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Empatheias Mods ([personal profile] simpathis) wrote2014-05-25 12:31 am

[ player plot log ]


We've had a lot of player plots that have come through as well as other smaller events that leave potential impacts on the setting. To make it easier to keep track for everyone, we've created this log!

❖ Plot Proposal

We welcome and encourage all kinds of events and plots, especially if it can drive the game's emotional flow direction in any way. Thus if you have a particular event that you'd like to suggest, fill out the following form and we will discuss it with you either on here or in private depending on the nature of the plot.

❖ Points of Interest

Additionally, if your character has been through an event or has done something that could alter the setting in some way that should be noticeable by the population at large, fill out the following form! It could be something being destroyed, created, and it doesn't have to be something created by emotions. If something is built, like a new attraction or local location to visit, you can mention that, too! We will try to work it in, either by publicly announcing it or have tasks that may react to the change.

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