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[ canon update ]


If you'd like to update your character to a different canon point, fill out the form below and comment to this entry. We will try and process it within 48 hours. But first, you should be aware of what will ICly happen to your character.

When your character is on a canon update, they completely disappear from the world. It's almost as if they were removed the game, however there's a key difference. Their amulet will remain and be in a translucent state. Characters will be gone from the game from three days to a week. They will reappear wherever their amulet is and can continue their progress from wherever they left off. They will also retain all of their memories.

If you have any questions, contact one of the mods or ask them on the form.

Current Canon Point: The canon point upon application.
Updated Canon Point: The new, desired canon point.

Updated Background: All we need is all the new information, so just a summary of what's happened between the current and updated canon point.

Updated Personality: If anything has changed about the character's personality fill it here. Just like in the original application process, we need as much details a possible, especially if there were any big changes.

Updated Abilities:

Other: Anything else worth mentioning.


Here's the clean copy and paste form:

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character leaving sept 25 returning oct 1

[personal profile] thirdarrow 2014-08-18 06:20 am (UTC)(link)
Player: Eon
Character: Takakage Kobayakawa [personal profile] thirdarrow
Current Canon Point: Post-Chugoku no Shou, a few days after Motonari's death
Updated Canon Point: A month before Stage Four of Tenka Toitsu no Shou (Invasion of Shikoku)

Updated Background: He basically went home and sorted out the clusterfuck that happened after his father's death, settled political stuff and made preparations to join Hideyoshi's westward invasion force.
Updated Personality: Not really. He becomes less tense, but that's only due to what he has gotten done.
Updated Abilities: N/A
Other: N/A
Questions: None
Edited 2014-08-18 06:24 (UTC)
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[personal profile] selfmotivations 2014-10-02 04:05 am (UTC)(link)
Player: Laena
Character: Alvin
Current Canon Point: Post Xillia 1, pre epilogue
Updated Canon Point: Tales of Xillia 2; post Chapter 15 but before going to end place of spoilers.

Honestly it's like an application without samples, so have a link. Also SPOILERS.
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[personal profile] bearestofthemall 2015-01-17 01:33 am (UTC)(link)
Player: Timpeni
Character: Kaihime
Current Canon Point: Right at the end of the Battle of Oshi Castle in her SW3 story
Updated Canon Point: After letting Himiko go at the Battle of Nanzhong in WO3... aka A LONG TIME

Updated Background:
haha oh god

After the Battle of Osaka Castle in her Story mode where she SAVED EVERYONE SHE LOVED she got ripped out of the universe when someone named Orochi broke the space-time continuum to challenge warriors of different worlds and time periods to challenge him. After he's defeated (she has no hand in this), an eight-headed Hydra suddenly emerges and literally wipes out the entirety of the human race except for a small handful. She did not survive.

However, right before she dies her fated death defending Odawara Castle with Sun Shang Xiang, the surviving humans from the original timeline save her. How? They met a Mystic who can travel back in time. The deus ex machina is strong in this one. This Mystic is called Kaguya, and Kai becomes great friends with her soon after.

After experiencing Kaguya's time-travel abilities firsthand, she begs to go back and fight the battle of Odawara again to save her friend Musashi, who perished even though the original timeline refugees did manage to win the battle. She got her chance and saved Musashi with Kaguya's help. After that, she proceeded to the Battle of Nanzhong, where she pursued Da Ji (let's just call her Orochi's crony) fiercely.

However, Da Ji was allowed to escape because Himiko protected her with her life, eventually getting captured due to that. However, impressed by Himiko's drive to protect the one she loves, Kai decides to let Himiko go.


Updated Personality:
HAHA oh god............

Kai's still rash, loud, and motivated. But above all, she's grown up (kinda). She's learned the value of staying alive above carelessly throwing away your life for something you believe in. Because she needs to stay alive to protect the ones she loves, she decides that she will defeat evil and come back alive.

And she's definitely much less single-minded and more gentle than before, especially when it comes to her enemies. Despite their hand in the tragedies against the human race, she respects their own bravery and acknowledges their own feelings. (Still won't stop her from ripping them apart, but. It's a start.) She's got much more to fight for than the Hōjō now, and it shows in how she thinks before she acts; still, Kai's perfectly capable of pulling bullshit stunts when the going gets tough.

She's still not the best at thinking, but she's trying.

She's also much more adaptive to jamjar settings and cross-universe shenanigans, seeing that it... happens in her canon now.

Updated Abilities: Mechanics have changed slightly (now she can pull off Triple Musous with two other people from her world...!), but not much. As for what a Triple Musou is, it's basically freezing the enemy in place and everything the tree of them hit in the five seconds the enemy is frozen is pulverized to hell.

Other: None

Questions: None!
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[personal profile] firstcrush 2015-04-02 01:36 am (UTC)(link)
Player: Soph
Character: Kai Green ([personal profile] firstcrush)

Rest of update here. Spoilers within!

And since I've missed the boat on doing this a week prior ugh, I fail at this, I would like to request a week off for her canon update, once approved. Minako Arisato ([personal profile] redheadphones) will still be here, though!
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[personal profile] raijuu 2015-05-03 09:38 pm (UTC)(link)
Player: Laena
Character: Hak | [personal profile] raijuu
Current Canon Point: post Chapter 57
Updated Canon Point: beginning of Chapter 77 (before the plot really hits)

Updated Background:
Yona and the group stay in the impoverished Fire Tribe villages for some time, and with unlikely aid from Tae-jun, they are able to help and witness the villages receive the much needed help and medical attention. It's at this point Yoon decides that they should find a crop that could withstand the harsh soil. After Yona speaks with Tae-Jun one last time about their plans, the Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry Bunch leave.

As they search and Yoon decides where they should go, Hak continues to train Yona the way of the sword. As usual, he gets teased by Jae-Ha, saying he should hurry up and be honest with his feelings, and as usual, he responds with his spear. But that night, he has a nightmare wherein Yona tells him they should go kill Soo-Won. He wakes just as his once friend now enemy brings down his blade. Uneasy, he goes to the tent Yona and Yoon share, as if to reassure himself that she's asleep. His mind still restless, he leaves the camp to practice with his spear, his thoughts returning to how he would kill Soo-Won at the risk of his life. Zeno appears then, telling him not to worry so much and not to think about risking his life.

"You have a faint smell of death on you."

Hak asks if the dragon is condemning him to death, but Zeno states he didn't intend to scare him. Whether the words meant that Hak's bloodlust is high, his own past of killing people, the fact that Hak is always skirting death when in battle, or an actual prophecy that his death is near—who knows. Hak doesn't think too much about it, having already accepted that he may die for Yona if the time calls for it. He even tells Zeno that he and the other dragons aren't one to talk. Zeno says that as dragons, they can be born again and replaced, but Hak cannot. Hak, however, counters that they can't be replaced, either. Hak continues to be baffled by Zeno's actions, who finishes by saying that the dragons are here because of him (Yona's wish/reason for seeking them out was for Hak's protection, after all) and he should allow himself to relax a bit.

At that point, Yona arrives. She had apparently been awake and had noticed Hak's disposition. After finding a loquat, she had gone after him. She then tells him that he should do things he likes more often, suggesting that she has been tying him down with the training and that it must be stressful. After saying she could have Shin-Ah train her instead, Hak states that everything about her is stressful, pulls her to him, and lightly kisses over her right eye.

"...As you insisted, I did something I liked to do."

As she stands there frozen and turning red, he leaves her to eat the loquat and isolate himself once more.

Later, Yoon decides they should head to the Kai empire. There are villages in the north and he wants to know how they survive and if any of the crops there could live off of Saika soil. Signs of Yona becoming more aware of Hak steadily grow throughout the journey. This becomes even more evident during their first night in the mountains. Yoon had procured some bigger cloth so he could make a second, larger tent that could house the rest of the members (previously it was only Yoon and Yona in the original tent). Yoon suggests that Yona sleep with Hak due to potential bear attacks, but Yona starts asking if any of the others could work, all of which Yoon refuses for various reasons. It's at that point that Hak asks if there would be a problem. Jae-Ha also wonders and asks if they had a fight. She says they didn't, but says that he does weird things. (Jae-Ha's face is priceless.)

That night, Hak is already waiting in the tent when Yona enters. He kind of goofs around, saying how nice it is to actually be in one and lie down. When she hesitates, he sits up and reaches out as if to touch her, only to pull back the opening to reveal Jae-Ha crouching there as if to witness whatever would happen. Hak promptly throws him out and tells Yona he'll sleep outside, but she tells him to come back, worrying about his condition from sleeping on hard rocks and such. She then tells him not to do those "kinds of jokes" to her, to which he just stares lifelessly at her and agrees to not doing it anymore. Seeing her so relieved, the temptation to just tease her and push her down increase (secretly Yona is the biggest tease of them all). But through the night, Yona is much more aware of Hak's presence and feels more nervous than usual.

On the road, they encounter a young woman collapsed on the road. Seeing the whole group of good-looking guys, she immediately thinks they're entertainers and Yoon flows with it. She takes them to her village, Senri, where they're holding the Fire Festival that night, and all the women enthusiastically greet them. Since all the younger men left to join the Sen military, it had been quite some time since they had travelers—particularly good-looking, young, handsome men. The woman they helped, Aro, immediately takes to Hak.

As the wome flutter about the group, Yoon investigates the village, noting how much livelier and prosperous it is. He knows that the village once belonged to Kouka and notices that the environment is the same as the other villages. He stumbles upon a basket full of seeds, and old man calls him out as a thief. After continuing the entertainer ruse (going along with the "dancer" question), he asks about the seeds. They are called Iza seeds that were given to them from the north once they became a part of the Kai empire. The man won't give him any, but he will let him have a taste—but with a request. And that is to dance.

Yoon rushes over to Yona, already dressed in the old man's grandmother's wedding dress, and pleads with her to help. She at first hesitates, but then Hak comes in, asking if she would rather stop "that waddling chick dance" and that's enough to make Yona go for it. As he's teasing her, she starts saying how she has practice to show Soo-Won, but they both freeze. At that exact moment, Yoon finds the hairpin Soo-Won had given her and tells her she should wear it. She hastily grabs it, saying she can't. By this time Hak has stepped back and before walking away tells her she shouldn't panic and that it's up to her as to what she does with it. As he walks away, he silently thinks that he knows she practiced for Soo-Won and notes that she still has that hairpin because she still has feelings for him deep down inside her. (Or so he thinks, anyway, it's never clearly stated one way or the other, but that's the more obvious interpretation.)

Yona's dance is a powerful one. Rather than use a fan, she uses an old rusted sword. Afterward, hak finds her and hands her the Iza dumpling soup. When she asks if he watched the dance, his first response was that it looked like she was going to drop the sword several times. But then he tells her that it was beautiful—and then when she comments how rare it is for him to praise, he says it's a festival so he can lie (which earns him a smack). When Yona complains about the weight of the headdress and asks for him to remove it, he busts out laughing because her hair is all a mess. He then notices her hand still holding the hairpin box from before. Without speaking, his hand goes over hers and he leans in, almost close enough to kiss her. But he then pulls back.

"I promised I wouldn't pull this sort of joke, anymore."

So he says, but he doesn't look or sound like it's much of a joke. He then stands, saying the festival has ended and they should head back to the others.

The following day, Yoon was able to acquire a large amount of Iza seeds. However the news is cut short by the revelation of Fire Tribe soldiers near the village. While scouting, they spot Li Hazara, the dominant rule of Sen province, right past with a group of his vanguard from the border. More specifically from Kouka. It's at that point that Yona declares they return to Kouka.

Hiding in Saika, they try to gather as much intel as possible. Hak is surprisingly knowledgeable about how to hide and get information from brokers. When asked, he only answers that when he was in Kuuto (capital city of Kouka), he knew a guy who often went to back alleys. This is actually a reference to something he discovered about Soo-Won when they were children. (Long story short, when the trio snuck out, Yona went missing and Soo-Won had already established a connection within the city with the "underground" and Hak was able to witness it all.) They soon learn that the Kai army has broken through Saika's northern border and have begun invading, advancing toward Saika.

Kai's army is quick, and reports of each break through come in. A small group has approached Saika's walls, but come morning have not attacked. As a review. Li Hazara breached the first fort, Rokka, and then went to Kah-Sho. General Kan Soo-Jin had gone there to protect it, but was defeated, retreating while calling for reinforcements. Soo-Jin's first son, Kyo-Ga, is currently protecting Saika's walls. The current theory is Hazara will regroup with the smaller contingent and fight through from there. After determining that Soo-Jin wouldn't be able to enter Saika and Kyo-Ga cannot send reinforcements, Yona decides that they should break out the smaller contingent to help.

They appear right in the middle of the troop, posing as bandits. They disrupt and scatter the troop, but then Shin-Ah notices that both Soo-Jin's army and the Sen province army aren't heading toward Saika, but to the southwest, instead. Hiryuu Castle is in that direction. It puzzles everyone, and it's at this point Hak voices his thoughts. As a former general, his military knowledge has made him suspicious of everything.

Soo-Jin's army had been larger than Kyo-Ga. However, it would make more sense to keep the largest army protecting Saika, not bring them out. He also notes that Rokka and Soo-Jin's army fell way too easily. He then asks Shin-Ah if there were any injured, to which the dragon responds that he didn't notice many injured and in fact it didn't look like they fought much at all. With that, it becomes clear that the two have joined forces and are making their way to take Hiryuu Castle.

Yona decides that they should head to Hiryuu Castle. After preparing the horses, Yona is reminded of the one time she rode a horse with Soo-Won. But it's Hak's hand that grabs her and pulls her up. He tells her that she's the legitimate descendent of the royal family and that is why she's out to protect Kouka.

The two armies are actually ambushed by the Imperial army, led by Soo-Won and the Sky Tribe General, Joo-Doh. Not only were they disoriented by the various tactics deployed by the army, Earth Tribe General Geun-Tae appears from behind the Fire Tribe with reinforcements. With the battle clearly wavering toward Soo-Won's victory, the Sen army retreat, ready to trample through villages to resupply. At this moment, Yona's group appears. She then directly approaches Soo-Jin, telling him he's unfit to be king.

As the soldiers converge and they fight, reports reach Soo-Won of their engagement. When he rides over to see, he and Yona lock eyes, and Hak also looks over and sees him. Unlike Yona, however, his reaction is one of hostility, immediately gripping his spear. As the other generals approach, Yona calmly issues the retreat, and Hak does as ordered. Rather than go after them, even though they were recognized, Geun-Tae says they're just bandits and to leave them be. As Soo-Jin aims an arrow to shoot at Soo-Won, one of his own soldiers stab him from behind. With his death, the Fire Tribe is subdued and Yona's group disappears. Soo-Won then appoints Kyo-Ga as the next Fire Tribe General.

As they tended to their injuries, Yona helps Hak with his bandages. She talks about Gulfan, the falcon that is always by Soo-Won's side, and remembers how the two boys had raised it together. He tells her he's forgotten, but he hasn't. She thanks him for following her, and he tells her of course—it's his job.

After several days of rest, Yoon states he wants to go into the market to resupply. As usual, the rest of the group follows, and this time, rather than trying to hide them, Yoon wants them to help solicit customers. Jae-Ha tries to provoke Hak and tell him to bring in young ladies, but Hak goes to a weapon shop instead. He talks with him, and a crowd of girls gather. Although Hak only points to his initial guy, he has a very large group that Jae-Ha points out is "definitely not one person." Once again Yona witnesses the girls fawn over him and no help from Yoon, he has to provide an "extra service" by hugging them, which he grudgingly does. He later manages to escape Yona finds him hiding by a fruit stall. Saying he has some money, he suggests they go out and walk around the market.

On their date outing, they come across an archery ring where people can gamble as to whether the participant can hit the target or not. Rather than sign-up himself, he pulls in Yona. As the other men are teasing and joking about her missing, Hak firmly bets 200 rin that she'll hit the first (center) mark. It's a low wager, but it's all of his money. Yona is nervous at first, but Hak reassures her, telling her to relax. When she hits the target, Hak laughs, bragging about how well she did. It's the first time she's seen Hak laugh so freely before in a while.

At the market, the group hears about some troubling disturbances occurring in the Water Tribe territories. They eventually make their way to Shisen, a port town there. While resting at the inn, the guys are made to leave so Yona can change. While waiting outside, Jae-Ha offers Hak to go to the red light district, which he promptly refuses. Seeing Yona come out and a bit relieved to hear that Hak wasn't going, Jae-Ha leaves...and gets into trouble.

However, Hak is coming in before the Water Tribe arc happens, so this is the end until the next update.

Updated Personality:
There actually isn't much change in Hak's personality except for maybe a few things. Although not outwardly visible, his attitude has become a little heavier and more worn, especially as more instances of Yona and Soo-Won occur, particularly with the hairpin. As Jae-Ha likes to point out, his feelings for Yona are clear as day to everyone but the girl herself and it's becoming more difficult for him to hold back.

Toward Soo-Won, the anger, hatred, and sadness he feels about his once friend's betrayal have heightened. In fact, although Hak is from before this time, when they do see Soo-Won again in future chapters, Hak goes berserk in his attempts to actually kill the man, and it takes everyone to keep him back.

But his general attitude and personality hasn't changed.

Updated Abilities:
None, unless you count becoming a strong chick magnet one...


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[personal profile] noparachute 2015-07-16 01:26 am (UTC)(link)
Player: Sara
Character: Steve Rogers
Current Canon Point: Post-Cap 2
Updated Canon Point: Post-AOU

Updated Background:

Steve stops putting in all of his time to search for Bucky. Instead, he rejoins the Avengers team and focuses most of his time and attention with them. While he hasn't completely given up on finding Bucky, he knows that he can't just go on a wild goose choice and that there are still responsibilities that he needs to attend to. With the Avengers, they manage to wipe out the remaining HYDRA bases, capture Strucker, and recover Loki's scepter.

Everything seems all good, Steve has gotten closer to the team and HYDRA is practically non-existent now. However, Tony sees a vision courtesy of Wanda Maximoff that shows him his greatest fear. Tony's greatest fear is not doing enough to save the team-- his friends and thus he ends up toying around with Loki's specter (which has the Mind Stone) with Bruce. Together, they start building Ultron and leave the lab once he's partially finished. However, unknown to them, Ultron becomes sentient and ends up destroying JARVIS in the process.

Ultron later crashes the Avengers' party and makes his intention known to destroy all the Avengers because he feels that's what's needed for peace and evolution. The Avengers manage to destroy him at that time, but his AI is still around and thus he's not fully defeated. Not only that, he manages to take Loki's scepter with him. The Avengers confront Tony and Bruce for what they did and although they argue about it, they eventually get it together and locate Ultron's new location near the African Coast. It's at that location where Ultron is getting vibranium for his new improved body.

Once again, they confront Ultron, but this time he fully uses both Wanda and Pietro against them. The twins have a grudge against Tony because it was his weapons that destroyed their home long time ago. While Pietro is able to do some damage, it's Wanda that manages to keep Thor, Steve, Natasha, and Bruce down. She shows them their greatest fear and it makes Bruce Hulk out. Tony manages to destroy another Ultron body, but Ultron still got the vibranium he needed.

Tony finds Hulk at a city where he's causing heavy damage because Bruce is unable to control the Hulk. Tony stops him by using the Hulkbuster suit, but the damage is done and the Avengers go into hiding at Clint's farm in a quiet countryside. It's there when Fury appears to help boost morale so to speak. The Avengers regroup and later figure out that Ultron is after Helen Cho, a Korean scientist capable of building the body Ultron wants. The Maximoff twins also turn against Ultron at this point, because they find out that he wants to wipe out the majority of humans by crashing a giant land mass into the Earth.

Steve, Natasha, and Clint go to Korea to stop Ultron and they manage to steal the body that Ultron has been working on. Unfortunately, he manages to kidnap Natasha in the process and they're unable to save her at the time. Clint flies back to Avengers' headquarters with Ultron's new body while Steve has to stop a runaway train back in Korea. Pietro and Wanda help Steve with stopping the train and it's there Steve listens to them more. Wanda says that Tony can't tell the difference between saving the world and destroying it, so he hurries back to Avengers' tower.

At the tower, Tony and Bruce are looking at the new body Clint brought back. Tony thinks that they should put another AI into the body and tries to convince Bruce to do it with him. The AI is going to be JARVIS, who managed to survive Ultron's attack. JARVIS has been the one stopping Ultron from launching nukes, so Tony thinks that this will be a great idea to trust JARVIS.

Before they manage to do so, however, Steve arrives with the twins to stop Tony. They get in a brief scuffle, but Thor eventually arrives and helps put JARVIS into Ultron's vibranium body via his lightning. Thor saw a vision that this is necessary and thus, Vision is born. At first, all of them are unsure about his alliance, but Vision manages to pick up Thor's hammer, something that only those worthy can do.

The Avengers regroup once again, this time with Vision and the twins, and go to stop Ultron. His plan is to raise a massive land mass and then send it flying down to the Earth so that millions of people will die. Bruce also manages to help Natasha escape from her cell and they rejoin the fight in the air. Together, they start to wipe out Ultron and all of his bodies, with War Machine coming to help in the air. Fury even comes back with the helicarrier to help evacuate the citizens from the flying city because the only way to save everyone is to destroy the land mass.

They eventually manage to heavily damage Ultron's main body, but he also later kills Pietro, who sacrifices himself to save Clint and a young boy. Enraged, Wanda finds and finishes off Ultron, before Vision flies her to safety. The giant land mass is destroyed, the citizens and Avengers are safe, but Pietro is still gone and Hulk runs away from the team by flying in a jet. Vision also finds the last remaining Ultron body in a forest and destroys it, fully erasing Ultron from existence.

In the end, Clint returns home to his family and Thor returns to Asgard, but not before telling Tony and Steve about the Infinity Stones. Tony and Steve talk a little, before Tony temporarily leaves the Avengers to be with Pepper for a while. Steve goes back to the new Avengers base outside of New York, where he and Natasha go to train the new Avenger recruits: Wanda, Vision, Sam, and Rhodey.

Updated Personality:

In some ways, Steve is doing better than his previous canon point. He rejoins the Avengers team and bonds with them more. He's found friends and comrades again, and they all work together well. The loneliness and inability to find his own place in the world has greatly lessened. However, he's still dealing with his loss and Wanda's vision for him doesn't help with that. It shows that the war is still greatly affecting him and that his home doesn't exist anymore, since the 40s and everyone in it is practically gone.

Steve will get along with Tony better, despite the screw up the latter did with Ultron. He trusts Tony and listens to him and admits that he'll miss him at the end of the movie. He even tells Tony that the guy that wanted a family and stability died in the ice. Steve also mentions that his home is with the Avengers now, since Steve can rely on doing missions and being in a team.

He also doesn't seem to mind the fact that SHIELD has returned. Mostly because it was just one old helicarrier that was there just to help the citizens to safety.

However, the fact that Bucky has evaded him for so long back home is going to hurt him when he's back in Verens. It was his mission to find Bucky for the longest time, but it didn't work out. While he hasn't given up on him, the lack of anything concrete causes him to focus most of his attention on the Avengers now. Because of all this, he'll be bitter and angry at Bucky for a while, but he'll overcome it eventually.

Updated Abilities: His fighting style has improved, but no major changes. His new suit can also attract his shield to his arm.

Other: N/A

Questions: None
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[personal profile] nolongerasleep 2015-11-28 11:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Player: Nadia
Character: Lithia Spodumene
Current Canon Point: After she shatters Kohaku's Spiria core
Updated Canon Point: After her and Creed regain their bodies and she pretty much saved the party from nearly certain doom.

Updated Background: Link here and this canon point will be about to mid third paragraph of the link. Lithia would only be vaguely aware of events at first and then will gain more awareness as Kohaku regained emotions.

Updated Personality: There isn't a huge update here, but this will make her a bit more eager to get home. She'll also actually be aware of any potential future castmates besides Kor, Kohaku and Hisui. She'll also be more inclined to believe a few people in the game about a certain matter.

Updated Abilities: No updates here

Other: Nothing that I can think of.

Questions: Will it be okay for her to be gone from the beginning of the Thras event until I come back from hiatus? I'm hoping hiatus won't need quite til the end of the month but put down for that to be safe.
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character leaving Dec 1st, returning dec 5th

[personal profile] miraculo 2015-12-03 01:06 am (UTC)(link)
Player: Jade
Character: Sanae Kochiya
Current Canon Point: Post Hopeless Masquerade, Post-chapter 20 of the Wild and Horned Hermit manga.
Updated Canon Point: Post Legacy of the Lunatic Kingdom, post chapter 27 of Wild and Horned Hermit, post chapter 29 Forbidden Scrollery

Updated Background: Here is a link to Legacy of the Lunatic Kingdom. For Sanae's part, she's given the Ultramarine Orb Elixir before going on her adventure. The player is given the choice for her to drink it or not. What does the elixir do? It removes the impurity of death and allows the user to experience the immediate future. The would be dangerous to native gods like Sanae's greathnth-grandmother Suwako Moriya, and it was noted that it would render Sanae completely human. But for in-game purposes, this means that you can restart at the chapter instead of the beginning of each stage. (Also, even if the player does have her drink it, she still has all of her abilities as usual.) I'm going to choose that she does not drink the elixir. Anyway, Sanae returns from a successful trip to outer space and the moon, defeating a couple of goddesses, where she subsequently reports to her patron goddess, Kanako.

In Wild and Horned Hermit, Sanae doesn't make any big appearances except when she goes to check on Reimu as she's up to her get-rich quick schemes.

In Forbidden Scrollery, Sanae comes down to visit Reimu and help solve a eat-and-run incident involving a snake youkai. It's unknown if Sanae actually knows who the eat-and-runner is, but she proceeds to give the village a sermon about the dangers of snakes and the importance of paying tribute to snake gods. Sanae uses this to inspire both awareness of snakes in the village and hope that the incidents will resolve. Sanae constructs mini branch shrines in the area that allow villagers to donate food to. According to Sanae, this will decrease the eat-and-run incidents because now both eat-and-runners (and snakes) will have free food to grab from the branch shrines instead of stealing from restaurants.

Updated Personality: Sanae appears to have moved past being excluded from the previous incidents and events, and instead is much more proactive in going out and seeking to help others and resolve incidents herself. For instance, she comes down from the mountain to solve the eat-and-run incident before Reimu has heard of it, and Sanae had noted the strange probe upon the mountain before Reisen gave her the Elixir. Overall, her personality still contains her basic self of wanting to help out, only now she's become more efficient at doing so.

Another aspect of her personality to note is that she appears to have become a bit more prideful in her actions and beliefs. It's not to the point where she appears sanctimonious, but there is a degree to which she behaves flippantly regarding certain topics or beings. She sees nothing wrong with giving hope and sermons to people when it may not truly resolve a problem. When traversing space, she simply dismisses the youkai she faces in favor of, well, being in space. For the fairies, even if she acknowledges them as useful beings that may create an atmosphere through which to breath is space, Sanae will end up exterminating them anyway. She insults another goddess (of hell, no less!) without batting an eye, and then later admonishes her for using violence at all. These examples may portray Sanae as being as ruthless as she has been to non-humans before, although now they seem to carry a slightly dismissive attitude now that she's become a veteran incident-resolver.

When not in youkai-exterminating mode, Sanae appears to have become a bit more proper in her behavior, as is shown in Forbidden Scrollerly.

Note that these are only slight changes in her personality. In the end, she is still as hopeful and happy a person as ever.

Updated Abilities: Nothing much has changed in terms of her abilities, although her patron goddess does remark that Sanae seems to have gotten stronger.


Questions: Can she take the Ultramarine Orb Elixir with her?
eyeswideopen: (Why would I plan anything?)

Massive spoilers and Chara leaving Dec 17 and returning Dec 20th.

[personal profile] eyeswideopen 2015-12-16 05:53 am (UTC)(link)
Player: Sam
Character: Nagito Komaeda
Current Canon Point: Chapter 4, after discovering the secret of the funhouse but before opening the Hope's Peak file.
Updated Canon Point: Chapter 5, right before his death.

Updated Background:

Link His precise canon point is during his attempt to set up his own murder, Komaeda will have already inflicted all of the damage he intended to his hand and legs. This puts him just before the poison can kill him. This is a point of very strong emotions for him as this is his escape from suffering and attempting to achieve eliminating despair.

Updated Personality:

As previously discussed in Komaeda's application - his distaste for despair is so great he'll try to kill or eliminate the source. Finding out his classmates were actually Ultimate Despair turned his former willingness to die for them into finding a means to wipe them all out. He viciously cuts them down and while his suicidal tendencies came into play he has a will to live and stops talking about dying.

His development in Empatheias matches this fairly closely, (or I hope it does) and while he formerly mentioned he wouldn't mind dying, he will actually more actively consider alternatives. His self destructive nature will increase, since well, he won't mind being wounded or hurt provided he keeps his promises to those he views as hope.

His hostility towards possible canonmates (read: his classmates) will lessen to some degree as he will see the situation as he died. What does he care what happened after that? He no longer will actively seek to thwart them should they arrive. Yet, he will still keep a sharp eye on what they do.

He had some awareness before about a desire to matter and be appreciated, this will now be something he is completely aware of. His pro-activity in uncovering the truth and being ruthless to his opponents will see an increase. He'll take more of a in the open kind of role instead of being fixated on his worth.

All of this are minor changes in personality. He is still just as twisted as he ever was and consciously considers his worth to be less than nothing. While others believe in him and they are his hope - his self esteem is as terrible as it ever was. He'll just talk about death less, be more willing to step up and speak, and lastly, will slowly accept positive attention with a little less distress.

Updated Abilities: N?A

Questions: Can he take the spear with him?
celestial_wizard: (Let me get all this down)

[personal profile] celestial_wizard 2016-01-26 03:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Player: Mai
Character: Lucy Heartfilia
Current Canon Point: Chapter 467: Mother's Key
Updated Canon Point: Chapter 469: What I want to do

Updated Background: Latest update, Lucy confronts Brandish and tries to get more information about her mother from her since they knew each other. Brandish tries to kill Lucy, only for Aquarius to summon herself and intervene. Aquarius brings Lucy and Brandish into the memory of the stars (as mermaids!) and tells them what really went down, and also tells them about the plan that had been concocted between Zeref and Lucy's ancestor, Anna Heartfilia, to send gifted children/dragon slayers into the future to one day be able to defeat Acnologia. Lucy also finds out that Aquarius' key has been reborn in the world somewhere, and Lucy promises to find it. There is also an incident with Natsu being rushed into the medical room unconscious due to a magical tumor having formed in his brain, and Lucy being incredibly distraught at the possibility of losing the person who means the most to her (she wuuuuuuuuuuvs him~!), but fortunately Brandish is able to shrink it down to nothing so he'll be able to recover.

Updated Personality: No change, really. Except her being anxious and nervous about Natsu's condition, and wondering if the same will happen to him in Emp. And her feelings getting that much harder to conceal XD

Updated Abilities: No Change


shadowofpride: (Don't look at me like that)

Leaving Feb 13th and returning Feb 19th

[personal profile] shadowofpride 2016-02-01 01:53 am (UTC)(link)
Player: Taisa
Character: Pride
Current Canon Point: After consuming Kimblee (Ch.92/Ep.52)
Updated Canon Point: "Post-Death" After being head crushed by Edward, but before being reborn (Ch.106/Ep.61)

Updated Background: Pride returned to Central to assist his Father and prepare for the Promised Day. He isn't seen again until Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye go underneath Central and fight with the Gold-tooth Doctor and his army of failed Fuhrer candidates. After Mustang refuses to open the gate, Pride steps in to force him to open the gate. Using Wrath to pin Mustang down, Pride creates a human transmutation circle with his shadows using the Gold-Tooth Doctor's alchemic knowledge and as material for Mustang to use for the human transmutation. The transmutation was a success and they both pass through the gate to join up with Father and the other sacrifices. The transmutation unfortunately takes a toll on Pride as his container starts to fall apart.

After the group manages to free all the Amesterian souls Father had collected and he escapes to the surface, Pride stops Edward from pursuing after him. They have a final confrontation as Edward questions why Pride would follow orders from someone who didn't even show concern for his own son as he was falling apart. Enraged by Edward's question, he attempts to force his shadows into Edward's body. As his container could no longer hold his form, he would use Edward as his new vessel. Before he could finish, Kimblee intervenes from within the sea of souls inside Pride. He expresses his disappointment that Pride would take a human, what Pride considered inferior, as a vessel rather than go down honorably as an Homunculus. Thanks to his efforts, Edward was able to free himself from Pride's shadow and grab hold of Pride's head. He becomes a single souled philosopher stone and locate's Pride's inner psyche. Outside, Edward crushes his head, his container turning to dust and leaving behind a tiny fetal baby in Edward's hand.

Updated Personality: Visibly on the outside, nothing has really changed. He's going to be pretty hostile towards his cast and act more like Pride then Selim publicly, since he'll be outed by this point. A lot of his personality changes are internal. Where he used to have a lot of confidence, he's going to start doubting himself and what he believes in. Edward hit him pretty hard with his speech about his obedience toward his Father. I suspect he knew all along but never gave it thought until he was confronted with the truth. Believing that he died at home, he'll also start to question his purpose outside of Father's influence. What should he do now?

He'll hate humans a lot more than he already did, mostly because of what happened to him at home. He just cannot believe they bested him and denies he was at fault for anything.

Updated Abilities: Since he's basically dead at this point, I would like his powers to be reset to before he consumed Gluttony and Kimblee. So he won't have a keen sense of smell anymore or knowledge of explosive alchemy. Just left with what shadow abilities he already had.

Other: I would like to change his alignment to Elios. The last thing he saw before he died was the Bradley family. Despite the fact he was pretending to be part of a human family, it showed he considered the human family as more important to him than his Father. He has the capacity to love and know what it is, despite how much he will deny it. I believe this is something he will start to experience more in Empatheias after everything that's happened.


leaving march 1, returning march 3

[personal profile] freeplay 2016-02-19 02:51 am (UTC)(link)
Player: owlie!
Character: nishinoya yuu
Current Canon Point: ch. 125
Updated Canon Point: ch. 191

Updated Background: soooo, karasuno high has made quite some progress to finally make it through to nationals! the spring high miyagi rep playoffs ended with a two new wins on their shoulders: a rematch with aoba jousai along with shiratorizawa acadamy. shiratorizawa proved to be a huge and difficult game with more than two sets played, but it was definitely well earned! nishinoya faced many shiratorizawa's attacks with wonderful defensive play that kept karasuno in flight-- by fighting "directly" with the opposing spikers and receiving them. the third years cried with joy and it was amazing. now, karasuno awaits the results for those in tokyo, where the match against nekoma and fukurodani have only just begun.

Updated Personality: n/a

Updated Abilities: n/a

Other: n/a

Questions: n/a
mybackstory: (Default)

Leaving March 24, returning March 27th

[personal profile] mybackstory 2016-03-20 10:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Player: Leo
Character: The Spine
Current Canon Point: After their Anniversary Show on Jan. 24th, 2015
Updated Canon Point: After the Vice Quadrant Album Release Show on January 16th, 2016

Updated Background: The Spine and the other bots have gone through quite the adventure. After some of the normal shenanigans they've gone for a few months to travel through Space, with a satellite named W.I.N.K., to help him find and rescue the Planet Sized Green Apple from the Space Giant. Essentially saving many worlds, since the Space Giant wouldn't have stopped until finding them; turned out the guy was not only voraciously hungry, but a fan as well. Crossed dimensions in search of one where they still existed.

They beat the Space Giant via means of a musical duel, reducing him to tears which heal the Green Apple planet and give her a new ocean. Leaving W.I.N.K. with the newly healed Planet sized Green Apple they all head back home and end up producing an album. No real surprise there, being musical robots.

After that? Well, things just return to normal for Spine and his fellow Walter bots. Right back to performing, never really a dull moment.

Updated Personality: Still the same robot.

Updated Abilities: N/A


Questions: N/A

(no subject)

[personal profile] mybackstory - 2016-03-28 02:34 (UTC) - Expand
clockworkcopper: (Goodbye my darlings!)

Leaving March 29th, Returning April 1st

[personal profile] clockworkcopper 2016-03-28 06:21 am (UTC)(link)
Player: CS
Character: Rabbit
Current Canon Point: After their Anniversary Show on Jan. 24th, 2015
Updated Canon Point: After the Vice Quadrant Album Release Show on January 16th, 2016

Updated Background: Long ago in a galaxy far far... wait, wrong canon.

That's not to say this canon update doesn't involve space travel. Which it does.

Rabbit and the other Walter Robots had just been planning shows and doing their usual thing, until a satellite named W.I.N.K. crashed near Walter Manor. W.I.N.K. explained to the robots that he had found a Green Apple Planet, which was at the mercy of a Space Giant, and pleaded with the robots for their aid. With the help of their current caretaker Peter Walter VI, the robots accompanied W.I.N.K. into space via a specialized space craft, heading to the Green Apple Planet to try and free it from the Space Giant.

The robots traveled through space under W.I.N.K.'s guidance until they came to the Green Apple Planet, and by extension The Space Giant. It turned out that the reason he'd come was because he was a big fan of the robots' music, and had traveled across many dimensions to finally meet them. But his hunger had overtaken him, and he had eaten several bites out of the Green Apple Planet as a result. The robots defeated The Space Giant via a musical duel, which drove The Space Giant to tears. Those tears ended up healing the near-devoured Green Apple Planet, giving her a new ocean.

With W.I.N.K. and the Green Apple Planet reunited, the robots bid their companion farewell and returned home, and have since made an album inspired by their travels.

Updated Personality: N/A

Updated Abilities: N/A

Other: Upon her return she'll have a new face plate or two, as well as a new pink wig. Will probably inter-change between her old and new ones based on her whims.

Questions: N/A

(no subject)

[personal profile] clockworkcopper - 2016-03-28 21:06 (UTC) - Expand
raijuu: (⚡ lacing our tea from honey jars)

Leaving the 1st, coming back on the 4th

[personal profile] raijuu 2016-04-01 10:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Player: Laena
Character: Hak
Current Canon Point: Chapter 77
Updated Canon Point: End of Chapter 121

It's so long, here.
nepu: (Default)

Leaving the 5th, coming back on the 8th

[personal profile] nepu 2016-04-05 09:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Player: Sarah
Character: Neptune
Current Canon Point: Post Victory true end
Updated Canon Point: Post VII true end

Updated Background:
Being wrapped to another dimension yet again, Neptune and Nepgear meet the CPU of the Zero Dimension Uzume. Who she quickly befriends and helps out as she tries to defeat the “giant” who is causing everything to vanish out of the world. Collecting share crystals and befriending the local monsters allows all three of them to go HDD and defeat it. But turns out the real villain is Arfoire, the silly purple old lady from the other games and the giant was just a mid-boss. Neptune gets sent back to her own dimension but is still on the hunt to figure out a way to help Uzume and her sister. Which involves some fetch questing and the help of Noire and the other goddesses. In the Zero dimension, Uzume and Nepgear meet an adult ver of Neptune from the Megadimension in Victory, though her personality is the same as Neptune’s to a T. Just as the final fight with Arfoire starts Neptune manages to create a portal with the help of Histy so she can join in on the boss battle and then take Nepgear back home. The day is saved and with quick goodbyes to everyone the protag we all know and love makes it back to the main dimension of the game.

Then after a festival that everyone worked hard to create in order to restore shares and stop bad internet rumors. The big bads Gold Third show up and defeat Neptune and the others. Gasp, branching into 4 story lines we find Neptune befriending B-sha and trying her best to help her nation even if no one remembers her. Though after befriending B-sha the two of them just end of being lazy along with building gunpla nonstop instead of working. In the end power is slightly restored and the real plot kicks in.

With all 4 CPUs being granted the energy Gold Third had gained and the wishes of the people, Neptune gets a new form called "NEXT Form" which is a next gen upgrade. Using that power they cut away the deillusion power causing the big mess. Which causes an even bigger problem, with the secondary boss taken care of the real villain showed up, being a "dark Uzume" trying to take over Hyper Dimension. Cool fights happen and Nep swears to save Uzume and get the happy ending.

Updated Personality:
Neptune’s personality hasn’t changed much, though she is willing to work a lot more and keeps putting down the idea of leaving Uzume behind. Since she wants to help her not be alone anymore and be able to fight along side ect ect. Also less depending on Nepgear to take her share of the workload, which shows that Neptune has grown a little from the past games even if she still remains a bit lazy in the end.

Updated Abilities:
NEXT Form is an added power up for Neptune's HDD form Purple Heart. It's a next gen console power up, giving stats boosts and other fun attack skills. This form can only be activated when there is a lot of share energy though so it's only used near the end of the game.

Have a fancy wiki page because I tried to avoid spoilers

None that I can think of
nolongerasleep: (002)

[personal profile] nolongerasleep 2016-04-21 12:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Player: Nadia
Character: Lithia Spodumene
Current Canon Point: After saving the party
Updated Canon Point: During the ending

Updated Background: Here her new canon point is in the last paragraph.

Updated Personality: Not a whole lot of change here since her in game development actually was pretty much the canon development and then some. The biggest change is going to be the fact that for all intents and purposes, she's no longer alive and has nothing to go back to as far as she knows. This will actually leave her wishing to stay in Verens, which was something she was wanting but felt torn on.

Updated Abilities: The only change here is that she'll have a Somantic Bond with Kor and if any other characters from the party app later that would also be the case. That does grant a few abilities that she and Kor can call upon, but the biggest thing is that it's one piece of the puzzle needed to cure her condition and in canon had come much too late to help her.

Other: Last time I didn't bother to address the matter of her overall health because there was no change between her past two canon points. This time she went from being reasonably healthy to all but dead in a matter of probably at most 3 months, so it does need to be addressed here. In this case health-wise upon returning she'll be reverted back to the state of health she was in upon her first arrival in game. Also, date wise she'll be leaving on the 18th ICly and coming back whenever my hiatus ends, so probably about May 1st or sooner if stuff is resolved quickly.

Questions: None.
intohell: (bh-1)

leaving the 22nd back on the 29th

[personal profile] intohell 2016-04-22 05:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Player: Kat
Character: Riza Hawkeye
Current Canon Point: Prior to Lust's death (ep 20)
Updated Canon Point:Post Promised Day while still in the hospital (ep 64)

Updated Background:
Link to wiki, from about halfway down the page--Manga/2009 Anime section starting at Hunting Immortals
--Mustang's alive, Lust is dead. They learn of the other homunculi, including the fact that the leader of Amestris is one.
--Mustang gambles with the information and loses. Fuhrer Bradley takes all of his chess pieces and scatters them across the game board country while Snidely Whiplash tied up dear sweet Nell attempting to tie Mustang's hands by using Riza as a shield.
--Riza is a terrible shield as she learns more things (like oh hey! Selim Bradley is a Homunculus) and passes this info to Mustang through stupid code because that's how they roll.
--They learn what the Homunculi are up to through more code and note passing and set up countermeasures for the Promised Day.
--Riza deserts the military to help enact a coup and then kidnaps Mrs. Bradley.
--There's a meeting with Envy who tries to pass themselves off as Mustang, of course, Riza sees through it. But then she has to save his dumb ass (Envy's) by saving Mustang's (or killing him as she'd promised).
--Riza is nearly killed in an attempt to get Mustang to perform a human transmutation and is only saved thanks to the arrival of May Chang.
--There's a big fight against Father where Riza acted as Mustang's eyes helping target his attacks.
--After everything's said and done, Riza ends up at the hospital recovering.

During all of this, there were things going on with the Elric brothers but no one really cares.

Updated Personality: n/a
Updated Abilities: n/a

Other: Most of this Riza's already learned one way or another since arriving in Empatheias, she's just going to live through it this time. She'll be returning to Empatheias during the time in the hospital, so she'll still be pretty beat up, weak, and bandaged with a pretty new scar.

Questions: n/a
warriorscribe: (Bitterness is an ugly thing)

[personal profile] warriorscribe 2016-04-25 02:17 am (UTC)(link)
Player: Cherry
Character: Enoch
Current Canon Point: Post-chapter 9
Updated Canon Point: Post-game

Updated Background: Freed from his silver shell, Enoch rushes to Ishtar's aid. He is able to catch glimpses of her fight with the crazed Ezekiel, where she performs remarkably well for someone who lacks the special armor he does, but not well enough to defeat her foe. He finds her most of the way into the next floor, Arakiel's realm (there's yet another Fallen Angel he cannot capture; he finds a shrine dedicated to his memory about halfway through), nearly consumed by vileness accumulated through Ezekiel's attacks and likely her soul's long stay in The Darkness. He reaches out to purify her, but she raises an arm to stop him, telling him to go after Ezekiel before she can recover from her assault. Enoch takes up Ishtar's weapon and goes after her.

Ezekiel is counted a successful capture, and he hurries on to the final floor, home of the leader of the Grigori, Semyaza. Azazel stands in his way, and Enoch defeats him - both the Watcher himself and his monstrous Nether form. But Azazel tries to transform yet again, with the ominous warning they are "more than mere Fallen Angels". But Belial is apparently fed up with the Watchers' weakness, two of them having fallen to Enoch in short succession, and he unleashes a secret weapon, one he's been nurturing for ten years...

A monstrous creature erupts from beneath the ground like it was water, just like Armaros is able to do. It crushes Azazel in its monstrous jaws and gives a distorted cry, one that the Archangels recognize as the arena goes watery, just like Armaros's battle.

"Is that...Armaros?"

Dark Armaros - steeped in vileness and all that comes with it for ten years straight, his thoughts line the arena, proclaiming love and hate for Enoch at the same time, wanting to be his friend and to tear him apart, wanting to be "returned to nothingness", in unbearable agony.

As Enoch chips away at his Dark armor, the negative thoughts begin to vanish, until all Armaros can offer is pain and love. By the time the covering that hides him at the monster's "heart" is removed, Belial has no more control over Armaros than one disarming attack...and then he doesn't move. He turns to follow Enoch and waits. But he's immune to Enoch's bare hands, and no matter what he does, Enoch cannot finish the battle. His weapon is out of reach, beyond the bounds of the arena defined by Armaros's thoughts.

Enter Ishtar. Barely strong enough to carry herself, she crawls towards Enoch's weapon, taking it up and mustering the strength to stand and throw it to him. He catches it and channels Uriel's power through it, calling on the only strength that will harm what is left of the dark power that chains Armaros to his agony: Overboost. He and Uriel finally strike down Dark Armaros, and as he collapses, the mute Grigori, Enoch's friend, clearly mouths a single phrase.

Enoch, thank you.

Armaros is gone (or so Enoch and the Archangels believe; he's only sealed, in truth), but he has no time to mourn: Ishtar is collapsing, too, finally succumbing to the vileness coating her body. Enoch hurries to her side and gathers her in his arms, giving her hand a comforting squeeze and then lifting it to purify her. Unlike Armaros, her vileness was only on the surface of her body; there was no combat needed to purge it.

Gabriel tells him he cannot mourn Armaros now, no matter how difficult the loss, but Enoch, lifting the cleansed Ishtar off the floor, only wears an expression of jaded calm. Armaros's suffering is over, and he will not lose Ishtar too. There's only one battle left: Semyaza himself.

As he and Ishtar approach the device said to contain him as life support, however, it opens to reveal...nothing. It's empty. Their dumbstruck confusion is broken by Lucifel cutting in on his phone, telling God Semyaza must have been dead all along. He tells Enoch he "still has work to do" when he hangs up, referring to shutting down the Tower, and teleports away with Ishtar, presumably for Enoch to meet later.

Updated Personality: Not much has changed from his application. Enoch is smitten with Ishtar after her show of strength, loyalty, and bravery, and is going to settle down with her on Earth for a peaceful 60 years he doesn't get yet, and the pressure of both the mission and Armaros's torture (which he only knew about through Empatheias) are off. He's immensely relieved, and while his issues are by nature of the time period going untreated, he may be more likely to put in effort to live a domestic life.

Updated Abilities:

Weapon: Gale
All abilities are the same except he now has a weapon. For his purposes I have chosen the Gale. This halo-like weapon hovers over the circular plate on the back of his armor (or over where it would be if it has broken away), six sharp spearhead-like projectiles hovering to either side of him - surrounding him when active and resting at his feet (resembling a pair of floating wings at his heels) when idle. He can fire these projectiles in a multitude of ways by commanding them with his hands or, for more powerful maneuvers, his entire body. They return to his side after completing their flight path. The Gale is a utilitarian weapon, neither highly offensive or defensive, but affording him the safety of attacking at range. He isn't particularly good at focusing his aim, however - he may find his projectiles split between multiple targets in his field of vision instead of all focused on one.

Weapon Ability: Gale Tackle
The Gale isn't just for battle. Enoch is able to use the weapon's energy to charge forward, surrounded by sharp...well, gales of wind and energy. This is minorly damaging to any enemy caught in it, but its true purpose is maneuverability. It's by far the fastest means of travel he has outside of motor vehicles, and it always carries him straight forward - even if he's in mid-air. (Think Skyrim's Whirlwind Sprint shout if that's more familiar.)

Other: This is going to coincide with a hiatus for at most a month.

Questions: None!
elementalshot: (Default)

[personal profile] elementalshot 2016-05-03 06:38 pm (UTC)(link)
Player: Yukina
Character: Milla Maxwell
Current Canon Point: Post Bonus Chapter
Updated Canon Point: Post Game

Updated Background: The group enters into Canaan and finally confronts Bisley. After defeating him and Chronos they earn the right to make a wish to Origin. Ludger wishes for the fractured dimension to vanish and becomes the final catalyst himself so that Elle can live on. After Ludger's sacrifice the timer resets and the cleansing of souls can continue. With the fractured dimensions gone and the threat to the world with it Milla and Muzet return to the spirit world for good.

Updated Personality: Nothing has changed for her personality wise since the time between the bonus chapter and the ending of the game is pretty small. It's a few days at the most.

The only real significant changes in the context of the game when she returns is that she would be less anxious to return home. With her mission complete she'll feel a little more at ease being trapped in Emp. She still wants to get home more permanently of course but it won't be as much of a pressing matter.

Updated Abilities: No changes.

Other: This will take place May 9th-11th and she'll return on the 12th.

Questions: N/A
penduli: (46 just relax)

[personal profile] penduli 2016-05-09 05:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Player: Bella
Character: Black
Current Canon Point: Episode 8, just after talking with The King of Despair
Updated Canon Point: Near the end of 12, after White gives him her peptalk (...but before she vamoses with the King of Despair)

Updated Background: Following episode 8, Black loses consciousness and the King of Despair takes over; he hangs out with his fellow kings, receives the glasses he needs to help his plan move along from Aligula, and proceeds to kick his pieces into motion one by one. He gives White the glasses, telling her to get her friend's (Leo's) eyeballs for him, and then leaves; he reappears in the church's doorway before she puts them on Leo to mock her for asking for forgiveness/salvation (isn't it a little too late for that?).

His plans moving along without a hitch, he drags Leo down to a place beneath the cemetery whilst monologuing about the fleeting nature of humanity and uses his eyes to locate the other barriers holding Hellsalem's Lot City up. Afterwards, he swings by the theater to pick up White, bring her back to church, and shoot her after commenting that they're the same—living on borrowed time and lingering affection.

...he shoots her because she's the last barrier holding up everything so it doesn't all go to shit, essentially. And the city... doesn't go to shit immediately, because god bless White she fogs up the city. This pisses the King of Despair off, of course, so after a bunch of grumbling and a chat with his least favorite person, Femt, he uses his psi powers to force the fog away and start shifting around the city like it's just a bunch of interlocking puzzle pieces.

Then he makes a big boss battle tower out of the church and surrounding area and waits for Leonardo Watch to come and kill him. Klaus von Reinherz, the leader of Libra, comes along instead and they have a chat and a fight, with Klaus desperately trying to save Black—but the King of Despair mentions a very interesting fact about his deal with his body:

he welcomed him in. Black accepted him—it's not a case of him just taking what he wants.

Regardless, the battle ends in the King of Despair's favor (barely), Leo swings by, gives a huge peptalk to White (who's still around as a ghost, seeing as she's part of the barrier and the area they're in is where she became one three years ago), and... loves wins, essentially. Leo, with the help of White, headbutts Black back into consciousness and makes the King of Despair sleep for once. White has a talk with Black about accepting the fact your twin is actually very dead this time and there's nothing you can do about it because you're not strong enough to without killing yourself and that's bad, Black, please don't reject the world you're going to be living in from now on.

...and that's where his canon point is, essentially, after this peptalk and hug and touching moment between twins that proves family is important.

Updated Personality: Not a whole lot changes at their cores, actually; the King of Despair definitely doesn't, and Black... his mindset changes more than his personality—the way he looks at things. Because White's asked him to live on, even without her, he's determined to, even if it really sucks and he doesn't want to live in a world without her. (Because there isn't one, to him; that's his real, true feelings. White tells him he's stupid for that.)

I think that's about it.

Updated Abilities: UH.... SO...... BLACK IS A TAD BIT MORE POWERFUL THAN I EXPECTED HIM TO BE... Granted, he probably still can't use his powers half as well as the King of Despair can, and he mentions that Despair "put his body through the wringer" so it's safe to say the amount of power he shows off (moving entire street blocks, creating ever-circling ferris wheels out of debris in the sky, etc) is a "Just because you can doesn't mean you should" deal.

He's also shown being able to repair Hellsalem's Lot barrier—meaning he knows how to work that taboo magic. In theory, if he hadn't been so worn out he could've repaired it and White without having to resolve himself to sacrificing one or the other... but that wasn't the case. (But that's also a tad bit past the point I've picked for him. Well, no, he mentions he'd have to use her will at that point to fix everything, he just does it after the point I picked for him. We're good.) the way, confirmed he can teleport but only by shorter distances (like, say, 20ft?). Thanks finale.

Other: Did you know I picked this exact point just so I could still have the King of Despair and Black together? Because I did. ...look I wrote an app for the both of them, there's no way in hell I'm giving one of them up.

Also, uh— May 9th to May 13th? Sounds good to me.

Questions: None!
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