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[ crystal amulet ]


❖ General information

It's a small crystal and about the size of a large pendant. It can be worn as a necklace, a bracelet, or just attached somewhere on the person's body. It doesn't even have to be visible. However, it must always be on the person for reasons later discussed. It is also an inanimate object and will not magically follow the person. If it is left behind somewhere, it will stay there. If it is taken by someone, it will remain stolen until recovered. If it is destroyed, it is gone and must be replaced by a new one.

No two amulets look alike. They can come in a variety of shapes and can reflect something about the wearer. If someone comes from the winter or likes snow, it might take the form of a snowflake. It can also be more obscure or even just look like a plain, ordinary crystal or piece of rock. It's all up to the players on whether they want something creative or normal.

This also means that the amulet only corresponds to the owner. Although it can be stolen, a person couldn't use that amulet to artificially increase their own progress. Not yet, at least.

Amulets are also used to power magitech both passively around the city and directly to the individual's home via a conduit. Although magitech are designed to function on their own, the amount of emotion drops can help increase power output and efficiency. More powerful appliances, machines, and other devices may not even work at all without the use of an amulet.

During the last seven days of every month, amulets are collected to be checked. It only takes a few minutes, though the lines may be long. Although encouraged to go to the centers on their own, there is a kind of "force" mechanism for the more stubborn. As it gets closer to the end of the month, those who have yet to turn in their amulet will hear a constant humming sound in their mind. This will get progressively louder. If that still doesn't get them to move, then on the very last day, characters will have an irresistible urge to turn it in. As a side note, this time period will be the exact same time as the Activity Check.

❖ Collecting emotions

The main purpose for the amulet is collecting the emotions of the individual. This is represented by the emotion drops and they can be either positive or negative. More information about these can be found here.

The emotion drops are cumulative. In a physical sense, the emotions do not "override" or replace the others. Thus if we mark it like A and B, in reality the emotions are stacking like so: ABBBAAABABAABAAB.

That said, there are times when a particular type of emotion may "overpower" the others and stand out more. The other emotions aren't gone, but for a short period of time that emotion will be prevalent and have the most impact on the individual and their surroundings. So for example, we have a person who had a generally neutral amulet. A nice healthy mix. Then one day one of their closest friends died or left the island. This will bring a whole slew of negative emotions and for however long they mourn, everything is just negative. When they are finally able to recover and no longer grieve, then it will start looking more positive again.

❖ Changing colors

The crystal amulets of the characters are different from the local crystals. The crystals will actually change color toward the character's alignment. In addition, it will change hue depending on whether it is mostly filled with positive or negative emotions. If there are more positive emotions, it will start to shimmer and glow brightly. If it's more negative, it will become duller and take on a darker hue. These effects are visible after the crystal is halfway full.

❖ Source of protection

The amulet also serves a protective talisman against the world itself. As the world is currently deprived of emotions, it will try to absorb any it can find. Without an amulet, an individual can actually have their emotions sucked out of them and after a month, they will dry up into a husk and essentially die. That is why amulets must always be kept safe and secure and always on the person. If something should happen to the amulet it needs to be replaced immediately.

This protection is more powerful as more emotion drops are developed. It is also stronger when there is a larger amount centered in a location. While the island is safe, it is technically possible to venture out. It would require a large amount, however, so it may be a while before an attempt is made.

However, upon completion this protection will lessen. Although the crystal itself is more powerful, it is no longer absorbing the emotions from the user, thus the "energy" sustaining the crystal is no longer available. A new crystal will need to be obtained, but the crystal is good for two weeks before it can no longer serve as a protection source.

The best way to think of this is imagine the crystal as both a shield and a filter. The crystal will prevent the world from directly pulling at the individual's emotions. Instead, it will initiate the pull and absorb some of the emotion and then filter out the rest out to the world so that it can also be "fed." This filter is shown by the emotional effect displays. Thus the world still takes in emotions, just not at a dangerous level or force.

❖ Replacements

If something does happen to the amulet, the character will have to replace it. They would also have to start their progress over.

For the local Empatheians, this process is actually quite common. For the locals, all they do is go to designated crystal quarries, carve out a piece of crystal, go through a special ritual, and they're done.

For the characters, the process is similar, however they cannot use the crystal quarries that the locals use. Instead, they must go to the Temple Ruins, the one which the characters first originated from. It's relatively safe, just a bit of a hike to get there. At the temple's lower most level is a lake. Within this lake are crystals that only work with the characters. Fortunately, sections are already quartered off so that characters can just go in and carve a piece of crystal for their own. No need to swim unless they really want to.

Until the crystal is replaced, emotional displays will be greatly exaggerated and become stronger and more dangerous over time. It's another strong incentive for anyone to get a new crystal.

❖ Completion and returning home

IMPORTANT! The following information will only be known to the players only. It will be later revealed to characters in game.

There will come a point where characters will learn that the amulets are the key to going home. They have to fill up their amulet to an indeterminate amount before being sent back. To compensate for the uncertainty of how long characters last in games generally, the threshold will be different for each character. This will help explain why some may return home after maybe a week of staying while others may take months or even years.

For those who manage to stay for longer than six months, the likelihood of them completing an amulet is greater. If they complete an amulet, they can hold onto it and start a new one. There will be a future use for completed amulets, but those details will be revealed later in game.