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Alignments are a recently added game mechanic that allows characters to focus their crystal amulets to absorb a specific set of emotions. This relates back to the (currently still) mysterious beings, the Arehtei.

The current Alignment Spreadsheet can be found here.

❖ How Alignments Work

The IC explanation can be read here, but here is a more summary break-down as to how they work.

» Related to the Arehtei. The Arehtei each have a set of emotions that they represent. By aligning the crystal, characters are effectively directing their emotions toward that specific Arehtei. It is currently unclear what exactly is happening, but it will be explained within the next month or so. For now, just know it is something they will have to do for game progression and is a mechanic that will persist throughout the game. NOTE! Characters are not directly connected to the Arehtei through alignments, nor do they receive any special benefits. However, both of these can change as the game progresses.

» The Crystal. When a character aligns their crystal amulet to a certain set of emotions, those emotions will create larger emotion drops. The crystal will still absorb all emotions, but non-aligned emotions will be significantly smaller. As more of the aligned emotions are collected, the crystal will begin to change color to match its respective Arehtei. In addition, the color can be dark, neutral, or bright. More negative type motions will make the color darker, positive will make it brighter, and an even mix will keep it neutral. Each time a new emotion drop is formed, the crystal will momentarily shimmer.

» One Alignment. A character can only have one alignment at any given time (however, this could change depending on game progression). Players are free to choose which alignment, though it should be the one that best fits the character. If you later realize that another alignment might work better, you are free to switch it (explained below). For characters who do not have any "dominant" emotional sways, you can pick whichever you think would be easiest. If your character is more on the apathetic side or just really difficult to pin down to one, it is possible to force emotions, and there will be events and situations that give options for that to happen. Unlike before, the threshold for an emotion drop to count is much lower, so even if it's a half-hearted feeling, it'll work. In addition, to make things fair, for characters who have trouble with emotions, any that do happen will count significantly greater than they normally would.

» Switching Alignments. It is possible to switch alignments, however it's a bit of a long process. For players, all you have to do is just fill out the appropriate form. ICly, however, the character will have to create enough emotion drops of the new alignment to replace the old one. This could take several months depending on how full the crystal is.

» No Alignment Caps. You do not have to worry about being locked out of an Alignment. Even if one Arehtei has five and another has fifty, if your character would belong with the fifty, that's perfectly fine.

» No Record Keeping Required. As before, there is no need to keep a record of your character's progress. You can if you want, but it's not required. The only thing you will have to do is comment to the Emotion Tracker.

❖ The Alignments

There are seven Arehtei to choose from. Here are the emotions they represent and their color:

  • Aiada: envy and appreciation; mint green
  • Daimonia: grief and joy; coral pink
  • Elios: hate and love; blood orange
  • Peromei: despair and hope; creamy white
  • Piphron: distrust and trust; navy blue
  • Sosyne: anger and calm; periwinkle blue
  • Thras: fear and bravery; golden yellow

In addition to the named emotions, anything that would fall in-between the emotions would also count. For example, hate and love. Emotions such as fondness, annoyance, irritation, all levels of attraction, admiration, etc. Some emotions do overlap with others, so it's possible for an emotion to count for either set. For example, a feeling of wariness or uncertainty could fit under both Piphron (distrust-trust) or Thras (fear-courage).

The character does not have to display both sides of the emotion dynamic. If a character is just angry all the time, then Sosyne is still a best fit. It will make the character's crystal amulet sway to the negative side, but there are no real consequences to this. For now.

❖ Alignment Switch

If you'd like to switch your alignment, fill out the following form. Include in the subject line "ALIGNMENT SWITCH" so we can spot it easily.

If you have any questions about Alignments in general, comment to the Questions subthread.

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