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[ how emotions work ]


Empatheias is based on emotions and both the island and the world itself thrive off of these emotions. Empatheias can be physically altered by them, be it for good or bad. Things can be created, destroyed, or just changed a little bit. Everyone, including the native inhabitants, have an amulet that helps contain and collect their emotions in a fluid like state called emotion drops, which all pool together to form a liquid. From the minute flutter of attraction to the serious major tantrum, it's all collected and it all affects the world somehow.

❖ Emotion drops

As the name implies, "emotion drops" are literal drops of emotion. Thus it's best to imagine an emotion as a "drop of water" and the size of each drop depends on the intensity of the emotion. Each tick of emotion incurred either by the individual, the environment, or interaction will create a drop or more. Some emotions will create bigger and numerous drops, some smaller.

It does not matter if it is positive or negative, the greater amount of emotions the individual feels, the more is gained. In contrast, smaller bouts of emotions or even more neutral emotions will have very little significance. They still fill up the amulet, but it would be one tiny drop the size of a pinhead as opposed to one large one the size of a pencil eraser.

Emotions are generally categorized as positive and negative and the spectrum is what most would think. Emotions that trend toward the "happier" side are positive whereas emotions that trend toward the "sad" or "angry" side are negative. There is of course everything in-between. No matter how low down the scale, even if it's just a second where a person laugh at a silly joke, it counts.

❖ Emotional alignments

An individual can focus on a specific set of emotions which will produce larger emotion drops at the cost of other emotions becoming much smaller. This is called alignment and has additional plot related purposes. The concept is related to the new and still mysterious beings, the Arehtei. Each Arehtei represents a set of emotions. By aligning the crystal to one of the sets, the individual is effectively sending their emotions to that Arehtei. However, no direct connection is actually formed between the two.

There are seven Arehtei to choose from and it is possible to switch. More information about the alignments can be read here and here.

❖ Apathy and loss of emotional fluid.

But there is a small area between positive and negative, and that is apathy. This should not be confused with "ambivalence." Apathy denotes no emotion whatsoever; a state of indifference. Ambivalence is more of a conflicted feeling and unable to choose whether it's positive or negative. Ambivalent feelings can be collected, but apathetic ones are not. Instead, their emotion drops actually begin to decrease and are effectively destroyed. The crystal is not harmed, just the emotion drops. For native inhabitants, this isn't much of a big deal. For characters, however, it can set them back on their task to fill the amulet to return home.

In-game events have also revealed that for the characters at least, apathy may actually have the potential to be destructive. So far the effects are minor, such as loss of color, muted sounds, small holes or tears appearing. But there have been some implication that it could be potentially dangerous.

Death is another way to lose emotion drops. It will essentially reset the amulet, though characters can quickly regain at least a large portion of what they had before.

❖ Effects on the world and environments.

As mentioned, emotions can affect the world. It can be small and only affect the immediate area around the individual (flowers wilting or blossoming, lights flickering or brightening) or it can be large and alter the island entirely. The latter would require a large mass of emotions. A more medium and individualistic example would be someone having enough rage that windows suddenly shatter and maybe even a wall breaks.

These effects serve as a kind of physical mirror of what the individual is feeling. Emotions can even affect a person's home and the home itself can warp and twist to alter to fit the owner’s mood.

However, emotions can be overpowered or countered by another person's, and it would depend on the strength of each person's emotions. This helps maintain the balance.

❖ Dunamis.

A new use for emotions has been revealed. Also known as "emotion magic," it's a technique that was developed by the people of Shaarnath. Similar to the concept of using one's "chi," dunamis is the practice of controlling and using one's emotions so that it doesn't disperse into the environment as "violently" as it does normally. That is to say, emotional effects are more controlled and subtle. It's a recent discovery that only those who participated in an in-game event have complete access to, but it can be taught and will see more use in the future.

Fuller details can be read here.