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[ expansion history]


This entry will chronicle all notable changes to the island. It begins with a small summary of how the island came to be it is today with details of the event that occurred prior to the characters' arrival. Newest events are at the bottom of the entry and appropriately dated.

Pre-game: Light of Helisium: Eurus 814 Pempta Pente 1 (August 1, 2014)
Empatheias had had a particularly good year, especially with the advancing technology. The economy, self-contained as it was, was thriving and population was increasing. With the flow of emotions continuously positive, the council decided to throw a large celebration to help boost this flow and attempt for another expansion. It was highly successful, and in Penta (August) the island shook as its southwestern corner expanded a few more miles. With this expansion, ancient ruins appeared. Plans for excavations were organized, the research times excited and hopeful that they will learn either something new to use or something about their history. It had been quite some time since they "unearthed" anything about the world below.

But on their way out, just outside of the city, they discovered something much more alarming.


People that they had never seen before and clearly were not part of their world.

Boreas Harvest Festival: 814 Ebdome Ochta 16 (November 16, 2014)
On the final day of the seasonal festival, catastrophe and chaos struck the festival grounds. The fireworks went out of control and explosions were heard around the booths. This sequence of events dipped the city's already highly negatively charged emotions to create an Emotional Blackout, disrupting everything within the city.

Along with the "power" failure, a small island appeared just outside of the southwestern borders of the main island, and only a few hours away from where the temple ruins appeared. On the island was the remains of a town that had been clearly been attacked, ravaged, and destroyed. A heavy, negative atmosphere permeated throughout, and only those from other worlds could withstand it to investigate.

They would have to fend off against living skeletons and face ghosts—remnants of the town. But they would also learn much that would change everyone's understanding of their world.