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[ locations ]


Originally just a floating island, the game has grown to include more places, including a few on the actual world's surface. Here are all the notable locations, starting with the main game setting.

❖ The Island

Empatheias is a floating island set high in the skies. It’s a considerably large island that is roughly 1000 square miles (2590 square kilometers). However, only a very small portion of it is actually populated. The main capital, Verens, lies close to the southeastern edge of the island. There are also small hamlets that are settled away from the capital, but most are for farming. There are those who live out in the "wilderness" but there are not enough people to try and start another city out there. The Ferril Mountains is a partial mountain range that arcs toward the northeast side if the island. The mountains hold mines and caves where the crystal for the amulet can be obtained. The dense forests that cover the western side of the island are home to a plethora of animals, but hunters warn of dangerous beasts that lurk in the deeper parts of both the woods and the mountains. There is one major lake, Lake Niras, and it and all other water sources provide fresh water. Although they run off the edge of the island, there is an unlimited supply of water.

Full version can be viewed here.

» Verens

Verens is the main capital and the main focal location that characters will appear in. With a population of roughly 300,000 people, it's a very large and bustling city. It has recently discovered steampunk technology and parts of the city have become more industrialized. Despite this development, it looks cleaner and brighter due to the use of elemental cores and the locals keeping a more or less positive attitude. This allows them to keep the plant life enriched and part of their structures. This creates a bit of style contrast as there is enriched nature mixing in with industrialized components Situated by the edge of a large freshwater lake and surrounded by farm fields and lush forests, it is in the ideal spot for resources. The terrain is hilly and the city itself is somewhat tiered in design.

Collection centers to turn in amulets to be processed can be found all over the city. They look like banks and are sometimes mistaken for them. There are no schools because the culture is more based on apprenticeship learning. Only the affluent have their children homeschooled, but there are scholars who provide free public learning for basic education and then more specialized learning for a small fee.

The city has several places and sections that you should be aware of:

» The Observatory
One of its iconic structures is the Observatory. It is tall tower with a giant crystal floating on top. Because it is on an elevated part of the terrain, it can be seen from various parts of the city, with the crystal visible from every party of the city. This crystal reflects the color of the populations emotional flow: prism (balanced default), gold (positive), and black (negative). The observatory focuses on keeping up with the crystal, but it also tracks the changes to the island and world beneath.

» Residential Quarter
Although people can live in any part of the city, a large portion of them are situated in the southwestern Residential Quarter. Those of higher class keep their manors either in the countryside or in large plots of land a little away from the more common folk. The buildings are situated close to one another and vary in design and style. Some are simple one story cottages, others are multi-leveled similar to modern day apartments. These apartment like blocks and streets resemble those of the old Victorian days, yet due to the steampunk influence, quite different at the same time.

Sample reference images: one; two; three

» Merchant's Square
Located in the central area of the city and directly connected to the port via a few canals, this "square" has expanded to a more undefined shape. At the center is a very tall clock tower—or at least, the remnants of a clock tower twisted into the giant Tree of Memories. As one can expect, most shops and businesses can be found in this area. There are plenty of in-building stores as well as a few shopping galleries that should satisfy anyone’s needs. But for fresh foods and products, locals depend on the open market stalls set up by farmers, hunters, and fishermen who come in every morning. These marketplaces are usually set by the canal and is thus often called Canal Market. A lot of the popular cafes and restaurants are also found around this location.

Also situated within the Square is the Task Center. This building houses a large bulletin board where special jobs can be posted. A group oversees its operation to make sure the process goes smoothly.

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» Administrative Quarter
Situated on the northwest side of the city, the Administrative Quarter rests higher up along the hill, as if to better oversee the city. It houses the island's elder as well as other council men and political and security leaders that help oversee Verens and Empatheias. The main police station can be found here. It is also where a bulk of the research and technological advancements occur. The people who work and gather here are focused on the island’s improvement and the state of the people. Most of the emotional flow evaluation occurs here. The Grand Central Library is located here and is the only library in Verens.

Ahough there are some smaller family owned clinics scattered about the city, the central hospital is located within this area. Medicine is basic both in treatment and technology, but it is the first to receive advanced upgrades.

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» Port Niras
In the sourthern most part of the city is Port Niras. Here is where most of the fishing occurs. Multiple streams and rivers flow out from this lake to other parts of the island and thus ships sail along these waters to the hamlets and farms situated farther away from the city. The lake does flow off the edge of the island, so sailors must take care to not accidentally sail over the edge. There is also a small beach along the shoreline that people can use and designated areas for swimming. A little ways from all recreational and commercial use are the facilities and warehouses used to make naval ships.

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» The Slums
Although the people try to help one another, there is a small portion in the northeast part of the city that houses the poorer and shadier members of the population. Closer to the small desert situated to the east of the city, getting natural resources is harder to come by. While most try to help out, the increase in population and advance in technology is starting to create a wider social gap.

Sample reference images: one; two; three; four

» Airship Facilities
To the north outside of the city is a large facility dedicated to the construction of airships. One can either take the thirty minute small aircab ride or go by horse for about an hour and a half. This is situated away from the city as it produces more smoke and pollution as well as more hazardous in nature.

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» Village Hamlets

There are a few smaller hamlets located outside of the city. Their populations are usually no more than a hundred and mostly consist of farmers and hunters. Farmers and merchants will travel between Verens and these hamlets to deliver and sell goods.

» Ferril Mountains

These mountains hold the crystals used for amulets. There are also a few mining shafts used to produce natural ores as well as elemental cores. It is filled with twisting caverns and home to many large beasts, most of them hostile.

» Calinede Temple Ruins

First appearing on August 1, 2014, these ruins remain a bit of a mystery. It appears as if it had been completely flooded over, causing most of its destruction, and most of it is buried underground. It is also where the people from other worlds first appeared. A group of archeologists stay at the site at all times, but it is now available for supervised public access.

At the bottom level underneath the ruins is a large room with shrines dedicated to the Arehtei. There is also a wall where names appear, and it is theorized that they are individuals who have "disappeared" from the island. A lake where crystal replacements for the Otherworlders can be harvested is also found at this level.

As of May 20, 2016, the temple ruins have been identified as "Calinede Temple" and may have some connections to Simpathis.

More details can be read here.

» The Lost Town of Inoman

First appearing on November 16, 2014, the town sits on its own small, floating island close to the main island. It is completely destroyed, appearing as if it was first brutally attacked before wiped out by a flood. A report was written regarding the town. A small temple is located within the town. It used to be guarded by living skeletons and ghosts once wandered through it, but they have all stopped and disappeared, as if finally put to rest. It is possible for anyone to venture into it, though there are a few NPCs stationed to keep watch as well as archeologist teams that continue to investigate into the town's remains.

» The Teleporter

Appearing on March 26, 2016 during an impromptu Emotion Rise Shift, the giant crystal performed a giant light show and a strange device appeared just south of the Ferril Mountains. It is now used to allow travel between Verens and Shaarnath.

❖ The Lower World

Those of Empatheias have long known that not only was their island flying through the skies, but the world beneath them was a threatening, dangerous looking environment. Glimpses of blood red oceans, dark storms, black and barren terrain have been witnessed and no one has ever seen any sign of life. Efforts to leave the island to explore have always been met with failure and loss. Although the skies seem clear around the island, upon leaving a certain distance they turn red with constant flashes of black lightning. The atmosphere is also toxic to living creatures, and unprotected exposure would result in a quick death.

» Shaarnath

However, on November 15, 2015, it was revealed that a city actually existed within a desert region of the Lower World. Under the protection of the Arehtei Thras, this city, Shaarnath gives hope that other people may still exist and somehow survive down there. The people are hardy, brave, and can utilize a new technique called "dunamis," and ability to control one's emotions and actually utilize emotions to perform various tasks and abilities.

As of August 29, 2016, Shaarnath and Verens have established a connection via the teleporters and allow travel between two cities. All the details about the city can be found here, with a city layout below.

(full size here)

» Thera

On October 7, 2016 an acting troupe named The Seven Stars Troupe appeared in Verens and put on a play talking about a mysterious city that was saved by Daimonia during the war. Sophia Katsaros, the leader of the troupe, invited the Otherworlders to join them in their city—Theasthai, the city of joy and grief.

Instead, the Otherworlders landed in Thera—an abandoned city of Daimonia's, drenched in grief. This old city isn't particularly dangerous to travel, except by the laboratories, but it's easy to get swept away by the amount of sadness one can find lurking in every corner and that one can experience for themselves if they stay too long, along with panic should they try to take anything from the richer-seeming houses.

The laboratories are split into the medical, the main, and the research; the medical lab is eerily clinical, devoid of any emotion at all, but medical instruments and things of that sort will attack you; the main lab has skeletal scientists weakly armed with sticks and blocks of wood that patrol and try to keep people from taking their work; and the research lab is the most dangerous of all, with crystal-powered creatures that would be normal beasts... if it weren't for their wires and sheets of metal showing beneath their faux fur.

Thera is still able to be explored as a city, as the teleporter on Empatheias has its coordinates thanks to Sophia, but it's recommended you bring a friend or two, even if you go to one of the safer areas.

» Theasthai

After collecting enough emotion shards, the teleporter in Theasthai was powered again, and on October 14, 2016 the Otherworlders were allowed to join in Theasthai's festival, as promised. Travel between Verens and Daimonia's city is freely available (for the most part), thanks to said teleporter.

The citizens of Theasthai are constantly celebrating something, though not all of their celebrations are happy ones; they respect and desire balance of joy and grief above all else, and shift the general mood as needed. The many troupes of the city also employ "performancy," which is simply their word for what the Otherworlders know as dunamis/emotion magic, to help with their special effects and the like.

More in-depth information about the city can be found here, and a simple map of it is shown below.

» Briarlan

In the summer of 2017, There were several instances of amulet theft, and again the crystal in Verens was stolen and carried off into the sunset by a airship operated by pirates. After following the ship to their base, the city of Briarlan was found. Otherworlders were successful in helping the operation to retrieve the crystal, and after debate a trade deal was formed with the city in order to make up for the theft and benefit both cities. The city itself resides on a craggy floating island and is made up of whatever could be scrounged up. The people are a tough sort, and live according to The Codex, a set of rules that guides their piracy.

The more in depth information about Briarlan can be found here. A map of the city is shown below.