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[ task board & businesses ]


The current Task Board can be found here.

In addition to the standard business jobs, there are also independent jobs, or "tasks," that can be done by anyone. These jobs are posted in a large central bulletin board located in a building called The Task Center in Merchant's Square. It's overseen by a group who collects the fees, posts the listings, monitors who takes what, and gives the appropriate payment. These are more "mercenary" like in the sense that anyone can post one and anyone can take it. They range from asking for a helping hand to run an errand to gathering a hard to get item to exterminating a dangerous monster roaming too close to farms. Some jobs may even be related to the plot or an event.

Jobs are an excellent way to not only get money, but also to create emotion drops because most jobs require more than one person. Even if the job itself could be done solo, it is still possible to bring in a friend to help. Unless the job specifies, there is nothing preventing the job taker from asking for aid. We do encourage that those taking the more "quest" like jobs to bring in a partner.

In addition, characters are free to create their own businesses (and subsequently their own tasks), and we double the task board as a way to keep track of them.

Feel free to play around with the jobs. Some can even become mini plot events with the right people, and players can create jobs in relation or as a reaction to a posted job. You don't have to feel like you need to restrict yourself to the small blurb in the description, either, so have fun with it!

❖ How It Works

» General Tasks. These are "repeatable" and can be done by multiple parties at various times. They do not require a partner although it is encouraged. Many of these can be considered as "soloable" and can be handwaved.

» Special Tasks. These are on a first come first serve basis and are considered more difficult than the General ones. It is safe to assume that any jobs requiring some aspect of fighting will be of higher difficulty and will need at least two people to take the target(s) down. They are also usually the most rewarding, matching the difficulty.

» Drask Association. Jobs posted at the Drask Association are limited to those who can access Shaarnath. They are also more defined and more serious than the standard ones we put up for Verens. These jobs also offer more exploration and plot opportunities.

» Part-time to full-time. Jobs that are part-time in nature or have no definite ending period can be considered open for the entirety of the month. You are free to ask for more details and whether it can become a more "permanent" job for your character (the answer is more than likely yes).

» Payment. It can be assumed that is received upon completion, but only if the job is successful. We're going to trust the players and not require any link of "proof." So keep in mind that payment can be deducted or increased depending on job performance. If you have any questions about certain tasks and if payment would be altered under certain circumstances, just reply to your initial comment and we'll give you an answer.

» Handwaving. It's allowed, and since we're not requiring links, there's no way for us to actually track it. That said, we do encourage players to thread out at least one of their character's jobs, as they do provide CR opportunity for not only your character, but others as well.

❖ Form for Accepting a Task

To take on a job, select which one you wish to do and comment to the entry with the following form:

❖ Submitting a Task

If you have a task idea OR if you have a character who would post up a task, submit it under the Task Submission thread! We're always open and welcome fresh new ideas. Some tasks can even lend to the plot, including yours. Alternatively, we also accept vague ideas and requests for certain types of tasks. They can be as silly, off the cuff, or s serious as you want—we take all kinds.

❖ Business Registration

If your character has started a business that you would like to be added to the Jobs & Businesses list, there are a couple of things you must do. First of all, you do not need mod permission—unless it might be of questionable nature. Otherwise, we'll come to you if we have questions. But you do need to have information about the business somewhere in the character's journal so others can reference it.

To have your business added, comment to the Business Registration thread and fill out the form. Once we add it, we will remove the comment. Any changes or updates should use the same thread.

(original archived task board can be found here)

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