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Empatheias Mods ([personal profile] simpathis) wrote2014-05-25 12:35 am

[ confidential contact ]


If you have any issues regarding the game, the mods, or other players, please contact us! We want to ensure that your time here is an enjoyable one and will do whatever we can do to help if possible. There are several ways to contact us:

Mod email:
Comment to this entry
PM the journal

The mods are as follows:


If you are submitting your concern via e-mail or to this entry, please fill out the following form:

All comments are screened and our responses to your comments will also be screened, so we can communicate through the entry if preferred. Everything will also remain confidential, but if another party is involved please realize that we will have to disclose some information if we have to contact them. We'll always double check before doing so, but please keep that in mind and make a note if there is anything you are uncomfortable with sharing.

We will try to be as fair as possible and do as much research and as many discussions as needed.

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