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[ canon update ]


If you'd like to update your character to a different canon point, fill out the form below and comment to this entry. We will try and process it within 48 hours. But first, you should be aware of what will ICly happen to your character.

When your character is on a canon update, they completely disappear from the world. It's almost as if they were removed the game, however there's a key difference. Their amulet will remain and be in a translucent state. Characters will be gone from the game from three days to a week. They will reappear wherever their amulet is and can continue their progress from wherever they left off. They will also retain all of their memories.

If you have any questions, contact one of the mods or ask them on the form.

Current Canon Point: The canon point upon application.
Updated Canon Point: The new, desired canon point.

Updated Background: All we need is all the new information, so just a summary of what's happened between the current and updated canon point.

Updated Personality: If anything has changed about the character's personality fill it here. Just like in the original application process, we need as much details a possible, especially if there were any big changes.

Updated Abilities:

Other: Anything else worth mentioning.


Here's the clean copy and paste form:

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