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[ npcs ]

— NPCs —

After over two years of living and working together, the local Verenthians treat the Otherworlds mostly as one of their own. There are still a few who are a bit wary, perhaps even envious at times, as to what they can do, but the current world situation has forced many to put aside their initial reservations. Regardless of personal opinion, the Otherworlders are treated like any other individual living in Empatheias because the Verenthians take their arrival in the most practical and realistic approach: everything is based off emotions including theirs and thus should be considered as part of the community.

All in all, the Verenthians will help accommodate and will at first provide for character needs. However, they do expect "payment" in return and thus will expect everyone to contribute to the work around the city. Unlike most game NPCs, these will not be like "sheep."

We also have two new populations of NPCs: Shaarnathians, followers of Thras, and Thesians, followers of Daimonia. Not only are they working with the Otherworlders, but they are also learning to working with one another—not an easy feat when each had no idea of each other's existence until recently, but so everyone is considered an ally and potential friend.

There will be occasions where characters can contact and address certain NPCs. There is an IC NPC Mailbox that can be used for characters to send messages to any of the below listed NPCs. Otherwise, players are welcome and encouraged to use common, local NPCs for whatever necessary.

Notable NPCs.
The following are mod controlled and cannot be godmoded by players. Any involvement with these NPCs will require prior mod discussion.

Ledwika Alers (Old Lady Chief). The leader of the Empatheias. She’s a direct descendent of the founding elder and her family line is mostly into the politics of things. She’s a stubborn, no-nonsense, borderline ruthless old hag but she’s also fair and well respected. She does enjoy making people unaware by putting on the “kind old granny act.” She’s also very old. So old, no one’s even sure how old she really is. Old friends and family will sometimes call her "Letti" and even the local populace may sometimes refer to her as such.

Sergei Taciyon (Commander of Enforcers). Head of police and security, Sergei is strict, strong, and has a lot of scars to prove his mettle. When he gives an order, it’s executed promptly. Unlike Ledwika who is respected for her wisdom, his respect comes out of fear. Able to wield a large, specialized halberd twice his size as well proficient in the newly developed rifles, it’s no wonder. However, those close to him call him "Sarge" and only those particular people are able to do so.

Rebbekah Forsyth (Head of Emotion Flow and Crystal Research). Although she gives off a bit of an airheaded impression, Rebbekah is one of the most responsible and reliable members. Emotions are her life and she reads up on anything about them to further her research and studies. She is also the more optimistic and enthusiastic of the group.

Lindsy Cartwright (Head of the Emotion Shift Archaeological Division). Lindsy is a well renowned and respected researcher and archaeologist in charge of all research involving any new sites that appear due to emotional influxes known as Emotion Shifts. She is also known for her strict, cold, and often times temperamental demeanor. She made her first appearance meeting the Otherworlders when they first appeared at the temple ruins. Since then she has been working with them, often times begrudgingly, and has focused on learning more about the Arehtei and how they, the Otherworlders, and other recent findings relate to one another.

Rajaad (Leader of Shaarnath). TBA

Sophia Katsaros (The Seven Stars Troupe Leader). A young woman that serves (or served) as an ambassador to Verens. She often does what she wants at her own pace, and so she often gets scoldings from her elders. She gets in over her head a lot as well and doesn't like to apologize, though she'll acknowledge something she did was too far over the line. Sophia was responsible for the reveal of both Thera and Theasthai to the Otherworlders; they weren't particularly a fan of her trickery, and there are a good few who remain not-a-fan of her. Her younger brother is Feofan, but she isn't very close to him... though she will defend him no matter what.

Feofan Katsaros (Theasthai Representative). A young boy who acts as Daimonia's representative to Theasthai. Unlike his older sister Sophia, he tends to go with the flow instead of against it; he also thinks through things thoroughly and gives a lot of consideration to both actions and words, instead of giving one more weight than the other. Feofan tends to get nervous when called on out of the blue, even by people his age, though he's definitely better with them. He's only completely comfortable with Daimonia, who he spends most of his time with.

Retired: Pearce Fellen. Off to enjoy a life of candy.