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Empatheias Mods ([personal profile] simpathis) wrote2014-05-25 12:33 am

[ hiatus/drop ]


Need a break? No problem! Just fill out the following form and include HIATUS in the subject line.

The maximum amount of time allowed for a hiatus is one month, though we can make exceptions depending on the circumstances. If you require a longer hiatus, please contact us as soon as possible.

Anyone who is on hiatus for at least three weeks is exempt from that month's activity. However, if your hiatus only lasts two weeks, you will still need to comment to the Activity Check, but you will only need to fulfill half of the requirements. You cannot use a hiatus to be exempt or do half activity two months in a row.

— DROP —

If you're dropping a character or leaving from the game entirely, just fill out the form and include DROP in the subject line. You must also defriend [personal profile] simpathis and leave [community profile] empatheias, [community profile] crystalnet, and [community profile] empatheias_ooc.

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