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[ emotion tracker ]


The current Emotion Tracker Spreadsheet can be found here.
The current Emotion Tracker Survey can be found here.

Throughout the gameplay, characters will experience situations that may be more emotional for them than normal. This can be positive (happiness) or negative (anger/sadness). These emotions have greater weight and impact on the island and will affect whether it grows in a positive way or actually suffers. Cumulatively, these experiences can influence plots and events. Players are encouraged periodically, particularly at the end of the month, to fill the survey with threads where particular emotional tags, threads, or entries occur. Technically all emotions count, but we do not want you to feel that you have to submit every time your character smiles at a puppy or every expression.

❖ How it works

» What counts? If you're trying to figure out whether a thread works, here are some questions you can think about:

  • Is this a rare emotion for your character?
  • Were there any emotional effects caused by the incident?
  • Was it a stronger than usual emotion? For example, your character may be happy overall, but moments where they're filling up the room with sunshine and rainbows would have a greater impact than a casual smile.
  • Did the character attempt to use or focus the emotion?
  • Was the emotion clearly and strongly reflective of the character?
  • Did the character or someone else become aware of their emotions, possibly due to the effects?

If you can answer, "Yes" to one or more of these, then drop that thread onto the tracker! It doesn't matter if it was a brief outburst or one that lasted hours—it can count.

» Arehtei and alignments. With the addition of the Arehtei, alignments are also at play. The emotions characters experience can and will affect the Arehtei in either a positive or negative way. Here is the quick list of the Arehtei and the emotions they represent:

  • Aiada: envy and appreciation
  • Daimonia: grief and joy
  • Elios: hate and love
  • Peromei: despair and hope
  • Piphron: distrust and trust
  • Sosyne: anger and calm
  • Thras: fear and bravery

» Apathy. Apathy also plays a role on the tracker, although so far it hasn't had too much impact. Yet. Those whose characters experienced moments of apathy are also encouraged to comment to the tracker.

» Emotion reference chart. If you need help figuring out what emotion falls where, refer to our Emotion Reference Chart. These are just some suggestions to help give an idea and is by no means complete or restrictive. You are also not limited to count an emotion to one specific Arehtei. Emotions can cross over to multiple Arehtei, so it's fine to list more than one.

» Completed crystals. Finally, if it's been 4-6 months and you have submitted to the tracker (both the general and event designated trackers) at least two separate times, then your character's crystal is eligible to be considered completed. Once complete, they can get a new one.

❖ How to Fill the Survey

» Notation. The following notation is used for emotions:

  • + for positive;
  • - for negative;
  • % for apathy.

» Combinations. If your character is feeling a varying range of emotions throughout the thread, you can mark them all. So for example, the character is calm, then excited, then relieved, then irritated. Just count it all!

» Rating emotions. By default, all are set to 0. Players are to rate on a scale of 1 to 10 how emotional a particular submission is. To help understand, here's a basic explanation:

  • 1 point would be for a small but significant moment. Like a heart flutter or a bit of embarrassment.
  • 10 points should only occur if something extremely dire or substantial happens. If it's 10 points, then walls should be breaking, the ground shaking, things exploding everywhere—basically, the really big "oh shit" moments or, for the positive side, "I'M SO HAPPY I COULD DIE" moments.

Everything else will likely fall in-between. We would recommend the highs to average more in the 5's or 6's.

» Multiple submissions. You can submit more than once, for instance one submission per thread. Just be sure to not accidentally duplicate!

» Based on character. Alternatively, if trying to gather threads and figuring each individual instance is too cumbersome (and believe us, we understand!) then you can make a submission based on your character's emotional state up to that time. So it's more of a cumulative/general overview. There are two ways you could consider the ratings: 1) pick highest point; 2) try to average.

» Notes. We do request for small blurbs or thread links regarding the submission.

Choose whichever method makes the most sense and easiest for you. Other than grossly exaggerating, there's really no wrong way to do this.

(original archived emotion tracker can be found here; archived spreadsheets:Jan '17 - Jun '17 | Jul '16 - Dec '16 | Jan '16 - Jun '16 | Sep '15 - Dec '15 | Aug '14 - Sep '15)

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