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[ premise ]


Centuries ago, there was once a world that thrived and fed off the emotions of its inhabitants. The very landscape and weather altered and changed depending on how the people around felt. Because of this, a kind of balance grew between the people and the world and all prospered. If despair and hatred destroyed someone's home, joy and love helped rebuild it.

However, this balance was ruined. The earth crumbled and fell into turbulent oceans, entire continents disappearing into its depths. Even the ocean floor gave way and caused whole large seas to empty, leaving only sparse amounts of barren land above water. Only one viable piece of earth survived.

Verens was a small city like any other, but on that fateful day the city and surrounding land rose into the heavens. Now called "Empatheias," this floating island is the last known surviving remnant of the now decaying world. However, their memories were wiped clean, and any knowledge of what caused the world to fall into ruin as well as what made the floating island was lost. Only the vague sense that something terrible happened remained, proved further by the glimpses of the dark, sometimes blood red oceans and barren land far below. Some say their ancestors must have used their emotions to raise it up and lost their memories as a price. Others say a magical being came to them to give aid. Regardless of how it came to be, a message was left behind by the founding elder:

Rebuild Empatheias. Do not give into your fears and hate. Rebuild with hope, light, and love.

From then on, the people focused on surviving and rebuilding, discovering bits and pieces of their world's history over the centuries. As the population grew, so did the island until it has become to what it is today. A prosperous city with steampunk-like technology, the city plans to escalate the island's growth and explore beyond its borders. Surely they couldn't be the only survivors and there had been signs that the world below had experienced some changes.

After their annual Summer Solstice festival, ancient ruins appear southwest of the city. But something unexpected happens. Instead of finding empty ruins, people were found. People foreign to their world and some with strange powers. Is this the result of the recent expansion? Or something else?

And most of all, are they a threat?

Answers will be slow to come, but there is something that the Empatheians will quickly discover. Each new person has their own amulet and their emotions are much stronger than their own. Strong enough to sway the flow of emotions on the island. What would normally take months of population harmony could be achieved in weeks with these foreigners' aid.

Although this world may seem magical and intriguing, these foreigners are interested in one thing: how to get home.

To do so, they'll soon learn that they will need to work together since perhaps their own emotions are the key...