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[ ARCHIVED ] [ tree of memories ]


The current Pod Tracker can be found here.

At the end of the Light of Helisum festival, at the strike of midnight ushering in the month of Penta (August), a giant tree grew in the place of the central clock tower in Merchant's Square, overtaking and practically consuming as it surged forth. The petals of the tree reveal memories of those who are nearby. Fresh, deep, hidden, good, bad, and sometimes influenced by the prominent emotions around it. This tree, like everything else in the world, is affected by the flow of emotions, but not much is known about it. There are also creatures that lurk within the tree, but have only left it once. Otherwise they remain inside. Originally hostile, they have calmed somewhat and only attack when provoked. Enforcers continually monitor and supervise the tree, while researchers continue to study. Anyone can venture inside.

One important feature of the tree, however, are the pods that hang high above from its branches. It took some time, but eventually some fell to the ground below and revealed memories of the world past and the Arehtei. Since then, efforts have been made to try and make more fall—and that's where this entry comes in. For however long the Tree persists, this entry will serve as the official tracker that players can comment to to help indicate the Tree's progress.

If you wish to have these counted toward the Emotion Tracker, then you will have to comment again to the tracker. A little annoying, but it'll help keep things organized and less likely that it's missed.

❖ The Pods

Since the tracker is for the pods, it's important to know how the pods work.

» Arehtei association. Most of the pods ultimately relate to a specific Arehtei. However, there are pods that seem more generic about the world or seem different than the others. These pods are classified as "unknown." Other than being different in content, they behave the same way as the rest.

» State of the pods. The memory each pod contains could be good, bad, or a complete mystery until it falls. If a pod is particularly bad, it will look as if it's about to wither. If the pod is good, it will look as if it's bursting at the seams ready to flower.

» Initially unknown. All pods look relatively the same color wise at first. Once they've received a few points toward the correct alignment, they will begin to change color to match the symbolic color of the Arehtei it's associated with.

» Unknown pods. Unlike the more specific pods, "unknown" pods will not have a specific color. They also do not seem to latch onto any particular specific emotion. Rather, they seem to take in generic and apathetic emotions instead.

» Work on multiple. Although the tracker doesn't have a notation for it, it is possible for characters work on multiple pods and work with each other. Directions about how to specify this are on the form.

❖ Emotions at play

Similar to the Emotion Tracker, this tracker counts the type of emotions that are "sent" to a specific type of pod. This is how the counting works:

» Only count the session. Rather than trying to put a value on the strength of emotions, to make this easier players can only count the number of separate instances a character visits and works on a pod. A player is free to have their character visible multiple times.

» Point system. There is a defined point system for this tracker.

  • 1 point for non-aligned. Characters who want to help but are not aligned to a particular pod will give one point for that pod.

  • 2 points for aligned. Characters who work on pods that are associated with their aligned Arehtei will automatically give two points per session.

  • 20 points minimum threshold. For a pod to fall, it must reach 20 points. Once it hits that threshold, it can still receive more but it's guaranteed to fall one will fall within the month or in the next, depending on the timing of the points.

  • Rollovers. The points are cumulative, so they will continue to count until they reach the threshold. Once it does, then it will start over again.

» Positive or negative. Although pods will already have a "starting" state, the type of emotions "channeled" toward the pod can further affect the memory revealed within. How the memory is affected will be determined whether it's over 50% toward one or the other side. So for example, if out of 20 points a pod is 15 positive and 5 negative, then the pod will reveal a more positive memory. If it's evenly split, it will have no change and present the original memory.

❖ The form

The submission form is pretty straightforward. It's similar to the one on the Emotion Tracker, just catered more for the Tree's purpose. Unlike the Emotion Tracker, there is actually less need to provide a thread and thus the sessions can be handwaved. However, that means we are expecting players to be reasonable. As tempting as it is to have a character single-handedly provide 20 points to a pod, please don't do that. Make it reasonable or we will adjust the criteria. This is meant to be a group effort.

Player: Anna
Character: Sassafras
Date: 1/05
Pod #(s): Daimonia #2 / Piphron #3 / Peromei #2 / Peromei #3
Aligned? Y = Daimonia
# Points: 3+ / 2+ 1- / 4+ / 2+
Blurb: Sassafras spent between a half hour to an hour for each pod. Piphron's was harder for her to focus on as she kept thinking about all the people who have broken their promises with her. But she tried. Peromei was easier since she has a lot of projects and goals she's working toward, and Daimonia—well she's usually pretty happy and things are going all right for her. Not too hard for her to do!

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