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— NETWORK INFO: [community profile] crystalnet

❖ Telepathic network.

Like most other RP games, Empatheias has a network system. However, unlike most other games, there's no special high tech device or magic journal. Instead, Empatheias utilizes the amulets and communication is done telepathically. There are some restrictions due to the "medium," but it's otherwise very similar to other network systems.

When communicating, the characters will only be able to address each other and not the local Empatheians. The only way they can is when a local (i.e., the NPC) addresses them first.

In addition, those who already have telepathic abilities can communicate with others without needing the amulet.

❖ The "functions" of telepathy.

The telepathic communications works very similar to the more traditional video, voice, and even text messages of modern day networks. Messages can be sent to the public or privately, and it is possible to have "open conference" messages wherein anyone who connects into it will "hear" anyone else participating.

» Video (image), voice, and text. All three traditional formats can be easily converted to telepathic means. By "video," this becomes image. The individuals can have mental image representations of their face that can be seen by those they are speaking with. It is also possible to display whatever the person is actually seeing, thus using the eyes as a camera. "Voice" remains the same—all the receiver hears is a voice and no additional images. "Text" is also possible. Neither sound nor image will transmit—only actual words will appear to be read.

» No caller-id. Because this is an amulet and not some type of phone, there's no type of "caller identification." Although one cannot alter their image, it is possible to alter one's voice and "text messages" have no indicators whatsoever. This actually allows for complete anonymity. As individuals increase their bonds with one another, they will be able to tell each other apart—a kind of sixth sense. But for complete strangers or those they don't have that much affinity with, it is more difficult to determine who is "calling" until they respond. This also means there is no contact list, so there is no easy reference as to who is in the world.

» Incoming message notification. These messages are not "played" automatically. Rather, the intended receiver (or receivers) will hear a distinct "hum" in the back of their mind and feel a slight warmth from their amulet. These are indicators that someone is trying to communicate with them. All one has to do to "answer" is focus in on that hum and the "line" will open. At this point, a normal conversation can follow. If the message is being sent by someone they are familiar with, they will come to recognize a certain "feeling" and may even see a flash of the individual's face prior to answering. It is also possible to dismiss the message completely. All one has to do is make a deliberate decision to ignore the hum and it will disappear after a few seconds. However, if a message is dismissed, it cannot be recovered and there's no simple "call back" function.

» No "voicemail" or "answering machine." There is no means to leave a message via the amulet. If a character wants to send a message, they will have to use the old fashioned way: messenger birds. This is detailed further below.

» Connecting to each other. In a standard network message, people usually imagine two phonelines connected to one another. It's the same principle here, only instead of phones we have the mind. When someone has created a message, they are opening their "mind" to be connected to someone else's. When someone responds, a connection is established between the two and conversation can follow. Usually conversations are one-to-one. However, it is possible to have multiple parties involved.

  • "Joint messages." The joint entries. These can still be made in Empatheias. Two people are in the same room. They connect their minds to each other and then with joint effort, create one message to send to everyone else. Now both people can hear the responses they receive, and the receiver can communicate with one or both individuals.

  • "Open conference messages." Entries where everyone can hear everyone else, respond to each other, and threadjack. In this case, one (or more if it's a joint) person creates a message, but rather than intending to connect with just one person, they want to have a more public forum discussion. So long as they have the intent, a more open connection will form. Anyone who connects into this message will be able to hear everyone else and "speak" with them telepathically.

  • "Private message." Messages can also be sent to specific individuals. This can be done as soon as someone has met the person. All one would have to do is to focus on the person and it will get sent directly to them.

» Labeling entries. Because of the unusual nature of the network, all entries must specify the type of communication it is, especially if it's a special case like joint, open conference, or private. The default will otherwise be Image.

» No hacking. Because of the nature of the system, there is no ability to hack—yet. Perhaps sometime in the future a way can be devised, but in general it is not easy to break into someone's telepathic line. Even those who are already strong in telepathy or mind manipulation would not be able to. Until the mods say so or until a player comes up with an idea that is approved by the mods, hacking is a no go.

❖ Messenger birds.

Because messages cannot be left, messenger birds are utilized to send letters to individuals. These birds are specially trained to link telepathically with the sender. All the sender has to do is tie the message to their leg, concentrate on who they wish to send the message to while holding the bird, and then release. The bird will then find the individual and deliver the message.

There are various locations for these messaging services, but it's also possible for individuals to own their own bird. They can either be bought for a reasonable price or caught in the wild to be trained.

Messenger birds are not automatically given to the characters. They will have to acquire one on their own if they want to use it.

Players are free to create a designated entry in their character journals for these messages or post them on the network. We encourage to keep private 1-on-1 messages in the journals to help reduce clutter on the community, but we also recommend using the community if the message is public or for multiple people.