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[ complete crystals + regains ]


Completed crystals have a variety of uses in the game, but there's one particular use that may interest the character: regaining an item from their home world. Thus this page serves two purposes: 1) track how many completed crystals a character can develop during their stay; 2) request regains if conditions are met.

The current Complete Crystals Spreadsheet can be found here.

❖ Crystal Guidelines

For the most part, determining whether a character's crystal is complete is determined by the player. After all, characters develop differently and some will be faster or slower than others. However, we do have at least one rule and some factors you should consider.

» Four Months. Four months is the absolute minimum that would take a character's crystal to complete. No sooner, but it can of course take longer.

» Automatic Crystal. At six months, a player can comment for an "automatic" crystal. This means that the crystal is completed and no further steps are necessary.

» Emotion Tracker. Tracker submissions are not mandatory in general, however we do require proof if less than six months. For a crystal to be considered complete, you must submit to the tracker at least two separate months within the 4-5 month period. To check, refer to the Emotion Tracker and look at the "Responses" sheet for the corresponding month. If over 6 months, then this is not required due to the automatic trigger instead.

» Crystal development. Just a quick reminder that if you need some substantial reasons as to how your character's crystal develops a certain way, various events can hasten or slow development. Additionally, apathy and death can slow development, even set it back due to emotion drop depletion.

» Keep or donate. It is up to the character whether they wish to keep their crystal or donate it to the Arehtei. As crystals can be beneficial in either scenario, there's no actual "better" option. If uncertain, "keep" is considered the default, and it can be donated at a later time.

» Replacement. A reminder that characters do have to replace their crystals, and that can easily be done by visiting the original temple ruins and excavating one from the underground lake.

» Player Discretion. As mentioned, this is still up to the player. As there is no mandatory tracker to be maintained, you will have to be aware of how your character's crystal is developing and be reasonable about it.

In order to actually consider your character's crystal complete, you must fill out this form. This form will help both you and us see how the character has developed, and it also serves a stop gap to prevent players who might just rush the process.

Character: Character | [personal profile] journal
Month/Year Joined: What month and year did this character join the game?
Month of Completion: The month the crystal is considered completed. This can be backdated in case you are filling this later.
Emotion Tracker Proofs: You must have submitted to the Tracker from two separate months OR use the "6 MONTHS AUTO" option. For Tracker submissions, just mention the month and year so we can check.
State: This is asking if the crystal is mostly positive, negative, or neutral. Indicate with one of the following symbols: +, -, |.
Development Report: We really only want a general summary (no more than 250 words) of how the character has developed.
Donated or Keep? Indicate whether the character is giving their crystal to the Arehtei or keeping it. Choose "keep" if uncertain. You can change this at any time.
Questions: Any questions you might have.

If a character has already completed one crystal and is ready for the second, use the following form. The "four months" rule is still at play, only instead of starting from the time joined, it's starting from the time the second crystal is acquired/first crystal completed.

All submissions will be automatically added to the spreadsheet. Characters can already assume their crystals are completed ICly.

❖ Regains Guidelines

For those who choose to their keep their crystals to eventually be used for regains, here are a few things you as a player should know ahead of time. Most of these mechanics will also be known to the characters.

» 1 crystal = 1 item. We're using a simple 1:1 transaction. It doesn't matter what the state of the crystal is, it just has to be complete to be used.

» 2+ crystals for more powerful and larger items. If the desired item is large like a vehicle or is a powerful object like a weapon then it will require at least two crystals.

» Item must belong to the character. Because the crystals have personal ties to the character, you can only regain an item that the character actually owns. They cannot regain an item that now belongs to someone else, and they cannot gain something from the future. The item has to be present on or near the character within the last six months before arriving in Empatheias, and in current ownership. This also means that a character cannot regain something for a friend.

» "Group" regains. One exception to the above rule is it is possible to pool crystals together for a shared item. Ownership rules still apply, so it must belong to those involved. So if there's a considerably large or powerful item that a cast may like as a whole, rather than wait for one person to develop multiple crystals to meet requirements, they can contribute theirs for the item.

» Items must be "portable." Basically the item must be able to move somehow. So unless it's an RV, no houses or buildings can be brought in.

» Standard nerfs apply. All regain items will conform to fit the setting as if they had been brought in through the initial application. Thus super large objects will still need to be downsized to reasonable size and any gamebreaking powerful objects will need to be nerfed to also be reasonable.

» Mod discretion. We do have discretion as to whether an item can actually be regained or not, and some items may be a case-by-case type. Thus you will need our approval before you can proceed ICly.

» Schedule with aligned Arehtei. After approved, you will need to set up an "appointment" with the character's aligned Arehtei on the scheduler. If it's a group, you'll need all involved Arehtei. At that point we can either thread it out or just hash out the details and be effectively handwaved.

» Disappears on use and no returns. Finally, all crystals used in the regain will be "consumed" upon use. This also means that regains are final and cannot be sent back. So if you decide to bring the plague upon the game...better hope there's a way to deal with it or a new plot development will be born.

And of course, we have a form for submissions. To also keep things organized, we are keeping regains in one place with this subthread, so please comment there. The form is also in the subthread, but here is how it will look like.

Character: Character | [personal profile] journal
Date of Regain: The IC date of when the regain will occur.
Crystal link(s): You will need to have completed the crystal form first, so link us to the particular crystal you'd like to use. NOTE: this crystal will be marked as use and cannot be used for any other purpose.
Regained Item: Description of the desired item.
Notes: If there are any nerfs that are to be applied, list them out here.
Questions: Any questions you might have.

The original Completed Crystals page is found here for those who need it!

❖ Questions

If you have any general questions about either of the processes that you'd like to ask prior to submitting the forms, feel free to ask them here.

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