda'li's behest. Upon meeting and working with the Sylph, Merisia found that they were one of the few things she doesn't mind about Gridania, and eagerly worked with them, especially satisfied that she has no need to fight the tempered sylph and thus avoiding conflict with their primal. In aiding them, Merisia began to hear the voice of the mothercrystal, Hydaelyn, and encountered an Ascian by the name of Lahabrea, whom made it immediately clear that he had no intention of letting the scions continue their efforts and would quickly become a thorn in their side.

Merisia continued her investigations and adventuring, until the Scions rose a call to action against the next primal threat, Titan. After some trials involving gathering food for a feast, which left Merisia confused and frustrated ("How in seven hells does fetching a bottle of fine wine have anything to do with defeating Titan?!"), Merisia finally faced the kobolds' primal with a small party and soundly defeated it. Seda'li, whom fought alongside Merisia, complimented her on her skill and helpfulness, and promised her a special gift in celebration. Merisia, however, was exhausted and needed some time to recover from the battle, and Seda'li promised to meet her back at the Waking Sands.

Upon returning, however, Merisia found a horrifying scene waiting for her. The lanterns that weren't shattered were devoid of light, and the normally quiet chatter was absent. The Scions had been attacked, with many of them either gravely injured or dead. Among them, Merisia found no trace of Seda'li aside from his bow lying broken in half on the floor next to his equally damaged (and bloodstained) masked turban. Upon learning via the Echo that the Empire was behind the attack, Merisia swore vengeance. They had taken Emereck from her, they'd had a heavy hand in causing the Calamity, and apparently they wouldn't stop at murdering innocent people.

"It doesn't matter whether or not I knew them or even trusted them. What matters is that none of these people deserved being mindlessly slaughtered."

For a short time, Merisia retreated in a cathedral in a nearby encampment until a few surviving Scions coaxed her out. After learning of the next primal threat, Merisia's journey next took her to Coerthas to stop Garuda. However, Garuda's winds were impenetrable, and priority fell to finding Cid's airship first. It was not a journey she made willingly at first. Having grown up in the deserts of Thanalan, Merisia was not fond of the cold at all, and it took some convincing, but Merisia eventually went. She carried with her Seda'li's broken mask, her excuse being that it would be a shame for such a valuable piece of equipment to go to waste, and that she'd simply make a new hat for the mask to go with since the original one had been too damaged for her to repair adequately.

In Coerthas, Merisia soon ended up amidst a feud among several Ishgardian houses. She quickly grew frustrated with the stubbornness of the houses and their reluctance to aid her, and it took much of her willpower (and some warnings from the other Scions aiding the investigation) to keep from shouting insults at them for being narrow-minded and unhelpful. After unraveling a conspiracy and putting an end to the madness, Cid's airship was located and - many slain dragons later - liberated from Stone Vigil.

With Garuda finally approachable, Merisia faced the Ixali's primal. Although she prevailed against Garuda after a vicious battle - resisting Garuda's last-ditch effort to temper her in the process - the victory was a short-lived one. The Ixali's worship and stash of crystals bestowed Garuda with more power, revitalizing her. Imperial forces appeared from nearby, having hidden for some time. Their leader, Gaius van Baelsar, mocked Garuda's power, enraging her. The wind primal responded in kind by attacking the nearby Amalj'aa and Kobold prisoners, causing them to summon their primals, Ifrit and Titan.

Outmatched and overpowered, the scions fled aboard Cid's airship. From afar, Merisia watched in horror as the Imperial juggernauts delivered a powerful, beast-like magitech. Not only was the monstrosity easily able to overpower all three primals, it also absorbed their essences, becoming incredibly powerful. Lahabrea informed Gaius that the machine would only grow more powerful with every primal it absorbed, making it a formidable weapon against the beastman tribes.

With the only comfort being that the other beast tribes wouldn't dare summon their primals with such a threat looming, Merisia suddenly found herself with one of her two enemies being a far greater threat than ever before. With many of the more skilled and knowledgeable scions missing, kidnapped or dead, Merisia was once again alone, not with a disaster behind her, but looming not far in front.
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Re: Clarification

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Revised Backstory

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Inquisitor Lavellan | Dragon Age: Inquisition | Reserved

[personal profile] irabelas 2016-03-03 07:16 pm (UTC)(link)

Player: Ash
Contact: [ profile] nipponpon
Age: 24
Current Characters: n/a
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[personal profile] irabelas 2016-03-03 07:16 pm (UTC)(link)

Character: Dhaveiras Lavellan (The Inquisitor)
Age: 28
OC Type: Blank Protagonist. Dragon Age: Inquisition.
Point Taken: After both Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts and Here Lies the Abyss.

World Building: Wiki link!

    Storyline wiki.

    Main storyline choices:

    • Default World State from past two games.
    • Inquisitor Dhaveiras Lavellan, previous hunter of clan Lavellan, double dagger rogue, now specialized as an assassin.
    • Recruited all party members.
    • Romanced no one.
    • Did not accept that he was chosen by Andraste
    • Allied with the Templars. Ser Barris survived.
    • Rescued Clan Lavellan.
    • Left Stroud behind. Gave the Grey Wardens a second chance by recruiting them.
    • Kept Celene as Empress and helped her reconcile with Briala. Gaspard was executed and Florianne was kept as a jester.

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Sarangerel Dalamiq | FFXIV (OC)

[personal profile] freeasmyhair 2016-06-04 03:38 am (UTC)(link)

Player: Elly
Contact: AIM: luvinanellyvator, [ profile] tigerphoenix
Age: 41
Current Characters: n/a
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Sarangerel Dalamiq | FFXIV (OC) (2)

[personal profile] freeasmyhair 2016-06-04 03:40 am (UTC)(link)

Character: Sarangerel Dalamiq
Age: 27
OC Type: MMO Protagonist
Point Taken: After Alexander rises in the Dravanian Hinterlands

World Building:
An Eorzean Timeline Reborn (player created)
The Echo
A Realm Reborn: The Lore Train Part 1
A Realm Reborn: The Lore Train Part 2
Heavensward: The Lore Train Part 1
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Winnifred "Winnie" Prismall | original

[personal profile] soulsrob 2016-06-05 12:27 am (UTC)(link)

Player: Kalyn
Contact: Plurk: Lordlings, AIM: Lordception
Age: 25
Current Characters: n/a


Character: Winnifred "Winnie" Prismall
Age: 24
OC Type: Pure
Point Taken: Shortly before going to finalize revolution plans and make these dreams reality. So to speak.
soulsrob: (Waiting to see the perfect flower)

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World Building: Winnie's world was the same as the real world, up until 1860. Around 1860, souls, it was found, could be extracted from people and placed into someone else; that someone could then absorb the soul. The absorbed soul enabled a person to live longer and cured many of the diseases scientists were struggling to find cures for. What followed was two things:

1. Scientists, now mostly freed from the constant pursuit for cures, took to discovering and advancing technology through steam power.

2. Souls were growing in demand.

Everyone wanted to live longer and be healthier. It started out innocently enough, with taking the souls of convicts and those already doomed to die. Soon, however, it wasn’t enough for the highest in society, who began to realize this and suffer the consequences -- they had to have a steady “diet” of souls, consuming/absorbing them at least once or twice a month. The older you grew the more souls you had to absorb to stay alive.

As demand grew, people found new ways to get the souls, namely by preying on the poor. Schools were set up to house, teach, and most importantly find Extractors, those rare individuals who could remove and implant the souls. The Extractors would then be taken out with handlers to seek out those who were poor and unaware to steal their souls, storing the souls within their own bodies. Extractors had no souls of their own and could not absorb them, thus posing no threats to taking any for their own. Each Extractor had a handler, and everything was provided to them by the governments of each country. Though everyone handled it differently, England kept a tight hold over their Extractors, letting them have little contact with the outside world and essentially making their lives revolve around what the government said and did.

Some other important rules to note are that souls begin going crazy after 24 hours away from their body, and one soul can last a person 20-25 days. The act of removing and implanting a soul are painless, and is done so orally-- the Extractor taps the other person’s mouth and pulls the soul out from there, then swallows the soul. Prolonged contact is not needed, just the quick touch and drawing the soul out will happen unless, obviously, the Extractor doesn’t wish to do that.

More on how souls work here!

Backstory: Winnie was born in 1864 to very wealthy parents and is one of these Extractors, though she was one of the lucky ones to not be sent away to the schools. The death of her mother is to thank for that, for her father, unwilling to part with the girl who looked so much like her mother and unwilling to be left alone, refused to give her up and kept the fact she was an Extractor a secret from everyone. She grew up fairly normal and her life wasn’t a very exciting one. It was mostly filled with lessons--how to play piano and violin (though she has no talent in either), manners, how to have a polite conversation, how to read, write, and do basic maths, and everything else she’d need to know to be the best pick when it came to courting and marriage.However, she’s had no interest in it and considers herself a spinster and “too old” to marry now. Her father used the excuse that she was sickly to keep her confined in her home, where she would read fairy tales and imagine herself as a sort of "modern" Rapunzel, waiting for a perfect happy ending.

When she was young her father took in another young girl named Agnes, and the two quickly grew close. Agnes knew more about the ‘real world’ than Winnie did and spent her time telling Winnie of the outside world and all the things she never had a chance to see for herself. And the more Winnie learned, the more horrified she became at what her friends and neighbors were doing. So, she and Agnes devised a plan to become like ‘modern’ Robin Hoods. They would attend the numerous parties and sleepovers that Winnie’s status granted them access to. The parties of the rich were usually characterized by an after-dinner “treat” in the form of each guest being gifted with a collected soul by the host or hostess. Winnie would simply take the soul, though not absorb it, and the next day she and Agnes would search for the original body, assuming it hadn’t been moved or destroyed already since souls are almost always transported and absorbed within a day of their capture. Souls have a short shelf life like that. In the event of the body being unable to be found, the soul was released. If lucky, the soul would become a ghost, but if not then the soul would be forced to wither away and ‘die’.

This was until the pair met a ghost who haunted the lighthouse in the port town only a few hours away from the city. It was a complete accident-- they'd heard the talk of the townspeople and Winnie had decided it sounded interesting, and so had dragged Agnes to it. The first meeting had been a disaster as Winnie's over enthusiasm didn't mesh well with Mortimer's grumpy personality, but Winnie was not deterred. She made a point to visit every day they were in town and eventually he grudgingly accepted her and Agnes's presence. After some consideration they realized that Mortimer, being a ghost, would possibly know what to do with the souls whose bodies they couldn't find. Although he pretends that it's a bother every time, he enjoys helping the souls either move on, or become and adjust to being a ghost; through him Winnie was able to find both another confidant and a way around what she had seen to be a failure to help the souls.

As Winnie interacted more with the outside world and the people in it, the more she felt moved to help them. Inspired by the heroic tales of her books, Winnie became more involved with the people of the slums, forging her own networks and connections to prepare for a revolution--a coup against the corrupt government and a chance to change the country for the better. Or, maybe, even the world...

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Aleph | Shin Megami Tensei II | Reserved

[personal profile] alephbet 2016-07-01 11:50 pm (UTC)(link)

Player: Mini
Contact: [ profile] Misheard
Age: 22
Current Characters: Vinegar Doppio


Character: Aleph
Age: Probably around six months? Appears early twenties.
OC Type: Blank Protagonist - Shin Megami Tensei II.
Point Taken: Post-Chaos Ending.

World Building: Wiki link! Essentially: the world outside the Tokyo Millennium sucks and is full of demons, the Tokyo Millennium is a theocratic police state, demon summoning is one of the best ways to be able to protect yourself assuming you don't die really early on, life sucks all around, and also God hates everyone.

Backstory: This is way too much detail but it's the wiki I've got. It ends before the route split, so here's what happens in the Chaos route:

Aleph agrees to fight with Lucifer, and together they storm Eden and kill Satan and YHVH. Before they fight with YHVH, He curses Aleph and Hiroko and their bloodlines to constantly reincarnate into torturous lives in worlds about to be destroyed with no chance of saving them. Then they kick His ass and start rebuilding from the ruins of the Tokyo Millennium.

Personality: Aleph is the Messiah for more reasons than just being assigned the label or beating another Messiah for the right to use the term. Aleph is the Messiah because he helps people. Whenever people are in need, he barely needs to be told to go off and fix things for them. He doesn't get a lot of reward for this, and he doesn't need to. It's just the right thing to do. If you asked him why you'd probably get a confused look from him and probably a short sentence like, "It just is."

Aleph gets used to helping people largely because people are always coming to him for help. It scarcely takes a moment after he's in Valhalla before Hiroko asks him to accompany her to Madam's mansion, and after Aleph is revealed to be the Messiah, he gets all kinds of orders. Aleph never complains about this - he's in no position to. When Lucifer himself is making requests of you, you know you're in a position where your assistance is crucial.

Aleph does not talk much, in a way. In another way he does. He's constantly in bars chatting people up to hear the plot advancements, but his dialogue options are limited to 'yes' and 'no' and the subject rarely turns to him. What really happens here is that Aleph doesn't talk much about himself. He's the kind of person that other people feel comfortable talking to and open up to, but he keeps his own participation in the conversation to a minimum.

He's very hard to faze and willing to accept what's going on. When a strange old man gives him the power to control demons, the first thing he does is... start contracting with and controlling demons. If he is the Messiah, then he's going to do his duties; if he's fighting God, then he's going to fight God and not be afraid. Mysterious man turns out to be Lucifer? All right, what does Lucifer want to say to him? It is very hard to really come up with something that Aleph can't handle.

Aleph is willing to make a stand and make his decision when it's necessary. When he knows that siding with Lucifer will mean going against Satan and God, two incredibly powerful beings, he chooses this and does not hesitate later or try to run away. He's made his choice, and he's going to carry it out through to the end. Even in the very beginning: Aleph was taken in by Okamoto while being attacked by demons, and taken under his wing as a gladiator. At that point in time, he was already fighting for his life - the virtual battlers might have been fake, but the tournaments were real, and to the death. Aleph learned very quickly that he could not hesitate if he wanted to survive.

Though it's hard to find time to unwind in a post-apocalyptic canon like his, Aleph does show signs of cutting loose occasionally. He enjoys spending time in discos, even when it's not really helpful to his quest, and is a fantastic dancer to the point where it's his best method of impressing demons. No one can be all serious savior of humanity all the time, and Aleph knows when and how to destress.

From Aleph's lone speaking appearance in the Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse DLC (which didn't happen to this Aleph), it's immediately obvious that Aleph gets concerned about other people easily. Even in the weird situation that the protagonists have been put in and with his tiny amount of lines, he shows sympathy and concern for the others multiple times. He's polite, but frank and to the point when it comes to telling people that there's no time for hesitation, that they have to fight for their lives.

Specifically Chaos-route Aleph notes: Aleph prizes individual freedom over safety and security. When given a choice between letting the citizens of Arcadia continue living brainwashed in a virtual paradise or destroying the whole virtual reality system (which would kill everyone hooked up to it), he felt that that was no way to live and chose the latter. He has strong anti-authority feelings - although he recognizes that there can be people in positions of power who don't abuse that position, he's never personally seen someone like that, and he'll automatically distrust people in charge.

Abilities: With the aid of an Arm Terminal, Aleph can summon and command demons. At his level of ability, very powerful demons will respond to his negotiations. The six he's bringing/intending to bring are all capable fighters in their own right - this is the team that brought down God, minus Hiroko (his mother) and Lucifer (the devil).

The demons in his party are: Mara, Beelzebub, Shiva, Anubis, Rangda, and Lilim.

He's a capable fighter with both a sword and a gun, although he favors a gun. He's also very good at dancing, so good that he can walk into a dance contest halfway through and still handily win. Totally an ability.

Alignment: Thras. It takes tremendous amounts of bravery to fight against God Himself and similar powerful foes, and it would be a lie to say there weren't times when Aleph was terrified, but he overcame those moments to kick enormous amounts of ass.

Other: Just the thing under questions!


Manty, huh? I probably should have realized.

["Manty" is small for a manticore, but that doesn't mean it's not dangerous - Aleph has gone up against too many tiny demons to think otherwise even for a second. He's unarmed, and he's slow to approach, trying not to spook that child's pet.]

C'mere, Manty... I'm not gonna hurt you. I just want to take you back to your owner, okay?

[The moment he gets too close, Manty lunges at him, sinking its teeth into Aleph's arm. Aleph hisses in pain, but grabs the creature by the nape of its neck and pulls it off of him.]

Or we can do this the hard way, I guess.

[No matter how much the creature struggles, it can't get out of Aleph's grip. Satisfied that the target has been successfully caught, Aleph starts back for the city.

Manty's owner will be so happy to see it again. The payment's not the important part: seeing someone smile when they'd been in tears before is. Pride in a job well done fills Aleph, and flowers surround him as he walks, blooming up from the ground near his feet. He tries not to step on any as he walks.]

At least they aren't breaking through the road this time...

[It doesn't put a damper on his good mood, and the flowers continue to grow.]

(I also have a test drive thread.)

Questions: Demons are intelligent and capable of speech, but they're closer to Pokemon than appable characters, contained in an Arm Terminal and typically used only for battle. Would Aleph be able to bring his demons in with him?
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Kierella "Ki" Aita | original

[personal profile] frostymerc 2016-07-03 04:33 pm (UTC)(link)

Player: Malachy
Contact: Main DW: [personal profile] malachy | Plurk: [ profile] malachy
Age: 23
Current Characters: N/A - also apping Kurapika


Character: Keirella Aita
Age: 20
OC Type: Pure
Point Taken: Right before killing her adopted father.

World Building:
Keirella comes from a world similar to Earth, yet set backward in time and involving streaks of fantasy. In particular, she knows only a set of large European-continents on this world. She was born in the county of Graoni, a kingdom which stretches the entire span of an oblong, thin continent close to the equator. The lands of this world are nearly Medieval in their level of cruelty, harshness, and violence, yet most countries have a technological advancement of about the Renaissance age: someone has to continue advancing weapon technology to keep up with all of the brutality!
frostymerc: (bloodlust)

[personal profile] frostymerc 2016-07-03 04:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Graoni is a fusion of Medicci-era Italy and that nearly Medieval reality of cruelty. The country of Graoni is a sinful one, especially in its capital of Brai, where Keirella lived the majority of her life. Marriage is a sacred union, whose betrayal is shamed, yet men and women are constantly crazed by sex, slinking into the city's underbelly to find it. Conflict is seen as the root of all sin, yet a small discussion between Braish citizens easily flares up, turning into torn flesh and spilled blood. Food is seen as a significant life source to power an even more significant human body, yet it is not uncommon to spend each dinner feasting and drinking one's self into a stupor. It's unclear what has caused such a rampant culture of self-conscious debauchery, but there is a sense that the citizens are attempting to either escape the harshness of reality or absorb into it, thus living one's life to the fullest.

It is also unclear whether Graoni's iron-fisted religion, which has spread to neighboring countries and continents as well, has either increased the temptation of sin because of its outrageous rules, or whether it has done nothing. For the past several centuries, Mautism has attempted to up the ante and strike fear into the hearts of its subjects, thereby alleviating the problem of sin. Yet, something is wrong. The Creation Story is too sad and ugly, the gods too uncaring and horrifying to look upon. If a wise man were to look closely, he would see that violence and lust and hardship and drunkenness are woven into the fabric of the world, seeped into its history, philosophy, and even, yes, its religion.

Mautism had its worship spaces: monstrous, towering, catacombed castles called simply Cathedrals. It had its Priests, and below them, Priestesses. A separate branch of the religion was for the Fair Six, a group of six dogmatic priest-judges who squeezed and shamed confessions out of anyone who dared oppose them. It had many laws, originally written and disseminated in black-and-white terms, but harder to apply in the Graoni reality of muddled gray. Only a select handful of laws could be applied instantly, with no allowances for deliberation or trial: for example, every ten years a Priest or Priestess must make an arduous pilgrimage across the sea to the First Chapter, an island where it is believed the gods revealed themselves--and their story--to humankind.

The gods--or rather, the goddess and her demi-gods--however, came to be the most haunting and terrifying part of Mautism.

The Creation Story starts as such: the goddess, Maute, was a woman made of blue light, revered as both mother and child of the world. For millennia she existed, caring for her children, who took the form of five blue-white stars in the sky. After some time, however, they began to die: they had no father, and thus no masculine essence to hold them aloft for long. When the first star dropped, Maute cried until her tears formed a world of water. After the second star dropped, she raked her hands through the ocean in anger, pulling up continents and mountains and other land forms. After the third, she tore out her hair in agony, and the fallen pieces merged into the earth, creating grasses and trees and vegetables. After the fourth, she screamed, and her voice gathered animals and all manner of creatures from deep underground. After the fifth, and final, child died, she sighed, reached into her breast, pulled away a piece of flesh from her heart, and scattered the bits and pieces over the entire land. The pieces of her heart contained a tiny amount of her soul. They took root and formed into humans, all of whom became her children in the stead of her fallen stars.
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part 4

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part 5

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part 6

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part 7

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part 8

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part 9

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part 10

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part 11 - and done!

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Aiden | Original Character

[personal profile] coagmentatio 2016-11-01 09:30 am (UTC)(link)

Player: Alex
Contact: PM
Age: 25+
Current Characters: N/A


Character: "Aiden" (birth name: Zaen Aeryn Ayala)
Age: 27 (unknown to him)
OC Type: Pure
Point Taken: Six months after meeting his mate, Riley.
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world -> personality

[personal profile] coagmentatio 2016-11-01 09:32 am (UTC)(link)
World Building: Daeseon | Holidays/Religions | Magic/Consequences | Mate Fact/Legend

Backstory: Here.

Personality: Before meeting Riley, strangers can view him as rough around the edges and impossible to get a "good read on."

Because, while he's distant, he doesn't hesitate to help a person in need. When it comes down to it, he would give someone the shirt off his back if it meant they wouldn't be cold anymore. He would share the very last bite of his own food just to help stave the hunger off for a random stranger. And... yet, he will never talk about his own fears or dreams. He pushes people away, in spite of a tiny part of him always reaching out. Regardless of what he wants, he has accepted the kind of life he's "meant" to lead...

The fact of the matter is, that's the demeanor he typically defaults to, early on. Aiden values his privacy, so he'll sooner give silence (or simply a vague response) to a personal question, rather than the truth. He doesn't see it as being dishonest, though... that could be partially due to the fact that he was never officially taught that lying is "bad." In fact, he has been more thoroughly trained to keep secrets and live in darkness by those who brought him into the world of hunters, rather than to make friends...

And, quite honestly, he is wary of the very idea of getting close to another person.

While he does want to form bonds with other people, he's afraid of what it could mean for them should anyone attempt to use them against him... And with his being a hunter, it was pretty much just a fact that they would wind up targeted. Regardless of his missing memories, there lingers an "irrational" fear of loss.

Aiden's life is surrounded by death. On top of being a murderer for hire, he has witnessed more loss than he could possibly hope to keep count on. See, being a hunter means that he has to kill those viewed as "monsters" on his world. His targets are always those who have chosen to murder people for the sake of extending their lives (drinking blood/eating flesh of their victims is what keeps them alive). While some view the hunters as hypocrites, Aiden believes that they save more lives than they take, in the end.

The only one he views as a hypocrite is himself.

Despite hating the packs of what he refers to as "wannabe werewolves," he has admitted to himself that he feels... jealous of them. Deep down, he craves the closeness that he believes comes with being part of a pack. Being that he's never known a family (he only vaguely remembers his father) or formed even one friendship, he's genuinely unsure of what those kinds of things would feel like. He has never experienced love before, nor has he even gained so much as a crush on someone. He is, without a doubt, socially inept; maybe that's something he would strive to work on... if he were even aware of the fact.

Of course, he does become aware of it eventually... and this is around the time he begins to change.

While it hadn't been impossible to catch a smile on Aiden's face, they never seemed to reach his eyes. In all honesty, Riley brings a lot of things into his life that he'd never even known were missing. While it might seem strange that Aiden hadn't been aware of the fact that he was suffering from depression, it isn't all that odd, all things considered. Being unaware that he's missing something he can't remember feeling, isn't so very strange. Finding the only thing he's ever felt -- loneliness -- to be a normal emotional state, isn't so very strange. When it comes down to it, Aiden was only ever aware of the things he'd had from the time of his first memory.

What he does find strange, is the emotions that had come with first meeting Riley. For him, it's as though he'd found his missing half on that day -- a relief of loneliness he'd never known he was feeling simply washed over him. Finally, he has someone to protect for the sake of being able to see his face every day, and... so begins his journey of learning what it's like to have a family. In some ways, it's as though he was wandering through a foggy world before encountering Riley, and Riley happened to be the very one to clear all the fog away.

It's after he finds his mate, that he feels an intense "spark." He learns what it means to fight for something -- someone -- who makes him feel happy. And, as a result, he gradually gains a passion for life. It's with this newly found and unfamiliar sense of passion, he's able to laugh, to smile, to tease... Though, at first, it's only around his mate that he shows this side -- after all, Riley is the one who sparked the change of heart. Over time, however, he begins to open up a little more to people he's known for years.

And it isn't long after that, he realizes that having friends is something that's possible for him. He can grow closer to people; and, while there's always the chance of losing them, the memories made are surely worth it in the end. It's a lesson that takes -- surprisingly -- just months for him to learn, but it does turn him into someone who's a little less of a stick in the mud... and a little more of a friendly, somewhat laid back person.

The only thing he still doesn't really understand the meaning of, is grief. He's still learning about this, and exactly what it means to lose someone. All he really knows is that the thought of not having Riley in his life is capable of making him physically unwell. He's seen the look on Riley's face after struggling against Fara's decisions to stay with that pack... and he believes he's starting to get the idea of what loss could mean.

Aiden is a man with a very healthy appetite for learning, so he doesn't intend to remain clueless about any of the things he's unsure of/unlearned on.

Aside from all the emotional hiccups, Aiden has what some have described as "charming qualities." As mentioned earlier, he has this knack for teasing people he's grown fond of, as well as a need to give to others, even if he's never so much as learned their name. He is very genuine when it comes to his gestures of giving and kindness, and this is a part of him that doesn't go away after meeting Riley -- this is a side of him that only grows and becomes more than what it was. Having Riley in his life has him striving to learn of even more ways to help others and make other people happy. Sure, it starts out as him just wanting to make his mate happy, but... this quickly gets extended to other people, including random strangers on the street.

Regardless of this side of him, there remains the side that is very insecure. So, if there's one thing he doesn't like to show, it's an emotion other than "happy" or "okay." While he has learned how to open up to others, he still refuses to talk to anyone (in some ways, not even Riley) about just how little he remembers. He doesn't like admitting that he doesn't know his own age or that he's unable to remember even his parents' touches. It scares him that he just up and forgot everything he'd ever known, so that's still a fear that he carries with him everyday. The fear that he could possibly forget even his mate of all people... or anyone else that he's come to care about up to this point.

If there's anyone who has the ability to hurt Aiden with words, it's Riley. At the point he's being taken from, his last memories of Riley involve his mate telling him that he never wants to see him again. Granted, even if those words do hurt, he is well-aware that the blond would never say something like that without a damn good reason; so, while he's going to be a little bristly at the wolves getting to his mate, this is just a great example of how far he's getting in his struggles with insecurity...

abilities -> questions

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Re: Accepted!

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rion lyon | original character

[personal profile] gratitude 2016-11-02 04:33 am (UTC)(link)

Player: Matty
Contact: Discord @ Matty#4220; plurk @ faxanadu
Age: 28
Current Characters: None!


Character: Rion Lyon
Age: 15
OC Type: Pure
Point Taken: [not applicable]

World Building: Rion comes from a world that, truth be told, is pretty similar to our current day world. It has a lot of the copyrights and trademarks filed off, but for the most part, Rion’s familiarity with technology and concepts is pretty similar to the concepts any bright 15-year old boy would have. There is, however, one primary difference between his home and our home.

There is one major difference - magic is real. This is not a commonly known thing, and most people would scoff at it - but think about the stories of people who were claimed to have used magic, like Zhuge Liang at the battle of Chi Bi. In the real world, we know that he didn’t actually summon wind; in Rion’s world, it’s possible he did - not that you’re going to find a lot of people who are going to argue this.

Of course, nobody’s seen anyone use magic in a long time.

That’s because magic has essentially died out over the years. The original source of magic was ley lines - lines of magical energy, invisible, flowing through the earth. Someone who could cast magic could manipulate said magical energy in order to create various effects, and how it worked was unique to each person; it’s something that you couldn’t really teach someone, so much as something that had to be discovered for one’s self. But as more people existed to draw upon said ley lines (whether consciously or not), the amount of energy they could support diminished, and by the 1700s, the number of practitioners went from “vanishingly few” to “none”. Magic was essentially dead.

Until fairly recently.

Nuclear testing during and after World war II sent a surge of power through these ley lines. It didn’t reactivate magic entirely - it just sent a pulse of energy through each one, way more than had gone through them in times past. People born in an area where that energy - magic tinged with radioactivity, for lack of a better way to put it - was coursing through?

Some of them had talents not unlike those of people past, except without a reliance on those ley lines - a power that they contained within themselves, or with some other source of energy. Not a lot - it was still rare, and it took a lot of time for that energy to go through a particular line, or loop back around. Ley lines weren’t exactly the most orderly things to begin with. But governments with access to nuclear arms had done a pretty good job of trying to figure out who might have been affected, and testing them… and finding out just what capabilities they might have.

This is not common knowledge; it’s the kind of thing that is kept very quiet, and the most likely places you are to find information about it are places like InfoWars that are also just as inclined to tell you that we need to move back to the gold standard and that there are reptilian lizard people in collusion with bankers to control the world.

But it’s made the world situation … kind of tense, to say the least. At the very least, a lot of major countries know that a lot of other major countries might have access to people with unknown supernatural abilities, but not what those abilities are.

Backstory: Everything in the above, there? Rion doesn’t know anything about any of that. What he knows is that his mother adopted him at a young age, and that he can’t talk. He doesn’t know why he can’t talk, and he hasn’t ever gotten a good explanation. From the doctor’s results, there is nothing physiologically wrong with his throat or with his brain that would make him unable to speak; he just attempts to, and no noise comes out.

Other than that? From the “canon point” he’s from, he’s a teenage boy who goes to high school. He’s awkward and out of place; he’s short, and while he’s not actively effeminate, he doesn’t look very masculine either. He spends a lot of time getting bullied, teased, and made fun of, and this is exacerbated by the fact that Rion tends to take accidental slights in the worst way - he will assume that he is the butt of a joke even if something wasn’t intended in that way.

He spends a lot of time at home, losing himself in hobbies and other interests; he watches TV, he plays guitar (and is fairly talented at it), he studies, and he reads books. He doesn’t go hang out with friends, partially because he doesn’t really have anyone he would call a friend, and partially because he doesn’t feel like he deserves a friend. He’s alone at home more often than not; while his mother does care for him, one of the ways in which she expresses her caring is working long hours. While it does help with things like clothing, food, and hobbies, it’s left him … alone, a lot.

There are things he will be up to at one point - but this is when he’s taken from; a sad boy who feels isolated (part of which is self-inflicted).

Personality: Rion is someone who desperately wants to be someone - someone who matters, someone who is cool and awesome and whatnot. He’s the kind of person who daydreams about somehow saving the day and people realizing that he’s not just ‘that kid’; the kid who sits in the back of the class, the kid who never says anything, the kid who gets made fun of. It’s not the worst coping mechanism, but it’s contradictory in him, because there is part of him that also thinks that other people are right, and that he is worthless - even though he does have a lot of positive qualities, he’s so used to rationalizing how he gets treated and how people don’t step in as being a thing that must be true.

The way he handles other people is somewhat paradoxical; there’s part of him that desperately craves acceptance, desperately wants someone to acknowledge him and notice him and befriend him and maybe take his side for once… and then there’s another part of him that just assumes that they’re just like everyone else, and that if they make an unwise joke or something about him, that it was deliberate - and whether he knows it or not there’s part of him that wants to push them away so they can’t make him hurt even worse than if they’d just made fun of him from the start. He really wants to belong and yet doesn’t believe that he should belong.

There’s also a part of him that is genuinely just angry and hateful at how people treat him - a part that he hates himself, and that he pushes down. He doesn’t want to lash out at anyone. He knows it’s not right, and he doesn’t like that he gets upset like that, even though getting upset is a perfectly normal reaction to being teased or bullied.

But despite his issues with other people, Rion isn’t a bad person. If he can push past that self-loathing and assumption that he deserves to be treated poorly, he does really care about the well-being of other people - so much that in an emergency he’d be the first one to do whatever he could, whether it be first aid or fighting other people, even if it was clearly dangerous. Even if he can’t always express his concerns about other people (because of those assumptions of worthlessness and that they might want to hurt him somehow), he does care.

Nor is he dumb, despite his incorrect perceptions of other people. He’s not brilliant, but he’s smart; he’s able to pick up on things quickly, and typically gets very good grades in school. He also finds the prospect of learning new things exciting - finding out about, hypothetically, new technology or something would just make him want to find out more and figure out how it worked and what he could do with it (though still with the issues in the back of his head that he probably wouldn’t figure out anything new, etc.).

But there is a kid - a sweet, warm kid - somewhere buried underneath those issues of self-doubt and self-loathing; it’s just that those issues are a shell to try and prevent him from getting hurt worse, and he needs to get out of it himself.

Abilities: Important note: Rion does not know about any of these powers. He will discover them in time, but he has no awareness that he has any emotional connection to - well, anything - at this point in time.

This will be broken up into three major aspects, which come one after the other in terms of discovery.

First - Rion theoretically has the ability to essentially convert the energy from emotion into kinetic force. This doesn’t actually consume the emotion so much as suppresses it - for lack of a better description, it puts it on “cooldown”, and isn’t felt for a little while. It usually comes back within about an hour or so, and if he were to use all of his theoretical emotion at once (like, say, he was extremely angry/upset/happy/etc.), the resulting force would be about the equivalent of hitting someone with a semi on the freeway.

Second - At some point he will gain the ability to manipulate this energy. Not very specifically, but by producing different notes while ‘yelling’, or ‘singing’, he can change the form that it takes - in most cases this will be to create a temporary solid barrier, more like a shield than anything else. It doesn’t last for more than a few seconds in this form. He also can aim his force as he gets more used to it, but it’s a very loose aim - it’s more like “aiming for a side of the body” than “aiming for the head”. It’s a very imprecise power set.

Third - Technically, with the correct notes in sequence, he is capable of creating distinct objects out of emotion, as long as he has the emotion to maintain them. There is one specific thing he will be able to do this with, which is a weapon specifically drawn from his emotions; it’s essentially defined as “his weapon”, and thus, takes on the form of whatever weapon he’s most comfortable with. It can’t be wielded by others, draws upon his emotion while he uses it, and even if someone else were to take his powers, their unique song for “their weapon” would be different than his.

“His weapon” is kind of undefined right now, just because it would depend if he learned any self-defense skills, how to wield a specific type of weapon, etc. By default it would be a long dagger, but in any case it will be some sort of melee weapon, and it isn’t something he chooses - he can’t sit there and go “I’m gonna create a cannon”, that’s not how it works. He chooses to create it, and it comes in the form that he’s going to be most comfortable with. Even if he specifically wanted a longer reaching weapon (like a spear), if he’s most comfortable handling a knife, it will be a knife.

Other objects could be created, but they would require him to know all of the notes (where he has no knowledge of what corresponds to what) and … it would take a lot of work; essentially it would be like getting someone to give you a computer program by singing the code at you. It’s something that could in theory be done, if something were to take his body/powers/etc - but realistically he won’t be able to construct anything concrete with it other than the aforementioned weapon, or at best, very simple shapes (a cube or a sphere - nothing more complex than that).

Other than his weapon construction, everything is imprecise (or, in the case of constructing anything even remotely complicated, extremely impractical), and his powers have a very real chance of causing collateral damage at high outputs. Anything that prevents him from speaking will prevent him from using these powers (hence why he can’t use them right now anyway), and they can’t be used if he doesn’t have any emotions to draw off of.

Alignment: Peromei. It seems the most fitting for him, considering he has this sort of… dichotomy between despair and hope. There’s a part of him that is despair; that is convinced that he deserves to be friendless and alone, that he has no talent, that he’s mute because he shouldn’t be allowed to speak for himself.

There’s also a part of him that is hope; hopeful that things get better, hopeful that somehow there’s just been some sort of terrible cosmic mistake or turn of bad luck for him and things will improve. That he can make friends. That he can maybe talk one day, that he’ll show everyone that he’s good at stuff even if he’s weird and small and everything.

Other: I feel it’s important to stress in his powers section that while that’s all stuff he can theoretically do, it’s the kind of thing that will take a while in terms of both time and character development for him to do. When he’s first dumped off in Empatheias he will not be able to do any of that!


Sample: - particularly the thread with Mika.

Questions: No!
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Re: Revision

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Re: Accepted!

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Pilouette Bonheur | Original Character

[personal profile] ribbonbon 2016-11-04 08:09 am (UTC)(link)

Player: Mel
Contact: [ profile] RobotsforBrains
Age: 29
Current Characters: None


Character: Pilouette Bonheur
Age: 16
OC Type: Pure
Point Taken: The day of her 16th birthday
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Part 2

[personal profile] ribbonbon 2016-11-04 08:11 am (UTC)(link)
World Building:
Pilouette is coming from a Modern Earth setting in 2010; every major event that has happened in Earth’s history has happened in this universe. The only real difference is alternate versions of most popular culture, though this is mostly to avoid fourth walling. For example, while the original fairy tale Snow White exists, the Disney movie (and Disney itself) does not. Instead her world’s Disney Equivalent made a movie about Little Red Riding Hood which serves the same role in history.

Originally from Lille, France, Pilouette was born in 1994 to Armand Bonheur and his wife, Camille, who met while working for the same company, though they worked for different branches. An exceptionally serious woman, Camille lacked a sense of humor, so when Armand made a joke about naming their infant daughter after his childhood dog, Camille went ahead with it.

Since her parents worked a lot, Pilouette spent much of her formative years with her grandparents in Lille, while Armand and Camille worked, both overseas and in Paris. She would often go weeks at a time without seeing either of her parents and as a result became very attached to her grandmother, a retired kindergarten teacher, and her grandfather, a doctor specializing in athletic injuries. Not long after Pilouette turned three, Armand was transferred to the US branch of the company he worked for and, along with his wife and child, moved overseas to Key City, New York, a city several hours outside New York City. Being so attached to her grandparents, Pilouette was very anxious about the move, more so than she would have been just moving to another house or city.

It was at this point that her parent's marital problems began. Little by little they began fighting about one thing or another and eventually got divorced. Shortly after Pilouette's fourth birthday, the two were divorced. Camille, for personal reasons that still remain unknown to her daughter, decided to sign over her parental rights and give her husband full custody. Not long after, she was transferred to the company's Chicago office and would begin living there.

From this point on, Pilouette and her mother had little significant contact. Armand, thinking he was doing what was best for his daughter never offered an explanation because she never asked and having no explanation offered, Pilouette found herself afraid to ask. Feeling as if she was rejected by her own mother, Pilouette became a very shy child and had a hard time making friends with other children when she started school. It was in kindergarten that she met Peter Hartell, an equally shy boy who had difficulty making friends due to his unintentionally angry –looking way of holding his face and generally quiet nature. Since neither had made much progress in the way of socializing with the other children, the teacher encouraged Pilouette and Peter to play together and the two gradually became close friends. Within a few years, the Hartells became almost like a second family to Pilouette and she would often stay with them when her father was working late. It was during this time that Pilouette developed an interest in baking after watching Mr. and Mrs. Hartell testing out recipes for their cafe. As she became older, this interest in baking became something Pilouette would consider making a career of later in life.

Many years later, just before Pilouette hit middle school, her father was promoted into a position that required him to make regular business trips to Paris. He and his daughter moved to a neighborhood across town that was a little closer to the local branch of the company he worked for and Pilouette was transferred to an all-girls private school that was closer to their new home. Pilouette was initially upset about the move since it would prevent her from seeing the Hartell family, especially her best friend Peter, quite as often and her shyness began to increase. While across town may not necessarily be terribly far, to ten year old Pilouette it was quite a long distance, especially since she was going to a new school with no friends.

However, it was at this new school that she met Patty Summers who had just moved to town (coincidentally in the same neighborhood as Pilouette) and the two became friends. Patty, who was a little more outspoken and positive than Pilouette, helped her new friend become more outgoing, eventually leaving a good deal of her shyness behind, though she still remained awkward when meeting new people and in unfamiliar situations. In an attempt to make herself more likable, throughout her middle school years and into high school she would become something of an “unofficial club member,” willingly helping out and taking on tasks from clubs and other extracurricular school groups when they needed extra help, despite not actually being a member of any of them and, at times, not having any actual “friends” in a particular club.

Shortly after she turned fourteen, she convinced her father that she would be alright on her own while he was away on trips, though he initially only allowed it because Patty's parents would offer to check in on her every now and then. However, over the next two years these check ins would become less frequent. Though Pilouette wished to prove how mature and adult she was she was by taking care of the house on her own, as she came to believe that being an "adult" was something desirable and respectable, she simultaneously wanted him to be home more and secretly resented the fact that he seemed to constantly put his work before her. However, believing that a “mature person” would not feel that way, she insisted she didn’t mind despite many missed or cancelled plans and a general lack of parental presence.

Part 3

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Re: Accepted!

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Riley | Original Character

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Player: Xae
Contact: Plurk = Tsukeru
Age: 31
Current Characters:
Makoto Kino | Sailor Moon | [personal profile] courageousthunder
Hiryuu | Akatsuki no Yona | [personal profile] akashingo (Also apped this month)


Character: Riley
Age: 22
OC Type: Pure
Point Taken: After his sister's death

World Building:

Riley is from a dying world called Daeseon. Their sun has been dying and at first the people were not worried about it, after all, it would take quite a few million years for this to happen. Eventually the light provided by the sun began to grow dim and their planet was plunged into darkness. This they adapted to, physically they became able to see better at night and other senses heightened as well. They began to develop technologies that would be capable of sustaining them when the sun would no longer would provide them with an abundance of growing plants around the planet. In the end, there was no way to preserve every section of the world and so every decade another piece of land would become nothing more than a desolate wasteland. Oceans became frozen iceburgs and mountains were eternally covered in snow. Survival became difficult and so the masses huddled together, leaving smaller towns and cities and in their places they created Osios.

Osios is the world's largest city and contains ten different sectors that house most of the population. There are approximately ten million people living in Osios and each sector has it's own governing system. It was only in the last two hundred or so years that they've finally gotten serious about getting off the planet and finding a new home for the people of Daeseon. At that time, the government decided it would put priority to building ships capable of carrying them millions of light-years away to a new planet they named Nefios. While they did prioritize their space program, there was also a serious need to survive long enough to be able to make it off-planet in the first place. As such large corporations bought out smaller ones, expanded their workstaff and took control of the last few spots on the planet where life still flourished and this is how the people of the world get their food.

Unfortunately, even in a good world the rich have no worries and the poor die on the streets and Daeseon is no different. With things already being tough to survive on a normal basis, the poor have only two choices - die or learn magic. Magic is very handy to have here on Daeseon. People can use it to stay warm or even to gain jobs that require the use of a magic hand. Unfortunately, using magic comes at a cost. Anytime an individual uses magic, they're using up their own energy and this energy is not something that renews itself. Use too much magic and the caster dies, but not before experiencing some physical changes first. When an individual uses magic the first change they experience is a need to replenish their lifeforce through outside means - some develop a need for raw meats while others crave blood.

For those who experience a need for raw meats, they walk the path to becoming wolves. Gaining the features of these creatures until finally they are entirely wolf - typically the last stage is very quick and painful. There are no individuals capable of simply walking around as a wolf as their lives end shortly after the full transformation is complete. For those who drink blood, they maintain their human form but the craving for blood becomes unbearable to the point where they it is all they intake. They forsake all other foods their body does actually need and they become crazed when their own bodies start to slowly eat itself. Their own blood attacks their organs for nutrients until nothing remains. No one has searched for a medical cure to magic but one did find a magical cure - dark magic.

It may seem strange to combat a magical loss with a magical solution but the people have learned that by killing someone else through dark magic allows them to absorb their own lifeforce, thus giving the killer more time to live. Those who have found this way of living typically band together - wolves form packs and bloodsuckers form clans though "vampires" are more prone to working alone. These packs go around needlessly killing and getting their need for raw meat by sometimes cannibilizing their victims. To combat these vicious killers, hunters were born. Everything about the hunters is shrouded in mystery except for the fact that they actively hunt down those who use dark magic to murder others.

More about the actual world can be found here

Backstory: Here
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Part 2

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From a young age, Riley has been an extremely responsible individual. His parents were often away trying to put food on their tables so he was always looking after himself, preparing meals, getting to school, taking care of chores. Then along came his younger sister and Riley took on responsibility for her too. While their parents tried to help, it was typically up to him to look after her most of the time. Things only got worse when their parents both died when Riley was almost fifteen. He now had to provide for the both of them and that sense of responsibility lead him to using magic to keep them warm on cold nights and put food in their stomachs. Thankfully no one judges people by their age when it comes to work here - it's common to see children learning and using magic to make money. Riley was one of these people. He took it upon himself to excel in fire magic along with a cleaning spell and would often light fires for others of the poor class who relied on that as a heat source - or he'd clean houses for the uppercrust. It's partly due to his sense of responsibility that keeps him alive and in a situation where he has to do terrible things to accomplish that. Riley is motivated by the responsibility to look after Fara now that they've both used so much magic that their choices are to kill or to die.

He is also a kind individual, he may have to do terrible things to live but Riley is carefully meticulous when it comes to killing others. Typically he avoids taking the lives of someone who is a relatively good person, instead preferring to seek out those who are - ironically - murderers or others who are considered the lowest of scum. Riley is forced to bear witness as his pack tortures and kills others who are innocent and it pains him to have any part in it but he can't stand against them. It has lead him to become someone who makes his kills as quick and painless as possible for his victim - even though they may not deserve it. He does wish he could save those who end up catching the pack's eye and if given the option, Riley would save someone but he is also cautious about his status as well. Basically he might as well be the omega of the wolf pack - the one who gets picked on and abused by the others and he carries absolutely no weight at all when it comes to making decisions.

One might see a different person when looking at Riley and it all depends on who he's with. If they see him with Fara, it's very obvious that he is a caring big brother - from taking care of her to attempting to stop her from doing stupid things, he doesn't feel the need to hold back with her. There aren't a whole lot of boundaries between the two of them and she is the one individual who knows him best. He constantly worries about her and tries to get her to walk a good path in life which is difficult due to their situation but Riley is reluctant to give up on her. It's not uncommon to see the two of them standing close or one of them fussing over the other and he's at ease when she touches him. It's also obvious how much he worries over her too. Anyone who manages to get close to Riley will most likely learn about Fara in the process seeing as how his entire life has revolved around his little sister. He's willing to risk nearly any and everything to keep her safe even if it's at the cost of his own well-being.

When Riley is around another member of the pack, he's entirely changed. There is a tension in him that's perfectly visible an absolute stranger can see it. Riley tends to keep to himself, both physically and verbally. He doesn't offer to touch them and tries extremely hard to not flinch or pull away when they touch him even though he isn't always successful in this endeavor. In all honesty he's treated like he's the omega of the pack - always the one who's picked on and teased and blamed but Riley doesn't mind being the odd man out in this group. Actually he prefers it as it means they don't even bother trying to hassle him into doing things their way and they let him go off on his own to do whatever. They never go out of their way to ask him about it either and that's the way he likes it because he doesn't offer up information or open up to any of them in return. In the presence of another wolf in the pack, Riley is withdrawn, quiet and cautious. On the occasion when he does decide to speak up it's often a sense of caution. A warning to get the pack away from danger but it isn't done out of any kind of attachment or real concern. The only concern he has in these times are towards what might happen to his sister if the pack got into serious trouble. They often tease him about the "concern" he directs in their direction and call him "mom".

This can be the side of him that most strangers will see as well but Riley doesn't imagine everyone as a bad thing. He tends to be more cautious around them then anything which does stem from the need to keep Fara safe. However he is more willing to relax if given the opportunity to get to know someone. A point will come when Riley isn't afraid to speak his mind on a matter or express other emotions such as being irritated or even be happy. The better he knows someone, the more comfortable he'll be around them. While he will never be able to completely let down his guard, he has the potential to be an extremely good friend when given the chance. Kind and caring - willing to listen to their problems or go out of his way to help them and possibly even capable of killing if it came down to protecting them.

Due to the fact that Riley has basically been a very tiny adult during his childhood, he tends to be the same now that he is actually an adult but he can be a regular young adult at times. Riley gets excited over a variety of new things and can be open to trying new experiences. He practically lights up and can become animated during these times, probably capable of talking someone's ear off if that was actually possible. If he's comfortable with the person he's with, Riley would have no problem grabbing them and dragging them around to see everything possible. Even if he's around complete strangers, he may be the one to initiate a conversation with them and not be nearly as cautious as he typically is.

He is also somewhat of a strange person, even as a child he enjoyed things like going to school and learning. Even though he had to drop out of school to support his sister, Riley still pursued his own interests. He would go to the library to study whenever he had time or he'd watch documentaries on historical events. Straight up, Riley is a nerd. He likes science and space and curling up with a good book under a warm blanket. On the other side of that, Riley does not particularly like doing things that are extremely strenous. He disliked it during school and doesn't go out of his way to be active. That said it isn't as though he's out of shape or that he can't run when necessary but Riley is not about to get into a marathon or pick a physical figth with someone. If it came down to it, he would be the sort of person who was a long-distance figher while others got up close and personal. Riley is definitely not going to be flipping anyone over his shoulder or carrying them around any time soon.

While typically pretty calm and grown up there is one person who can get Riley flustered and his name is Aiden. A chance meeting has allowed him to meet his mate - the one person who was meant for him and everything that Riley lacks... Aiden brings to his life. While Riley looks down at himself and doesn't believe himself deserving of love, Aiden gives it to him and hope along with it. Aiden has given him the opportunity to not need to kill in order to live and he may not ever be able to make up for what he's done in the past but the hunter accepts him anyway. It's because he's allowed himself to get close to this individual that he's opened up more in the last six months of his life than ever. He shows his emotions so easily when around Aiden and typically doesn't tend to care about who might be around. Well, it does actually considering Riley is easily embarrassed in private when the other man does something like tease him or look at him so lovingly and being in public only makes it worse. It isn't unusual to hear Riley telling him to shut up or be quiet, it isn't out of irritation but is entirely because he's way too easily embarrassed around the other.

With the addition of Aiden to his life, Riley has added another person to his very short list of people to care for and protect. It's different in the way he took care of Fara. Aiden really does make Riley want to be a better person, to let himself open up and invite someone else into his heart. It does help that Aiden can take care of himself and has been capable of it since they met. Aiden doesn't need Riley to take care of him the way he took care of Fara growing up and so the fact that he does take care of the hunter is because he wants to. The things Aiden needs from Riley aren't really anything he can actually do because he just has to be himself and stay next to the hunter. That's really all he needs to do to make the other happy. Due to this, Riley eventually allows himself to really open up around the hunter. To tell him about his past - the good and bad parts of it and to let him see what kind of person he really is.

He is at the point of comfortableness with Aiden that he is not afraid to invade his space or steal his things because he simply likes it. Or he'll curl up and do ridiculously silly things like braiding Aiden's hair when they're simply sitting around. He pouts and whines and pushes the other away even when all Riley wants to do is be as close to Aiden as he can possibly get. Even though he can't yet tell the other man he loves him with words, Riley lets it show through the actions and maybe it's tough love when he calls the other an idiot or it could be gentle love with soft touches and beautiful words. When Riley pictures a future, he pictures having it with Aiden. That is the kind of relationship the two of them have... the kind where Riley can actually allow himself to hope that they're going to have a future despite all that's currently standing against them.

Someone who is sometimes extremely selfish while somehow sacrificing at the same time. Riley is the sort who would sacrifice himself for the people he loves even if that is absolutely not what the other person wants. While he is willing to look for another way, if it comes down to it he will make a decision that can potentially hurt the other emotionally without their consent. This is shown in the way he decided to push Aiden away and go back to the pack despite his mate's protests. To him, it was how he could save both Fara and Aiden even if it meant sacrificing himself - because no matter what, Riley puts their lives and safety over his own and their feelings. He is under the firm belief that it's better for them to be alive and living without him than for them all to be dead.

It isn't all entirely about selfishness and sacrifice though, his decision to go back to the pack. Riley believes in Aiden, trusts the man with his own life and with the life of his sister. Something that is absolutely impossible for him but Aiden has managed to inspire this trust. While it started off as simply feeling safe in the man's arms, he's come to trust him completely. This is something Riley has never felt towards any living being ever, not even his own parents. Trusting someone else with so much that's important to him is not something to take lightly, especially considering Riley doesn't think his own life to be worthy of anyone's care and attention. To give over trust of his sister is one thing, but to do it for his own well-being has never happened before because it's always been the part of his life that he was never careful with.

Despite the fact that there was a time when Riley went without being able to afford the finer things in life, he is not particularly materialistic now that he's not exactly homeless and poor. He does not look in store windows at shiny expensive things and want them just so he can look at them or because they're pretty. Riley is too practical for that. If anything he's actually extremely frugal when it comes to money, buying food that's on sale or wearing a set of clothes until they practically fall apart. There are nearly no possessions that he absolutely cannot live without but he does have a few that he does have sentimental attachment to and it may be considered strange. The reason for this is because he is used to having nothing or having very little and having to leave it behind. If the pack was being hunted, it was not unusual for them to simply abandon their belongings when necessary so he does actually make sure he doesn't get attached to anything that can be taken or left behind. There is one exception to this - Aiden's hair tie. It was something he picked up of the warehouse floor after he decided to stay with the hunter and from that night on, Riley has kept it near him constantly. To him it signifies the choice he made to be with Aiden rather than to be without - it's a promise to protect the other and at this point, to only be with Aiden in such an intimate and loving way. Basically this is his idea of a wedding ring and so Riley keeps it around his wrist nearly constantly.

Over the last few months of his life, Riley has actually gotten himself a group of friends - ones he can trust even if some might be annoying. It's been a huge change for him being able to open up to a variety of people and being able to depend on them. He'd gone from having no one but Fara and then Aiden but suddenly his world has expanded to include these new people. Riley has become less closed off when it comes to dealing with things, willing to let others do things for him rather than try to be completely independent. It may not be a whole lot of people but it's certainly more than he's ever really had before. Even if he may not admit it out loud, these people have become like a family too him - granted it's a weird one but he'd do anything to help them out whenever they needed it. Though more importantly, he accepts help from them in return. In fact he doesn't just accept it, he does go to them to ask for it - something he's never really done before with anyone.

While Riley has grown closer to his new friends, he's grown more distance with his sister. They saw each other less but that wasn't what was really the cause of it. Fara has pulled away and immersed herself in a life that Riley could never be a part of. She took over leading the pack, started enjoying the killing she was doing and was even eating those who she killed. That was something Riley could never approve of and without realizing it, Riley was slowly starting to believe that the person his sister had been was dying. In her place was someone new who was truly a monster and eventually Riley saw her for who she had become. Of course he blamed himself for not trying harder to save her, for not pulling her away when he had the chance. Eventually he came to the conclusion that she too needed to be killed just like any other wolf.

Part 3

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Dray Lyell | OC

[personal profile] mother_of_monsters 2017-02-02 06:04 pm (UTC)(link)

Player: Lylith
Contact: | Or send me a PM | Plurk: lylith
Age: +18
Current Characters:N/A


Character: Dray Lyell
Age: 25
OC Type: Pure OC
Point Taken: The same night the Red Bastion burns down and Dray escapes imprisonment.

World Building:

To make Dray's world more easy to understand, it's important to know the appearance and habits of his species first. Here it's explained the different kinds of Eidions that exist and how they behave among themselves. More visual information about them can be found here.

Dray’s world is separated into two planes. Arcadia, the land of the living, and Miktlan, the land of the Gods and the spirits where souls go to rest. Arcadia looks like a natural paradise, an immense valley with a jungle at its center, rivers and waterfalls, with rocky mountains surrounding it that form a natural barrier. Magic is a common thing, so are gods, spirits and all sorts of other fantastic creatures like dragons, elves, centaurs, chimeras…Most sentient races have their own mythology and pantheons but humans don't exist in this land.

There are four Holy Gates that connect the planes of Arcadia and Miktlan, and four monstrous Guardians that guard them. In the past, it was possible for all living creatures to travel between Arcadia and Miktlan to visit the spirits' world. After one of the twelve main Goddess was murdered by a visitor, her sisters ordered the doors to be closed forever. Now, only the souls of the departed can cross to the God's world.

Eidions and Guardians lived in different tribes and villages scattered across the valley, with a council of Queen Eidions in charge of each of them. With time, resentment among Guardians grown and they stated to debate why they should be ruled by those considered weaker than them. Tensions arose between families and tribes until one day a guardian attacked his parents and ate their hearts, turning into the first Ghoul to ever exist. That incident came to be known as the First Wave due to the spiral of violence and mistrust it started.

For years to come, Guardian and Edions tried to get over their rising differences to improve their relationships and find an equally balanced power society. The Council of Nacene, one of the Eidions’ Colonies, wanted to restore the previous status quo of power and seek the help of a Kreet, a dark magic user. In the end, their bad decisions lead to the assassination of the whole Council under the hands of a rogue guardian named Khye. The conflict escalated into a full-scale civil war known as the Second Wave, where battles and conflicts destroyed what was once a semi-peaceful existence.

Ten years later, the civil war is still going on, with no side having a real advantage or prospects to end it any time soon.

mother_of_monsters: Art by me (Lurking | Hidding | !)


[personal profile] mother_of_monsters 2017-02-02 06:06 pm (UTC)(link)


[CW: Mentions of kidnapping, sexual abuse and violence. The story focuses on the aftermath and what connects individuals as a family, but those events shapes the lives of the characters.]

When Dray was fifteen years old the Second Wave started, turning the conflict between Guardians and Eidions into a full scale civil war. A group of rogue Guardians, lead by a Ghoul named Nava Eyka, attacked his colony. They intended to destroy the Queen Eidions that had for so long had been controlling their lives. Dray seized from his family, whom he assumed was killed in the fray, and taken away to the High Mountains where the Guardians had developed militarized settlements.

Guardians devoured the hearts of Queens to evolve, it gave them power and made them Ghouls, and that was how Eyka came to exist. He didn’t want to lose his status as the leader of the new revolution, so he only allowed a few Guardians to change. He ordered the murder of the older Queens and only kept the young ones that still hadn’t developed their hive mind abilities. Controlling the surviving Queens ensured that he was the one in charge.

Dray was held captive in a settlement called the Red Bastion for 10 years, hidden mostly in isolation except when he had company during his heats. He developed a weak friendship with Poh, the Guardian in charge of being his guard, but their relationship was hindered by formality. Poh was younger than most other Guardians but capable, which was why he had been assigned the dull task of keeping an eye on their prisoner. He didn’t agree with the way Dray was treated, but he had little options himself due to their situation. Every now and then Dray convinced Poh to bring him books or tell him what was happening in the war.

Through the course of a decade, Dray gave birth to different twin guardians that were taken away from him right after their birth, no matter how much he tried to fight for them. They were all sent to different settlements. Eyka was hoping for another young Queen but it wasn’t until Dray was in his early twenties that he became pregnant with a single child. He was allowed to keep the baby with him for a month. Then, Nava Eyka himself came and took it away from Dray after a brief, violent fight between them. Realizing that his child was doomed to either be killed or become breeding stock was the last straw for Dray.

For ten years he had practiced what his parents had taught him about the Queen’s shared hivemind - what he could remember of it - and trained mentally. For ten years he had been unwillingly sharing blood and other body fluids with different Guardians of the Bastion and developed influence over them. For ten years he had bottled up his anger.

It wasn’t pretty when Dray finally let it out.

When Dray's attack started, Eyka gave the baby Queen to a Guardian that wasn’t under Dray’s influence and told him to run away to the settlement in the Cloud Forest. He stayed in The Red Bastion, battling the Guardians that were now attacking each other after to Dray commanded them to. Dray ordered Poh to open his cell and leave as soon as possible while he raided the fortress looking for his child. He made sure no Guardian he had influence over attacked Poh, but Dray also told him that he never wanted to see him again or he would make Poh walk off a cliff.

No matter how much he tried, Dray couldn’t find his baby or any other Queen Eidion that might have been imprisoned in the Bastion. He was forced to leave after the main tower in the settlement caught on fire. Heading down the mountains, Dray retreated into the forest but was still being followed closely by a pack of Guardians who weren’t influenced by his powers. On the brink of passing out from exhaustion, he fled into the Tryad’s territory. Dray was hoping that the risk of infuriating the Tryads would dissuade the Guardians from following him. He found shelter in a small pit house in the woods and hid there for two days.

Avin Zatoq, the Tryad responsible for guarding the border, wasn’t pleased to find an Eidion in his second house. Two days before Avin had to fight off the Guardians that had come into their land and he was aware that they were looking for someone. Taking pity on him, Avin told Dray that he would let him go without repercussions but that he had to leave the next day. That night, Dray tricked Avin into making an Oath to help him. Oaths were sacred to Tryads, they had to keep them to maintain their honour and position among their clan.

Less than happy, but with no other option, Avin took Dray to his pack and into his first house. The other Tryads in the Colony were used to doing trade and commerce with Eidions but didn’t approve of outsiders living among them. Most of the time Dray kept to himself and focused on training his hive mind abilities, hoping to locate others like him. Sometime later, one of the Tryad’s best fighters, Vaaros Barh, came to ask for help with his newborns because his wife had passed away and he had no idea how to take care of pups so young. Dray took care of them and later helped other Tryads who were expecting or had very young infants. That helped to reduce the mortality among Tryads’ children, which was quite high, and they started to accept Dray.

As weeks went by, different Guardian groups were looking for the escaped Queen Eidion and searching other small villages. Dray’s powers had become more accurate and he managed to track down his baby’s hivemind signature as well as some other presence he couldn't decipher just yet. He left the Tryad’s territory to go looking for it and met Cara Ree, another Eidion that had found the baby the night the Red Bastion was destroyed.

Cara Ree was an outsider among the Eidions for his accidental contribution to the start of the war. He wasn’t part of any Colony and lived on his own by the edge of the forest. Months before he had seen smoke caused by the Red Bastion burning and approached the outskirts to investigate. On the way there he found two Guardians that had killed each other in a fight, and a crying baby: Dray’s child. Cara knew that bringing the baby Queen Eidion to his old Colony could earn him forgiveness and he might be accepted back. But the other Eidions didn’t know how to raise a Queen any better than he did, and he didn’t want the pup to become a political tool. He decided to keep it and nicknamed it Baby for the time being, raising it alongside his partner Khye, a Guardian Eidion who left his own colony the same year Cara Ree lost his own.

Dray resented Khye and believed that he would turn on them to gain Nava Eyka’s favor. It was Cara’s willingness to protect the child with his life and to return it to Dray, once he realized he was Baby’s parent, that cemented his trust in the pair. Cara and Khye lived together and had been helping two other young Eidions, Taron and Gala Noz. The teenagers had been on their own since they were young, when their original colony was destroyed. A few weeks before Cara Ree found Baby, the teens had been attacked by a Chimera and Cara had healed their injuries. They became friends and stayed together since then.

His early childhood memories were vague, but after meeting Taron it didn’t take him long for him to make the connection that he was his missing brother. Gala was also an unforgettable friend because all the trouble they had caused together as kids. After being reunited, Dray and Taron decide to stay together and join Cara Ree’s group. Dray freed Avin from his oath, telling him that he wouldn’t be his problem any more. However, while Dray was saying goodbye to the Tryads, a group of Guardians found Taron and noticed Dray’s scent on him. Taron was taken to what was left of the Red Bastion and an injured Nox was left behind to warn Dray that, if he wanted to see his brother, he would have to come back to the Guardian’s settlement. Unwilling to let his brother suffer the same treatment that he did, Dray asked Cara Ree to take care of Baby while he went to confront Eyka.

Gala Nox and Cara Ree refuse to let him go alone. Khye tried to reason with them, telling them it was a suicide mission. When Cara Ree put his foot down and Khye realized there was no changing the Eidion’s mind, he offered to go with Dray instead. He argued that they didn’t know what they were dealing with and someone had to take care of Baby if something happened to Dray. Cara Ree begrudgingly agreed to stay behind.

Avin offered to help as well but Dray refused to let him get involved, he had gotten Avin in enough trouble already. Then the Tryad explained to Dray that because he was coerced to make the Oath without intending to, his vow was not a valid one. Back then, he had no obligation to help Dray. He did it because Avin actually liked him, and that was why he wanted to help him now. Eventually, Dray, Khye and Avin headed to the Red Bastion.

Cara Ree, too worried about them to sit back and wait for the outcome, decided to visit the Kreet. They were a mysterious species, healers and warlocks of the occult, that years ago played a big role in Cara Ree's fall from grace and the start of the war. Knowing that they had a blood debt with the Eidions, the Kreet had been expecting him to come to collect it one day, demanding the life of one of their own. Cara Ree had no intention of doing something like that and for years had tried to avoid even thinking about the Kreet. Instead, he asked for the warlocks to make Eyka and all the other Ghouls mortal, since they were virtually unkillable. The Kreet deemed it a fair demand and complied.

Back in the red Bastion, the group had tried to use Dray’s knowledge of the fortress to sneak in unnoticed, but the Guardians were waiting for them and had set up different traps. They were saved by Varoos, who had heard about what happened and came to help alongside others members of his clan that Dray had helped in the past. They weren’t going to let one of their own fight alone. A battle broke out and Khye, who had turned into his beast form, killed Eyka with Dray’s help. Finding themselves without a leader, the few remaining Guardians stopped fighting, looking up at Khye for guidance. He told them that it was up to them to make their own decisions and choose what they wanted to do with their lives. Khye also warned them that if they wanted to stir up more trouble, then he would kill them without a second though.

The guardians were left behind in The Red Bastion to figure out their future on their own, while the Tryads, Avin, Dray and Khye went back home. Dray decided to raise Baby with Cara Ree and their respective partners, Avin and Khye, knowing that if something happened to one of them, the others would take care of the kids. The war was still going on. Their conflict hadn’t ended, but the remaining Ghouls all across the valley were now able to be killed and news travelled fast.


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Winnifred Prismall | OC 1/2

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Player: Kalyn
Contact: Plurk: Lordlings, AIM: Lordception
Age: 25
Current Characters: n/a
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2/3 I LIED

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Character: Winnifred "Winnie" Prismall
Age: 24
OC Type: Pure
Point Taken:

World Building: Winnie's world was the same as the real world, up until 1860. Around 1860, souls, it was found, could be extracted from people and placed into someone else; that someone could then absorb the soul. The absorbed soul enabled a person to live longer and cured many of the diseases scientists were struggling to find cures for. What followed was two things:

1. Scientists, now mostly freed from the constant pursuit for cures, took to discovering and advancing technology through steam power.

2. Souls were growing in demand.

Everyone wanted to live longer and be healthier. It started out innocently enough, with taking the souls of convicts and those already doomed to die. Soon, however, it wasn’t enough for the highest in society, who began to realize this and suffer the consequences -- they had to have a steady “diet” of souls, consuming/absorbing them at least once or twice a month. The older you grew the more souls you had to absorb to stay alive.

As demand grew, people found new ways to get the souls, namely by preying on the poor. Schools were set up to house, teach, and most importantly find Extractors, those rare individuals who could remove and implant the souls. The Extractors would then be taken out with handlers to seek out those who were poor and unaware to steal their souls, storing the souls within their own bodies. Extractors had no souls of their own and could not absorb them, thus posing no threats to taking any for their own. Each Extractor had a handler, and everything was provided to them by the governments of each country. Though everyone handled it differently, England kept a tight hold over their Extractors, letting them have little contact with the outside world and essentially making their lives revolve around what the government said and did.

Some other important rules to note are that souls begin going crazy after 24 hours away from their body, and one soul can last a person 20-25 days. The act of removing and implanting a soul are painless, and is done so orally-- the Extractor taps the other person’s mouth and pulls the soul out from there, then swallows the soul. Prolonged contact is not needed, just the quick touch and drawing the soul out will happen unless, obviously, the Extractor doesn’t wish to do that.

More on how souls work here!

Backstory: Winnie was born in 1864 to very wealthy parents and is one of these Extractors, though she was one of the lucky ones to not be sent away to the schools. The death of her mother is to thank for that, for her father, unwilling to part with the girl who looked so much like her mother and unwilling to be left alone, refused to give her up and kept the fact she was an Extractor a secret from everyone. She grew up fairly normal and her life wasn’t a very exciting one. It was mostly filled with lessons--how to play piano and violin (though she has no talent in either), manners, how to have a polite conversation, how to read, write, and do basic maths, and everything else she’d need to know to be the best pick when it came to courting and marriage.However, she’s had no interest in it and considers herself a spinster and “too old” to marry now. Her father used the excuse that she was sickly to keep her confined in her home, where she would read fairy tales and imagine herself as a sort of "modern" Rapunzel, waiting for a perfect happy ending.

When she was young her father took in another young girl named Agnes, and the two quickly grew close. Agnes knew more about the ‘real world’ than Winnie did and spent her time telling Winnie of the outside world and all the things she never had a chance to see for herself. And the more Winnie learned, the more horrified she became at what her friends and neighbors were doing. So, she and Agnes devised a plan to become like ‘modern’ Robin Hoods. They would attend the numerous parties and sleepovers that Winnie’s status granted them access to. The parties of the rich were usually characterized by an after-dinner “treat” in the form of each guest being gifted with a collected soul by the host or hostess. Winnie would simply take the soul, though not absorb it, and the next day she and Agnes would search for the original body, assuming it hadn’t been moved or destroyed already since souls are almost always transported and absorbed within a day of their capture. Souls have a short shelf life like that. In the event of the body being unable to be found, the soul was released. If lucky, the soul would become a ghost, but if not then the soul would be forced to wither away and ‘die’.

This was until the pair met a ghost who haunted the lighthouse in the port town only a few hours away from the city. It was a complete accident-- they'd heard the talk of the townspeople and Winnie had decided it sounded interesting, and so had dragged Agnes to it. The first meeting had been a disaster as Winnie's over enthusiasm didn't mesh well with Mortimer's grumpy personality, but Winnie was not deterred. She made a point to visit every day they were in town and eventually he grudgingly accepted her and Agnes's presence. After some consideration they realized that Mortimer, being a ghost, would possibly know what to do with the souls whose bodies they couldn't find. Although he pretends that it's a bother every time, he enjoys helping the souls either move on, or become and adjust to being a ghost; through him Winnie was able to find both another confidant and a way around what she had seen to be a failure to help the souls.

As Winnie interacted more with the outside world and the people in it, the more she felt moved to help them. Inspired by the heroic tales of her books, Winnie became more involved with the people of the slums, forging her own networks and connections to prepare for a revolution--a coup against the corrupt government and a chance to change the country for the better. Or, maybe, even the world...

Personality: Eccentric, dotty, and oblivious are the three words that could best described Winnie. Being an Extractor means being able to mentally hear and speak with the souls ‘housed’ in her, and talking to voices in ones’ head never bodes well for one’s mental health--it’s one of the drawbacks of being a Extractor, though the well-trained are able to put up mental walls to block the voices. Still, Winnie is not well-trained and quite prone to talking aloud to thin air, getting to absorbed in the soul speaking to her. This causes her to run into things or miss entire chunks of conversation.

She is, however, the type of person who is very poor at multi-tasking. Sometimes she will be so interested in a conversation, or a book, or any little old thing, that she’ll end up dunking her keys into her tea or something.

Winnie is also characterized by an unflappably calm and cheery disposition. When dropped into a new situation, she greets it with an excited smile and a declaration that it will be a “terribly interesting adventure.” Even when her dress caught fire the first day she met Mortimer, she simply laughed it off and kept speaking amiably; when Agnes asked how she could be so calm, she simply looked at the spreading fire and stated, “Well, it hasn’t gotten close enough to my skin to hurt me, and it’s only a dress! Though some water would be quite lovely, as I don’t wish it to get too far..."

As stated before, Winnie be can very forgetful. For example, she often forgets that Mortimer is a ghost and will go to hug him or pat his arm, only to go right through him; she is always surprised by it every time. She's a bit childlike in that way, as she finds everything very exciting and regards everything with a wide-eyed state of wonder, curiosity, and amazement. Her curiosity can sometimes get her in trouble, as she doesn't often think everything through and tries to rush ahead to explore something further. Thankfully that's where Agnes steps in to make sure Winnie doesn't get herself into hotter waters.

Loyal and kind, Winnifred loathes to lie, even though it’s a deemed necessity with what she and Agnes do. To make up for that, she tries to tell the truth and be honest with just about everything else. Her father, being a very doting and loving father, is often the unwitting pawn in Agnes and Winnie’s adventures, in case they need money to silence someone or need to use his influence. For the most part he remains oblivious to what the two are doing with the souls, but Winnie feels awful having to lie and use him, often unable to look at him when they need something.

The concept of fear is also largely lost on Winnie. It’s not that she doesn’t experience feeling scared or worried or anything like that, it’s more that it doesn’t apply to situations most people would be more wary of. For example, she’s very quick to trust someone and think them a nice person for any minor details, and is the kind of person who would walk down a dark alley without a second thought, because the idea that something bad might happen to her doesn’t even register. This is largely due to not having a soul, and therefore her emotional reactions to things are muted or otherwise nonexistent. If she had been raised in the dormitories with the other Extractors, it would be easy for her to have been changed like them-- Emotionless machines driven only by their one goal to collect as many souls as possible. Because Winnie was raised more-or-less normally, however, she's been able to grasp more emotions. The positive ones just come easier, but it's this soullessness that allows her to shrug off things that might emotionally cripple a 'normal' person and allows her to bounce back so easily.

Winnie is someone who lived a very sheltered existence. For the longest time she didn't have an idea of the suffering others went through, or gave much thought to the lower class-- they were simply outside her realm of understanding. It wasn't until Agnes that Winnie began to glimpse under the rose-tinted glasses that she'd previously adopted. When Winnie made statements about, "and then we went to our summer home it was dreadfully stuffy-- Oh, but you'd understand all about that, wouldn't you?" It was a shock when Agnes eventually revealed that no, she had no understanding of that because she was raised differently.

After much poking and prodding, Winnie was able to pry the truth of Agnes's life from her and for the first time the ugly reality was colliding with her fantasy of the world. It troubled her quite a bit, both the shock of her own ignorance and the fact that this wasn't a big secret-- all the adults in her life and most of the people her own age too were perfectly aware of what was going on, and most seemed content to let it stay that way (this isn't to say Winnie was the first to have radical ideas of reform or to put a cease to the soul trafficking, only that she wasn't privy to these other ideas and the people she interacted with personally were content with it).

However, Agnes views Winnie as fragile and needing protection from the further harsh truths of reality, and so has a tendency to pull Winnie out of situations before she has to deal with the consequences of her actions. As such, she holds a firm belief that if she just tries hard enough, things will change. If she pushes and, eventually, talks freely about it and advocates openly, she fully believes that things will change from her enthusiasm alone-- "If they see how much I believe it, why, of course they'll fall in line as well!" This is, of course, not the reality of the situation, but Agnes and those close to Winnie don't want to see her disillusioned, finding her blind optimism a breath of fresh air and something to protect. While this is damaging in the long run, as they can't protect her forever, Winnie is a bit stronger than they believe. When the dam finally breaks and she has to confront the consequences for the first time it'll be devastating for her, of course, but she's been going at it for so long that she doesn't know how to do anything else except to think "but if I try hard enough, it'll get better and it'll work."

She sees herself as a savior to others and will keep on trying to help them; if they adamantly refuse her help it'll take quite a few tries of being told off for her to understand. Winnie has, in her adult life, grown aware of other people who fight for a similar cause to her, but she's grown so used to relying on Agnes and Mortimer--and still has a wariness to admitting she's an Extractor not for her own life, but because she doesn't want to see her father in trouble-- that she prefers to stick with them and do what she can from her side. Essentially, Winnie wants to be like the heroes from the books she reads, the hero of her own story, and firmly drives towards that goal.

It should be noted, however, that Winnie is anything but stupid. She has a keen awareness she keeps hidden,largely because she's self-aware enough to know it's better that way. She plays up her sillier side, pretending to be airheaded and dotty far more than she actually is in order to get people to let their guards down around her. If people underestimate her, it's better for her in the long run if and when she can catch them by surprise.


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Samantha Patchowski | Unknown Armies

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Player: Brittany
Contact: britofthebacklogs on plurk, or email
Age: Over 21
Current Characters: N/A


Character: Samantha Patchowski
Age: 22
OC Type: Closer to 'MMO OC' than anything else, being created for the tabletop game Unknown Armies.
Point Taken: February 14, 2014.

World Building: Walt Disney built an entertainment empire, all the dodos are dead, human feet have marked the moon, and convicts were cast onto Australia by the British… as far as anybody knows. Sam's world is very like the real world, but it's complicated by the presence of 'postmodern magics' and unnatural entities, both known and known of in the occult underground. Though the Underground is little more than a loose (and extremely informal) network of people who’ve stumbled across secrets tied to the working of the world, the people in it have tapped some true power.

In a way, the power humming through the occult underground is the power of rumour and reputation; it’s also the power of the written word, of the dollar, of the strength in a city and the hammer of a heartbeat. In every instance it is a very personal power, and that is only as it ought to be---magic, like most power, is driven by desire, and flavoured by the frame of mind of the person who holds it.

Most of the people capable of using magic (without relying on a ritual to do so) can be categorized as ‘adepts’ or ‘avatars.’ Adepts alter reality through the focus of their own obsessions---they fuel their magic by making behavioural concessions buttressing the worldviews in which their magic must work, while avatars play a part to exploit the expectations of the collective unconsciousness, the shared sense of how a story should end. An urban adept fascinated by the city in which he lives can watch its people or study its maps for hours, and find every door in it is open to him. A fleshworker can break a few of her fingers for the power it takes to heal something more serious, like a bullethole she would’ve bled out with. An avatar of The Mother really is unstoppable in defending a child, if her connection to the archetype is strong enough, and harm rarely finds an avatar of the Fool, though the Fool will never notice.

Both adepts and avatars continually struggle for clout in the occult underground, but despite the differences between adept schools, avatar paths, and the two types of magic, everyone in the underground agrees they can’t afford to be open about it. The wider world won’t understand what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, or why they would try to, and what’s more,the wider world would tear the underground apart. (There's no spatial separation, no 'wizarding world,' just the population of the occult underground living and working alongside everyone else.) Adepts and avatars---and the people who are neither but nevertheless are active in the underground---regard the threat of broad exposure as something of a sleeping tiger: a strong motivator to settle scores with each other as quietly as possible, noise resulting in an impartial and unpredictable disaster. Despite this strange social contract, the occult underground is by no means a calm and peaceful place; turf wars between cabals occur frequently, as do raids for rituals, ritual components, and enchanted items. The game's nicknamed Cosmic Bum Fights for a reason---or several, one strong contender being the fact that an adept is just as likely to throw a chair as a spell in a fight.

Backstory: Born as the region’s diamond rush began in earnest, Sam grew up in the Northwest Territories and enjoyed a relatively normal childhood. Though she's always been able to see auras, it hasn’t had a huge impact on anything outside her worldview. People tend to “yes, dear” young children, and so Sam grew out of sharing her observations; by the time she was old enough to realize her ability wasn't actually unremarkable, she was also old enough to realize keeping it to herself was a very practical course of action.

She broke her right leg at sixteen. The accident occurred in the January of ’07---her second year of high school---and created the limp she walks with today. Able to stand and to hobble, she initially underestimated the damage; it was only the following day that she began to suspect the leg might actually be broken, and the next day---due to the distance, and to traveling conditions---that she saw actual medical attention. (There were alternatives to being driven in, but all of them were expensive; having a high pain tolerance, Sam opted to tough out a regular ride.) By the time x-rays were actually taken, processed, and assessed, she was set for a rush job; the Patchowskis received an almost cursory consultation when the bone should have been better-set. When it became clear that Sam’s leg hadn’t healed quite right, the conclusion was that the bone had to be rebroken and reset. Sam begged off, since it was almost summer---a terrible time to be with a (re)broken leg!---and she wanted to find a different doctor. It’s been six years since, and with three major moves (to Yellowknife, NTW, to Edmonton, AB, to Porcupine River, MB) school, and work, the prospect of a (re)broken leg remains unappealing. (Additionally, after being put off and put off and put off, a rebroken leg became less and less of an option; odds are if she had the set corrected now, she'd still limp.)

Not a whole lot happened for the next few years. Following her graduation, Sam moved south to study at the University of Alberta. Initially majoring in English, she soon switched to Sociology and returned home for the summer break, and the winter holidays.

December 31st, 2010, Sam got stuck while out skidooing. Since it had been a remarkably mild day for the last of the year, and she’d only been tooling around on the property of some family friends, it wasn’t worrisome---just a long and wearying walk back to a building. Since it was so nice out, Sam carried her helmet and wore her coat half open to avoid overheating while she walked. She made it in without incident, explained what had happened, helped retrieve the skidoo, and decided she should nap before resigning herself to an entire Eve of elbowing. 

When she woke up, she couldn’t see. 

Snow-blindness takes several hours to become noticeable, and is characterized by a loss of vision, tearing, eyelid twitches, light sensitivity, constricted pupils, and pain. The pain was bearable but the panic was worse, and until the how hit her, Sam was on the edge of an actual attack. Realizing that she was snowblind from walking back with her eyes uncovered allowed Sam to reign herself in, since snowblindness is (normally) a temporary condition which requires little to no treatment. Calling for whoever was within earshot, she was startled to see others enter the room because she could see them---their auras appeared as they always had, though everything else was indistinct. It took the better part of a week to recover her vision, but by January 2nd, she hit a low for feeling and being isolated in a way she'd never been before. That low could've become some sort of breakdown... but it became an epiphany, instead, and Sam emerged an adept. (Having only encountered a few other adepts through to the present, Sam hasn't heard the term 'trigger event'---referring to an event which kickstarts someone's magical career through some paradigm-cementing stress---but that's what her blindness became.)

She developed a feel for the abilities accompanying her new insight over the following few months, but didn’t use them to any great extent until June of 2011, when the Stanley Cup Finals concluded, culminating in the Vancouver Riot. Having traveled to the city to watch the game from the fan zone event organizers had arranged, Sam had felt fortunate to be in attendance… until the Bruins claimed the cup, and the crowd started to lose its collective shit. Aware that she was at ground zero and without a quick or easy escape, Sam decided to hell with it---she’d do what she could for the duration. She had certain advantages; she could hopefully help somebody. She succeeded in assisting a few people, but she burned through all the charges she’d accumulated for the first time, and did indulge in a little light looting. (The whole haul consisted of a bottle of water, a bottle of Gatorade, and a vintage goalie mask tempting for its practical protection, and as a sort of souvenir.) All in all, it was wild from open to end.

Late August of that same summer, Sam actually spoke with another adept for the first time.

Able to see that a burn the guy had sustained during the U of A's Welcome Week had healed impossibly fast (overnight! overnight, and there was nothing left but a shiny pink patch!) she towed the him aside, asked point-blank, got an explanation---homemade salve---and pulled the blemish off his arm with an ad hoc spell. Surprised but not shocked to find only uniform skin where the mark once was, the dude---Felix---sat down with Sam and explained it really was a homemade salve; his whole family could coax incredible effects out of anything involving honey. The two leveled with each other, and what began as an exchange of information quickly grew into a familial friendship. Felix is sympathetic to Sam’s inexperience regarding the occult underground, and being both the youngest child and sole son in his family, isn’t inclined to tease--- if anything, he’s happy to have a clued-in ally who isn’t/isn’t an associate of one of his sisters. Sam’s happy to have found someone sort of like herself, and appreciates the information Felix and his family provide as much as she appreciates knowing she has a household in addition to her own that she can turn to in times of trouble. She may be on the outskirts of the occult underground, but knowing other (and, importantly, established) adepts, can at least hear about its happenings.

For the year that the two could make the most of it, their friendship proved fruitful. In addition to the benefits of friendship itself and a few favours, the two found that pooling their resources enabled many savings-supplementing bake sales, which meant Sam could afford to travel for February Break and so see some Maple Spring protests in person. Completing her program the March of the Maple Spring, Sam remained in Alberta until the end of August. She moved to Manitoba much as she’d planned to since she’d first arrived in Edmonton, assuring Felix and his family she’d be back by 2015. She visits on the way to visit her own family, calling in from time to time with news of what’s happened since she reached Porcupine River. She’s so-far stayed in the city a year and a half, and will be arriving from February 14th, having just finished a celebratory supper with coworkers happy to have survived their shops’ holiday sales.

Personality: Straightforward, easygoing, and an optimist, Sam shares a lot with the ‘average’ Sagittarius (if there is such a thing). Her approach to almost everything is pretty relaxed, and though it may contribute to a tendency to treat acquaintances in a too-familiar fashion, her informal attitude is an asset in most social situations---the air of ‘casual Friday’ usually helps her come off as open and approachable.

Sam isn’t as chill as she is in most of her interactions with others because she’s content to go with the flow, whatever occurs; she's a 'don't sweat the small stuff' sort most of the time, but that isn't the sole factor. She’s as chill as she is because she sees almost every situation as having a natural next step---some way to move forward, towards an agreeable state of affairs, even if it means moving forward against an obstacle. (This isn’t Pollyanna optimism; obstacles are expected.) If you’re pushed, you push back at least as hard; that’s the natural next step.  Sam’s as frank about this as she is about anything else, expressing her opinion and emotions openly. If you’ve upset her, you’ll know; if you’ve secured her admiration, you’ll know. If she's properly motivated, she can spin some BS (and indeed, she has no qualms about a small or short-term deception greasing the skids if it means everyone can go home happy, though she's got no interest in putting up a front that needs to be maintained) but she's not stoic.

Others sometimes underestimate her willingness to commit, to a person or path of action, since there just isn’t always cause for a conspicuous gesture. For the former? Once Sam’s decided she’ll throw her lot in with another person, she’s in---and only learning that that person is really not at all who she’d believed them to be could cause her to withdraw her support. For the latter? What Sam chooses to do isn’t always perfectly practical (as adepts are weird, especially about their priorities) but her approach will usually prove pragmatic and she’ll work at any undertaking until it comes to some kind of conclusion. She's stubborn like that. ...and stubborn in general. She can be convinced to compromise on the means to an end, since the end is more important, but the end will stay a sticking point unless there's some dramatic change in circumstances, or it's going to spark a really awful row with one of the people she's close to---and maybe even then, though “for the sake of [someone]” is the best bet. Sam's a protective friend! Despite her easy approach to others, she feels a great appreciation for the people who have moved past 'friendly acquaintance' to 'trusted circle.' Other people will have her help if they ask, or are in obvious need, sure---what goes around comes around and all---but friends have more than that 'well, it's what you do,' and fondness going for them. Reciprocity is very important to Sam, which is why she explained herself in full to Felix, after explaining enough to convince him to explain how he'd healed inhumanly fast. Trying to look for for the friends who look out for you is a given, right? Right. That's buttressed not only by affection and general decency, but by Sam's concern with the next step; she tries to take possible problems of the near/not-too-distant future into account, sometimes to the point of preoccupation. Her concern is low-key in the absence of any clear and present threat, but it still contributes to every “call me when you get there,” and following a handful of luck superstitions on the off-chance.
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CONT: Samantha Patchowski | Unknown Armies

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To sort of summarize, Sam is laid-back, friendly, and helpful, with a stubborn streak which sometimes surfaces. She tries to hope for the best while preparing for the worst, and meet most every situation in between with “well, since we're in it, we're in it, and we might as well work with that.” She is protective of, and honestly grateful for friends she can trust, though her own bullheadedness may occasionally put them at odds. She's not too proud to apologize, sometimes insincerely; while she'll usually tell it as she sees it, she'll spin a whole snowjob if there's a great enough gain---and if the odds are good it's a one-off incident which will need no sustained attention.

Abilities: As an adept, Sam's able to implement what she sees as something between sympathetic and blood magic. This magic works with superficial aspects and impressions---what surfaces make accessible, including surfaces themselves. Of surfaces, skin is the most significant, and so Sam pays for her power in blood and ink; every couple of inches of skin she has etched up earns her a little oomph. Like other adepts, Sam has developed a small set of formula spells to supplement the random magic her magical focus allows.

- “Badge of Membership” has others assume she’s a part of the same group, organization, or social scene they are, though it lasts a limited time---ten to twenty minutes---and won’t work unless she has some inked skin showing.
- “Bulletproof Ink” treats tattooed skin as if it’s beneath (or itself is) body armour, capable of stopping a blade or bullet, though it will stop only a single shot before it must be recast.
- “Octopus Ruse” renders her impossible to recognize, though blood relatives and sensitives have a chance of seeing through the spell.
- “Shed Skin” allows her to heal a small amount of damage to her own or another person by peeling a piece of skin off from under/around the injury, the way a person could peel a strip from a sunburn. While this spell can be used to heal all visible damage, it can’t heal anything completely---the spot will still be at least a little sore---and it doesn’t go deep; a stab wound or a bad burn will continue to exist under intact skin. (The spell can be used to ‘lift’ contaminants, though, with what’s peeled away looking like a latex make-up effects item.)
- “Label” allows her to label herself or another person with a one-word descriptor and have others believe it to be accurate. The word must be written on that person in a highly visible place, though what it’s written with doesn’t matter. The spell times out in two days, though it can be ended before then by rendering the word unreadable. Though the duration of the spell is important, its aftermath is as important---whatever the descriptor was, people will get the opposite impression. This backlash effect lasts twice as long as the spell itself.
- Another is a 'blast' spell: a magical attack. Since Sam’s only capable of acquiring minor charges, her blasts can do damage equivalent to one good whack with a melee weapon. The injury always manifests as a mass of densely-packed pinholes which form a large blotch, bleeding profusely. It’s worth noting that this blast style can’t do real damage to most mechanoids, as it would probably translate to a mass of tiny brittle blisters erupting across a patch of paint.

‘Random magic’ allows an adept to create an effect formula spells can’t, if that effect ties into that person’s paradigm. (A fleshworker, for example, could make a broken bone knit or an old scar open, but wouldn’t be able to restore a broken flower stalk or a damaged leather chair; Sam couldn’t stick the pieces of a broken teacup back together without glue, but she could make the seams impossible to see after the glue set, change a gemstone's colour, or slap someone to create a red mark lasting for days.) Random magic allows the creative adept to open opportunities, but it isn’t the can of worms it could be---random magic effects require more raw power, because there’s no practiced ‘path’ to the desired result, and the scope is more specific. (An adept knows that they are capable of their formula spells, which makes it easier to stretch the boundaries of power and possibility, but even if one believes they can do what they intend to with random magic, it’s unproven---and so they need to be closer to the key point of their paradigm.) So far, Sam’s used random magic to improve her resistance to cold. It isn’t much, but it means she can bear bare arms a bit below, and frostbite is less likely.

Sam also knows a couple of low-level rituals. They aren't for anything especially impressive (one's for getting a vending machine to shake itself empty and then apart; one's for sending a message to a single recipient; one's for confirming whether or not the person you think has cursed you has cursed you) and they require components which might take weeks to acquire.

There's also Sam's aura sight, addressed here.

Alignment: Daimonia: grief and joy.
This seems to be the most appropriate alignment for Sam because it's this continuum creating the majority of peaks and valleys in her emotional life. Large changes have been happening in Sam's life relatively regularly (many engineered, and some others accidental) and each change has had some grief, with things ended and things missed, alongside the joys of discovery. In addition, Sam's friendships feed into this continuum more than any other; her tendency to prioritize reciprocity feeds into a sort of secondhand grief when she can't help someone important to her.


General Sample: Here!

Emotion Sample: “Okay. We got it... and we got no idea how ill-advised that actually was.” Sam offered her partner in (potential?) crime a crooked little grin, before looking down at the body of the goose. Given the number of the things, it wasn't likely anyone would miss the one; the flock had acted an awful lot like quasi-wild park geese, used to ignoring people and being ignored in turn. There weren't any people around apart from herself and Dray, though there was no telling how long that would last, and as the both of them were all but red-handed it seemed best to be... prudent.

Sam dropped into a crouch, feeling a flutter of concern and setting the unease aside as best she could. She couldn't move quickly on her feet, but that didn't mean she couldn't move quickly, checking the bird for bloody spots before bundling it up in the shirt she'd earlier flapped at its front, to distract it from the eidion approaching. As short as the task was, a chill had the hair of her arms on-end before she'd finished---and it was odd, with the day being balmy. As soon as the bird's form (and feathers) were concealed, relief rippled through her, a weird warmth with it.

Sam stood, tucked the bird-bundle beneath one arm as if she'd only grown overwarm with too-thick outerwear, and nodded once in satisfaction.

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Vyryx Desrosiers | Final Fantasy XIV (MMO OC)

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Player: Zorn
Contact: [ profile] ZornSable
Age: 27
Current Characters: N/A


Character: Vyryx Desrosiers
Age: 25
Point Taken: 3.1, As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness
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World Building: Here you go!

Originally V'erhiks, the section of the tribe he belonged to took up a nomadic way of life. They were skilled in animal taming, and found good coin in the training and selling of chocobos. While they couldn't compete with those of Ishgardian training, there were those who would ill afford the prestigious birds of the Holy City, and so the tribe took their business to them. This meant the tribe, small though it was, would travel through Coerthas often to slink into the Dravanian forelands where they could obtain them.

During one such journey, the young V'erhiks(age 4) got separated when a stray dragon attacked the tribe. At the time, he had a chocobo chick with him at least, and so his frantic journey into the woods away from danger was not entirely alone. However, there's little a chocobo chick can do, and so they were more or less left defenseless to the Coerthan wilds. The pair hid in whatever they could find: smalls caves, under large rocks, even in hollowed out trees that had fallen down many years ago. Anything to escape the dangers around them.

As fate would have it, his time in the woods didn't last for more than a night or two, because an Elezen noble came across the battered and scared miqo'te child and his fragile bird. Being unlike his fellows, he did not abandon the kid to his fate, and instead took him in. Choosing to raise him as his own--with his wife being barren, they couldn't have a child anyway, and they took this as a blessing from Halone herself.

Growing up this way was not easy for him, Ishgardians are naturally xenophobic, and while the family he was adopted into loved him and even gave him his own Ishgardian surname (Desrosiers), it did little to blunt the judgment of others. This followed him through childhood and adulthood, and kept him from properly joining in the Ishgardian military. However, it did nothing to quell his determination to learn the way of the spear, and so his adoptive parents did pay for his tutoring.

Years later, after mastering what his tutor could teach him, he did his utmost to follow the new dragoon trainees to see if he could absorbed anything, even if indirectly. For the most part, he picked up bits and pieces, and filled in the blanks as he could, but it wasn't until he found a soul stone that the blanks were properly filled.

He would often take on daring challenges to himself, first taking down the wild life of coerthas, before eventually attempting some of the dravanian subordinates like drakes and outflyers. Until he happened upon a behemoth pup that happened to stray from its den. Had this been a full grown behemoth, he certainly would not have had a chance, but given it's diminutive size (compared to a full grown one), the challenge was at least even. Slaying the beast, he took its horns as a trophy, but not without his own wounds to show for his efforts. It was hardly a new born, but a fledgling behemoth was still a beast to be reckoned with! With the horns, he then commissioned a spear to commemorate his victory.

One day, after feeling much more confident with his abilities, he had overheard a rumor of dravanian activity, and that a small number of dragoons had been sent out to dispatch the fiends. Wanting to see dragoons in action and therefore hoping he might pick up on their moves, he made haste to follow. Problem was, he only knew an approximate location, and so by the time he got there, it was nothing more than the remnants of a massacre--to the dravanian's favor.

The young new recruites were little match for the beasts--the scorched land and charred bodies were telling proof of that. Without a dravanian in sight, he scavenged the battle field. He could have brought one of the bodies back, could have tried to find which family they may have belonged--but the disfigured remains were not helpful in recognition. So, he did the next best thing: he took the soul stone, and a discarded dragoon's helmet and spoke not a word of what he found to anyone. A considerate fellow is he!

It was here that he began to act on his own, seeking to free lance (ha) his skills in an aid to Ishgard. He would act without the direction of the Holy See, slaying would-be threats and foreseen enemies of the church. However, acting alone does little and less for those with such high aspirations. He also did not wish to turn to his parents for help when it came to funding his hiring of mercenaries to aid him in his self appointed duty. Particularly when Ishgard looks down on that sort of thing anyway.

Naturally, he turned to a trade craft to make money, weaving to be specific. He had no natural talent for it, but it paid well, and through his determination he obtained some modicum of skill. With his own means to fund his endeavors, he turned to a Free Company of mercenaries to aid him in his skirmishes against Dravanians when such threats reared their heads. Or he imagined they did, not all of these skirmishes ended in battle, or at least a fight against dravanians.

He did this up until the end of the war, ceasing as the Elezen sought peace with the scalekin, and while he held his prejudices against them, he was not one to step out of line. Of course, once everything was done and over with with Nidhogg's shade, and the peace set, he then continued his dragon fighting against what remnants of Nidhogg's horde still skulked about, kill those dravanians that dared to defy the peace between man and dragon.

To put it plainly, Vyryx is a right asshole. Being raised around Elezen--Ishgardian Elezen to be precise--he picked up a lot of their prejudices. Boy do they have a lot. Naturally speaking, Ishgardians are highly xenophobic and racist towards anyone who isn't Ishgardian, let alone Elezen, and while they live with hyurs, it's no surprise that all of their high positions of authority belong only to Elezen.

With this in mind, Vyryx was raised around a bunch of snobby, stuck up, racist Elezen who look down their long necks noses at everyone else, so naturally he does the same. Even to himself. There's a lot of self loathing with Vyryx, he hates that he's not the "superior race" that Ishgardians are, he despises that he's a miqo'te at all, honestly. Because of this, his hatred for fellow miqo'te rivals next to his hatred of the dravanians, though he's not likely to attack one on sight like he would a scalekin, but still!

Being raised by two caring Elezen parents, he isn't without some positive merits, he can be kind and compassionate at times, and sometimes he cares a bit too much for his own good--but ultimately he hides that behind his general snobbery. When around fellow Ishgardians he acts proper and respectable, carrying himself in a manner that would likely befit nobility. He's had a lot of practice and exposure to that sort of song and dance--his parents being lesser nobles that serve one of the four high houses, he's had a good example to follow.

However, around non-Ishgardians, he has a poor attitude, and while he still holds himself high and mighty, with the typical air of an Ishgardian, he's got the habit of being far more crass. Since he despises most who aren't Elezen, he doesn't often listen or give them much of a chance, but it's not impossible for them to get through to him. You merely have to be more stubborn than he is. Needless to say, he's not a man of many friends, and with most Ishgardians not caring much for his kind, and him not caring much for others... well, the chocobo chick he had since a child served as his only friend and for the most part still does. Which is pretty sad, but he has no one to blame but himself.

Ultimately, he's a man of high tastes and expectations, trying to act the part of Ishgardian nobility even if he's nothing of the sort--an act he puts on mainly around non-Ishgardians who might not know better. So too does he do this with being a dragoon, something he'd never claim to be inside the walls of Ishgard or around any proper dragoons, he keeps his pilfered helmet and soul stone a secret from them. To those who wouldn't know any better, however, well, he's more than happy to claim what he isn't if it gives him an edge of superiority. A man can dream, isn't he?

Because of his self hatred for what he is, he views other miqo'te as savages that have yet to be domesticated, that he's above them, their superior, because he's been enlightened by Ishgardians. In other words, he's a huge jackass that really, really doesn't know how to turn off his asshole switch. You could say he's an acquired taste, but not many can stomach acquiring the taste of shit, just saying.

If there is one trait that could define Vyryx as a whole, it'd be determination. Whatever he does, whatever he decides to do, he powers through to make it happen with sheer determination. He was not accepted to be part of Ishgard's military being what he is, and so he took it upon himself to train (with his tutor) to become good enough to help out. When he needed funds to hire mercenaries to aid him in his personal objectives, through sheer will power and practice he became a rather skilled weaver to fund it all. Vyryx is far from the best, far from being hugely talented really, but when he sets his mind to something, he pushes everything till he gets some sort of favorable result.

In the end, he's honestly trying to make his parents proud, trying to be the Elezen son they couldn't ever have, and trying to do right by Ishgard. His hatred of dravanians is as deep as those born into the conflict, despite having no real ancestral roots to the war at all, but his loyalty is and forever will be with Ishgard. As such, he hates all things dragon, and you'd have better luck getting through to a wall than him when it comes to them. His hatred is irrational and pretty much unfounded as far as personal experience goes, but he's so stubborn and unwilling to budge it's almost like they did him a personal slight.

While a crass, self-centered asshole, Vyryx isn't completely without a heart, and while he might feel inclined to snub others, he does have some sentimentality. He might be very indignant about showing any part of that to others, and will ultimately do anything in his power to make the other person feel as if he's being forced to care, and like it's the biggest burden in the whoooole world. But it doesn't change that those feelings are actually genuine.

As a dragoon he has primarily jumping and spear based abilities, not being the Azure Dragoon and thus being unable to command the power of dragons like the WoL or Estinien, he is limited to the more physical aspects of the class. As well as this, he also possesses lancer abilities, because while they do not follow necessarily the Gridanian path of being a lancer, there are lancers in the Ishgardian army who use the exact same skills, and thus he would have been trained similarly.

Lancer abilities

With training as a lancer, he has been taught how to use his aether in a way that would benefit his fighting, not just how to handle a polearm. Whether it to be to enhance his own strength temporarily (heavy thrust), cause lasting effects over time (phlembotomize/chaos thrust), slamming his spear down and swinging about like some sort of lethal pole dancer as aether damages those around him (ring of thorns)--or even allow himself to be more susceptible to damage to boost his own means of attack (blood for blood). He more or less has all of what you'd expect from a 50 lancer.

Dragoon Abilities

The standard dragoon jump. It allows the dragoon to leap into the air as if in defiance of gravity itself, then arcing at the jump's apex to land with precision and their dead weight on their opponent with their spear. By the tool tip, it's maxed out at 20 yalms (20 yards/60 feet), but in cutscenes we have seen dragoons jump arguably higher, so perhaps that's only length ways. Either way, he can jump real good, basically.

Spineshatter Dive:
Much like jump, but an ability aimed more for stunning an opponent than dealing damage. It follows a similar rule, but from what we can surmise from the effects, a dragoon likely uses their aether to cause the status affliction with the collision of their spear (if one is to go off of the lightning-like effects.) Granted, on normal people this will likely be a more lethal than not, so the stunning is a little irrelevant, but you know!

Besides that, he more or less is very capable with a spear, as well as extremely acrobatic. You could say he has... cat-like reflexes. Due to the excessive training, the help with the soul stone, and Eorzean's being far stronger than normal people anyways, he's an exceptional fighter, and quite stronger than his small size might lead one to believe.

Alignment: Elios, because Vyryx's strong hatred of others fuels most of his interactions. He's full of hate, whether for himself or others, and operates mainly on it. However, on the other end, his love for his country and countrymen work to inspire him as well, and it's through this devotion and strong bond that he's capable of doing most of what he does. Out of any emotion, love and hate absolutely fit him the best.

Other: He will be bringing his red Draught Chocobo named Arluin.


General Sample:
Link out

Emotion Sample:

[It was strange to say it plainly, being angry was one thing, but to see how his anger effected things around was quite another. He had tossed his glass away from him, but before it could shatter against the far wall it had already crumbled into dust. The wall cracking where the glass might have hit it. In a way, it made him feel powerful, like the Fury herself was at his beck and call, and she projected his emotions through physical force.

He knew this wasn't the case, but it didn't change much with how the floor cracked beneath his stomps, or how a glare in a certain direction could bust out some windows. The initial alarm of it was almost enough to calm him from his rage, but he was quick to remind himself just what had upset him—just what was said to send him into such a horrific rage.

How dare that bitch call him a "kitten". Oh the damn humiliation to be so demeaned. So disrespected, she didn't have a single CLUE who he was—or at least, who he liked people to believe he was, anyways. Fortunately the temper tantrum didn't last long, and the building he was in didn't suffer more abuse than what was entirely necessary (none of it was), what with Vyryx choosing to head out to save himself any more disrespect—of course not without the door literally bursting into splinters as he slammed it behind him.

Small sacrifices!]

Questions: None!
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Zivis | Guild Wars 2 (MMO OC)

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Player: Mikki
Contact: [ profile] gloryfalling
Age: 29
Current Characters: Finn ([personal profile] misplacesfriends)
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Re: Zivis | Guild Wars 2 (MMO OC)

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Character: Zivis
Age: 2, mentally 20 [11 of Scion, 1327 (July 11th)]
Point Taken: Zivis is taken from current gameplay, 1330—present day. Only this is after the current chapter of Living Story 3.5 (briefly summarized here via game), since this release is still relatively new (as of 5/2) I can give a summary of what transgressed in the White Mantle attacks and the Flashpoint release if necessary. However, since she isn't part of these conflicts, it's rather unnecessary other than context of how her race is received.

World Building: Zivis is part of a very young race (less than 30 years) called the Sylvari on a world named Tyria.

Backstory: Zivis Awoke during the hot summer months, just as Living Story 2 kicked off and at this time Leyline magic, the magic that controls the Waypoints, is given a hard metaphorical kick to the gonads. This is the "doorbell" to Mordremoth waking up and beginning to call his minions back to him. She instead only heard the siren call of the water in the early dawn, they were only able to keep her on land for a few hours before she was getting more than her feet wet. All throughout her Dream she found herself wanting to know more about the water, more about the life that lived down there. And most importantly, if they could ever make friends with the Krait. Zivis spends every waking moment that she can in the water except when being on land is a necessity. Like when the stormy season is at its peak and the waters are extremely rough. She can pretty much count the times she's been on land on two hands, as such she has a sort of reverse "land legs" going on.

One of the few times she ventured onto land was when she was about a year old because of Mirlowe, a Sylvari mesmer who was Soundless like herself and talented in a sort of singing-mind manipulation. Mirlowe was singing along the shore near one of the Soundless havens and spotted Zivis swimming nearby, enthralled with her song. The older Sylvari beckoned her nearer and eventually got a flighty Zivis to put her head on the other's lap, starting their lovely companionship. However, even Mirlowe wasn't able to bring Zivis more than fifty feet away from the waterline, the elementalist preferring to stay close to what she considered her home. The mesmer is always telling Zivis tales of the ships and sailors she’s brought to their doom, Zivis never can tell if they're true or not.

Most of her time passes with learning what kind of life, plant and animal, lives in the bodies of water. Obviously any body of water that can carry life as well as hold her own body under the water sustainably for the duration of her learning. She's spent the majority of her two years searching the waters of Caledon Forest, trying to find a way to make friends with the Krait. Though many of her endeavours have turned out...not all that great. Several times she made it back to the small cave she keeps as a home with minor injuries. Zivis used her magic mostly to protect herself, to keep them from coming after her, but never to harm them. She hoped that somewhere it would strike a chord with the Krait, that she never attacked them. Perhaps that they would some day treat her with kindness as well.

It was part of her Dream that has her so wrapped up in trying to make friends with them, in the Dream it was possible, so she got stuck on that along with trying to learn everything she can about the water. Her very first encounter...well, she was perhaps a bit too naive and thought it would have been just as easy in real life as it was in the Dream. She was horribly wrong. Zivis encountered an adult Krait Witch and tried to make a non-threatening greeting which only got halfway finished before the female Krait threw out a net and summoned her piranha to attack the unprepared Sylvari. By the time Zivis managed to pull her trident out, she was already bleeding from various cuts, and managed to use her water skills to push herself back, putting a icy wall between her and the Krait. And while she could have shattered the wall and damaged the witch, she chose instead to shoot herself away with Tidal Wave, healing herself as well. Her confidence in making friends was roughly shaken that day as she slowly swam her way home to her seaweed bed in a small cave. It was a few days before she managed to make her way back out again, spending time nursing her wounds and her pride.

As a result of her trying to make friends with someone who considers the other races the enemy, she's only just now gotten to the last watered area of the Forest. One that she's put off considering the kind of people that live in the Wychmire Swamp, the Nightmare Court. One of those most recently turned towards their teachings is a Sylvari she's somewhat adopted through their very few meetings. A male Sylvari named Almos who has very few friends aside from a pet rock because the pollen he releases often causes those it comes in contact with to fall asleep. Zivis, staying primarily in water, has no issue with this since she'll routinely duck herself under the surface to "rinse off" every once and awhile. They happened to meet by chance while he was gathering seashells for decoration and she was simply curious. Much to the dismay (or annoyance) of Mirlowe, Zivis was fond of Almos to the point of sometimes trailing after him along the coast just to make sure he was okay. He in turn, keeps her from feeling lonely, mostly him talking and her listening but for them it works. It's how she learned that Almos drifted towards the Nightmare Court, but in return for the sense of family their friendship provides he manages to keep the Court from trying to take her from her beloved waters.

It was Almos' turning towards the Court that instigated the changing of her colors, though seeing as how Mordremoth was being slain by the Commander and the broken Destiny's Edge and yet-to-be forged Dragon's Watch, that could also be a contributing factor. Her coloration deepened in color from the pale green to pastel blues, pinks, and purples with only a hint of the green lingering in her hair. During this time she felt very sad and disconnected with the water, it was one of the longer times she spent out of the water and perhaps that's why her body chose its new coloration. To bring the water back to her and she back to it, as it drew her like a siren's call once Almos was settled in. Where as before the Nightmare Court was something to be feared, now she sees a similar dark beauty to them like she sees with the Krait.

She holds no inward illusions about trying to become friends with them, aside from Almos' lady friend, or pulling them towards the Dream once more. But for now Zivis contents herself with finishing the last bit of watered areas in the Forest before moving on. While she wasn't able to make friends with the Krait particular to Caledon Forest, there are plenty of other groupings, and plenty of opportunities. Not to mention a lifetime of learning everything she can about the life under the water. It will take her a while to travel from place to place but eventually she'll have all of discovered Tyria uncovered and perhaps eventually find a group of Krait not like their dangerous kin, or at least willing to make friends.

For her pull point, she's come across another Krait built tower and is attempting to rescue the Hylek, one of the race that the Krait often capture, from their cages. Zivis was able to rescue at least two of them and was working on the third when she was shoved from behind into the newly opened cage by a Krait Slaver.

Personality: When Zivis first Awoke, she was filled with doubt and mistrust about most of the main races. Humans and Asura mostly, followed by the Charr and Norns respectively, even her own race she was cautious about approaching. Not that her Dream had been filled with warnings against them or anything, she just felt too uncomfortable being on land and with those that seemed so at ease there. If it were someone who had a fondness for the sea or was a sailor, she'd be more inclined to trust them and be less cautious about her approach.

Mirlowe was able to lure her in with sea shanty songs and Almos' careful collection of sea shells drew her to them. Mirlowe became a very close companion to her, not quite a lover status but definitely the beginnings of what accounts for being girlfriends. The other most likely taking it slow for the sake of not scaring off Zivis, which more than likely wouldn't be from distrust but more of it being something entirely new that she's not encountered before. With Almos it's a kinship in the way that she cares for him like a younger brother, though her adoption of him is more like a mother-son sort of relationship. So you could say that her color shift was a reaction to finding that he'd given up on the Dream or the ability to return to it if he was Soundless like herself and Mirlowe—not a negative reaction at all, but more like a sad acceptance? After all, turning to Nightmare meant that either you lived or died with the Court and its teachings.

But as she grew more comfortable around the two, so did her comfort zone, soon extending to those on The Weeping Isle and Wychmire Swamp, even if she still didn't go on shore very often. But once you get past the part of her that's cautious, she ends up being a very light-hearted and emotive sort of person even with the mask on. While she doesn't play pranks or anything of that sort, Zivis does tend to help lead jokes on so long as she's not the receiver. Or she'll end up throwing some kind of harmless flirting into things, all in the name of good fun. Sometimes when the right situation hits with her flirting, she sometimes ends up going a little further than she's prepared for. She's not yet had one of these situations, but it's likely that she'll end up pleading out that she didn't know where it was going. Her confidence as a whole comes out more clearly when she's in her natural element, in the water, where she'll attempt her best to share her knowledge with those that will "listen" to her. Sometimes it's clear to her that people get frustrated with her inability to speak so she tries to keep things very simple.

Probably another reason why she doesn't overly socialize, they get frustrated and then she gets frustrated. It doesn't deter her love for the water though and the life that is surrounded by it, Zivis tries to learn anything she can. She finds that she learns something new every time she comes upon a plant or a lifeform in the water, even if she's encountered it before there's always the chance to learn something more about it. In a way Zivis is what anyone in our world would call the eternal student. And sure, she could be a little selfish about this knowledge, but referencing the above, frustration is easily reached when your abilities to communicate are very limited and you prefer not to heal the damage. Which is why she is slowly trying to learn how to write the native language of New Krytan, though so far her efforts in gaining a teacher for this haven't gotten very far.

Partially this stems from her distrust of others, but once she is friends with someone there's a certain amount of gullibility that leaks into things with the trust she has in them. Any of the stories about the ships on the sea that Mirlowe tells, she believes every one even if they're just a popular legend that she hadn't heard yet. Almos she'd probably follow into dangerous situations believing that some sort of good was going to come of it or that he couldn't possibly be asking her to do the wrong thing. (Which, he probably would never do, knowing even though she's Soundless, she still wants to do the right thing.) Still, in the end, she does have a strong sense of self-preservation, she's always ready to defend herself and she prides herself on her skills to defend herself and others without killing. One day it's likely to get her seriously hurt or even killed, but for now it gets what she needs to accomplish done—survival of herself, the rare encounter with others while danger is around, and the Krait she's trying to befriend.

Zivis errs on defense before offense, and in a lot of ways it's saved her life, but it's only a matter of time before her ideals of trying just to disarm do her in. Even if it isn't the Krait or some other aggressive water-based race, eventually she'll have to attack. Attack to do harm or actually kill. It's something—when thought of—makes her mildly uncomfortable. The thought of killing someone else, something sentient, makes her feel ill. Probably another reason why she'd never really make it inside the Nightmare Court. No, she would rather suffer the injuries or being captured/killed herself than harm or kill someone else.

The Nightmare Court probably wouldn't stand for her being easily distracted by things that involve her passion, either. The slightest glimpse of something new and whatever it was she was previously committed to is left slowly sinking in the water to the bottom of the floor. She does eventually come back to it, once curiosity is sated, but be it what she assumes is a new fish or plant. Within reason, of course, so if the situation itself isn't the safest she'll attempt to come back to it later on. But there's still those few seconds where all her focus is on that new "thing" that might prove to be her undoing at some point. Or it might save her, should the opportunity be safe enough for her to go investigate.

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Bridge Nocturne | Original Character

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Player: Usami
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Age: 29
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Character: Bridge Nocturne
Age: Currently 19, though he'll tell people he's a year older than he actually is
OC Type: Pure OC
Point Taken: After his employer/surrogate family member, Allen McDougall, discovered his long-lost daughter
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World Building: Demons.EXE overview here.

  • Bridge's father, Jeffrey Sangster, came from a very well-to-do human family that worked for one of the wealthiest names in business, Allen McDougall. Jeffrey and his sister even worked directly for McDougall, and Jeff valued McDougall as a mentor figure. Then Jeffrey met Rhythm Nocturne, an enchanting and beautiful Siren, and fell in love. When he announced to his family his desire to be with Rhythm, the Sangster family shunned him, threatening to disown him if he pursued a relationship with her. Ignoring their threats, he and Rhythm came together. The Sangsters disowned Jeffrey, and he and Rhythm left and moved to a little town in Vermont called Bayview, where Jeffrey started a music store and Rhythm gave music lessions to those wanting to learn. A few years later, Bridge was born and, despite the telltale Siren fins on his ears, seemed to be a normally (mostly) human baby.

  • When Bridge was four, Rhythm left his father and him, disappearing one night while they were asleep. While Jeff held hope that she would return, he now had to take care of Bridge by himself, which grew slightly harder without Rhythm bringing in part of the income with her musical lessons. Jeff started working more hours at the store, as well as doing odd jobs here and there to earn a bit extra, and at a young age Bridge learned to be a bit independent while his father worked.

  • Despite Bayview being a small mostly human town, there was one other demon living there; a young Kitsune girl named Soleil, who lived with her adopted parents. While they did play with the other children in town Bridge and Soleil found comfort in each other as being the only two demons in town, and spent a lot of time together. Soleil would often - gently - push Bridge to do things for himself, to do things he wanted to do instead of always doing what he was told, and Bridge often took her advice to heart.

  • When Bridge was eight, he discovered his Siren abilities in the worst possible way: One day while he was playing with Soleil and some other kids in town, he fell into the bay of their towns namesake. Being submerged in water triggered his transformation into his Siren form and, with no experience of handling the sudden surge the Siren instincts and abilities, ended up draining Soleil's energy to the point that she had to be hospitalized. Bridge himself went on a rage until all of his own energy was burned up, pulling him out of Siren form and knocking him out for a week or so. When he awoke, he learned that while Soleil had been in the hospital, and that her family was moving away from Bayview. They left while Bridge was still recovering, not giving him a chance to see Soleil before they went.

  • Though his Siren abilities were mostly dormant as long as he stayed out of the water, the knowledge that he possessed those abilities left the town wary of him. He was mostly avoided, interacted with only when necessary. This was only made worse now due to Jeffrey having to work even more to pay off damages done while Bridge had lost control, as well as paying Soleil's family for hospital bills (even with the family moved away). With his father working almost all the time and most of the town avoiding him, Bridge spent a lot of time alone; he did help out around the music store from time to time, but had to keep clear when there were actual customers, so he spent most of his time there learning to play the various musical instruments stocked in the store. He also spent a lot of alone time, learning to be even more self-reliant. He even indulged in learning a bit more about his Siren abilities, practicing at night on animals when the town was asleep or when he was truly alone.

  • At fifteen Jeffrey suffered a heart attack, and was bed-ridden in the hospital for several weeks before ultimately passing. The Sangster family was then called in to take care of funeral arrangements, allowing Bridge to meet his father's family for the first time. They instantly disapproved of Bridge, due to his Siren nature and their belief that he and Rhythm had effectively ruined Jeffrey's life. After the funeral, the Sangsters repossessed almost everything of Jeffrey's, leaving Bridge only his own personal items. Bridge managed to convince the family to also give him his father's old truck, a trailer, and one of each instrument that was in the store, and the family agreed mostly to not have to deal with him. With his father's family selling the house and store and wanting nothing to do with him, and with the town still distrustful of him because of the Siren incident, Bridge packed up his things and instruments in the trailer and, despite not being old enough to have a driver's lisence, left Bayview with no intention of returning.

  • Bridge informally changed his to Bridge Nocturne, taking on his mother's surname to further distance himself from his father's family, despite having no real connection to his mother either. He also, when asked, told people that he was sixteen, so they wouldn't question him driving the truck by himself. On his travels, he played in any place that would pay him, though had to resort to using his Siren abilities to siphon off people's energy during performances when funds were low and he couldn't affor to buy food. He did his best to be careful, always afraid of losing control or taking too much, and because of having to drain people's energy he didn't stay in one place too long.

  • This went on for three years, living on the road in his truck, playing in a few places hoping to get paid enough for gas and maybe food, before packing up and leaving again. This nomadic lifestyle began to harden him; not only was he forced to take care of himself, but he often saw the worse of what the world had to offer no matter where he went, and had to learn to keep ahead so others couldn’t take advantage of him. His travels, coupled with his experiences as a child, forced him to adopt a more selfish mentality, to just look out and take care of himself because no one else would. And while he still took care to not lose control of his Siren abilities or drain too much energy from people, he had no problems taking that energy whenever it was convenient

  • His travels eventually brought him to Birchpointe, New Jersey. He arrived just after a Chaotic attack left heavy damages in the town, and was in time to participate in a town-wide event to help raise funds for the repairs. He performed a live-show, boosting people's morale while absorbing some of the excess energy that was building from the excitement of the event itself. After taking energy, he had planned to once again leave, but people he met in Birchpointe during the event had him lingering for a while longer.

  • His extended stay in Birchpointe led to him meeting Allen McDougall, his father's former employer, when the businessman was looking to establish business in Birchpointe. During their exchange, Bridge learned that his father had actually kept in touch with McDougall over the years, even borrowing money from him when necessary, and that McDougall had actually attended his father's funeral. McDougall, in turn, learned of the true nature of Jeffrey's disconnect from the rest of the Sangster family, and was enraged of the Sangsters' treatment of both Jeff and Bridge, especially after learning of the family abandoning Bridge after Jeffrey died, and Bridge had since then been living on the streets. Bridge and McDougall parted on good terms, though Bridge was under the impression that that one meeting would be it

  • It was not so, however, as sometime later McDougall managed to track Bridge down, despite his transient lifestyle, and invited him to his manor in his hometown of Pekington, Michigan. It was during this meeting that McDougall informed Bridge that during a confrontation with the Sangster family (who he fired because of their ill treatment of Bridge and Jeff), he discovered a sizable inheritance Jeff had left for Bridge. Though the Sangster family had kept it from him, McDougall managed to get them to replace the amount. McDougall also told Bridge that he was starting a business in the music industry, offering Bridge a job and even a place to live with plans to build a similar manor as a workbase in Birchpointe. Though extremely reluctant at first, Bridge eventually accepted McDougall's job offer and agreed to stay in McDougall's Birchpoint manor

  • Once the manor was built and set up, Bridge moved in and started working with McDougall; though McDougall was often in and out of Birchpointe because of running several businesses around the world, the two started developing a close relationship outside of just employer and employee. McDougall even left Bridge in charge of the Birchpointe manor during his absence, and Bridge sometimes went with McDougall back to Pekington, even meeting the man's extended family. Having someone to look up to and rely on started to soften the defenses he had built up over his travels alone, and Bridge even began viewing McDougall as a familial figure of sorts. At the same time, though, the suddenness of having someone that close again alarmed him, especially since McDougall had his own blood-related family. With his own insecurities and after a misunderstanding following a trip he had taken with McDougall, Bridge began trying to once again distance himself from the business man

  • An incident that landed Bridge in the hospital forced him and McDougall to discuss their situation and relationship, revealing that they had similar feelings of considering the other as family. From then on, the two of them continued to bond and grow closer, each of them providing much needed support and care through serveral major milestones and events that took place in just a short amount of months

  • Eventually McDougall discovered he had a long-lost daughter, Dixie, who found him while trying to learn about her mother, who had died when she was younger. After learning of their relation, Dixie moved to Birchpointe to live with McDougall and Bridge to reconnect with her father. And while Bridge oftened helped Dixie get to know her father better, Bridge once again started feeling a bit misplaced now that McDougall was starting to connect and develop a relationship with his actual daughter, his own flesh and blood.

Personality: Upon first meeting him, people who encounter Bridge will find an overall friendly young man. He can be charming and a bit of a flirt, and his relaxed and go-with-the-flow nature makes him easy to like. He can enjoy crude and dry humor, but mostly he just likes to make sure people feel good; whether by his words, his music, or his actions, and - in many cases, as a performer - all three.

The truth is, though, his attitude about people enjoying themselves is a bit self-serving. Part of the reason is because, as a Siren, Bridge is able to absorb the energy of people when they are under the influence of his hypnotic song. Though he prefers not to drain people's energy often, he does so when he has to eat, and doesn't have access to food (which was especially the case when he was traveling on his own for several years). And he finds that he prefers absorbing positive energy - excitement, happiness - than negative energy.

The biggest reason, however, is just because he wants to be remembered. Left alone as a child and forced to live on the road for several years, his biggest fear is to be left behind, forgotten and unwanted. Each performance is a chance to show the world what he can do, in the hopes that people will learn his name, and want to hear more of him.

Despite the desire to be wanted, however, he tends to keep people at a distance. Having been abandoned by many people in his past, it can be hard for him to trust others, and after living on the streets for a while he developed a view of looking out for just himself because no one else would. He's also afraid of people getting close in case he loses control of his powers; his Siren abilities are mostly self-taught, and due to an accident when he was younger, he often worries that he might one day lose his control and drain too much from people.

It's only been recently that things have begun to change for him; though he still tends to keep most people at arm's length, there have been some who have managed to slip past his defenses and reach out to, though he would never admit it, the lonely soul he actually is. He is discovering that he actually does like having people to care about, people who care about him, and he is finding that he will do anything he can to help them. He's still getting used to having people close to him again, but he continues to learn, finding new inspiration in music, and in life.

  • Siren Song - can hypnotize people through the power of his song

  • Emotional manipulation - can slightly manipulate a person's emotions based on the music he plays (fast-paced songs generate excitement, slow-paced songs generate sadness, etc.); can only be done with Siren Song

  • Energy Drain - can drain someone's energy to nourish himself; can only be done to someone influenced by Siren Song

  • Enhanced Hearing - can detect even the faintest of sounds with sharp clarity over great distances

  • Transformation - when submerged in water, can change to a Siren form, where he gains a fish-like tail and fins, and all abilities are enhanced; a different form gives him wings, and can be done on land

  • Water Manipulation - has a limited ability to manipulate water in his immediate area; can only be use in Siren form

Alignment: Piphron. Given his history, Bridge does have a difficult time opening up to other people, preferring to close himself off than risk getting hurt again, and doing his best to be self-sufficient so he won't have to rely on others. However, once someone manages to break through his defenses, he trusts them deeply and wholeheartedly.

Other: Bridge's PB is Nathan Sharp, aka NateWantstoBattle. Also, while most of his hypnotism and energy draining will be kept to NPCs, there will be a section on his HMD post to opt out of them for players who might be uncomfortable with it.


General Sample: Bridge on the Test Drive Meme

Emotion Sample: Here
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