Winds of Obsession: UPDATE & POLL

Oct. 22nd, 2017 03:19 am
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Hello everyone!

We would like to clarify and make known a few things just so we can proceed with the event smoothly. Please take some time to read this, and any questions regarding any of the items mentioned may be directed to this post.

  1. Emotion Tracker: In order to determine the prompts and outcomes for the third and fourth portions, we have set up a designated tracker for the emotions on Aiada’s spectrum. Please try to get in your submissions as soon as possible to shape the event! The ET can be found here. We highly encourage those participating to submit to the emotion tracker. While optional, responses to the ET help us greatly, especially in a situation like this where emotions determine the outcome of the event. Please try to make an effort to submit to the ET! Remember, threads do not have to be complete to count, just far enough along to show that something’s happening!

  3. Stone Tracker: In addition to the emotion tracker, we will have a tracker for the stone orbs that relate to the temple doors. This will also influence the outcome of the second half of the event. As the stones are required to open the temple, there may be serious consequences if the temple doors are not opened. Keep in mind, that like the emotion tracker, threads can be in progress, as long as obvious progress is being made (more than a handful of comments, please)! They do NOT have to be finished threads to count! In addition, more than one memory or battle can happen per thread, though no more than one instance of either per character participating in said thread. (One memory OR one battle per character per thread) The link to the stone tracker is here.

  5. Serious Consequences: This is an update on the situation of the event. Currently the event is leaning towards the bad side of things rather than the good. In which case, there may be serious consequences that will impact the setting of the game altogether if it continues. These serious consequences, while still undetermined, may be similar to the negative side effects of the past Elios event or could potentially be much worse. We, the mods, have no preference on how the event will end, however, we don’t want a bad end to be the product of misinformation, misunderstanding, or even something as workable as time constraint. This leads us to the fourth item:

  7. Event Duration: Because of the current standing of the event, we have already decided to postpone posting the next portion of the event until at least October 26th, aligning with its IC start date. But we'd like to ask for everyone's opinion if we should extend the second part (To Her Domain) of the event even further to allow more time to complete needed threads.

    So, if the player base would prefer more time for the second part, we can move back the third and fourth even farther. The implications of this may be that the event will affect the location and content of the intro log for November.

Please fill out the poll below ONCE PER PLAYER, WITH A JOURNAL WE CAN IDENTIFY.  If we do not recognize the journal as a current member of the game, we will not count the vote. 
Any additional comments or questions can be left on this post as well!

The poll will close at midnight on October 25th (the night of the 25th and 26th).

Poll #18973 Winds Of Obsession Event Dates
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 44

Should the 3rd Portion of the event be delayed beyond October 26th?

37 (88.1%)

5 (11.9%)

How long should the 3rd part be delayed?

3 days : ICly and OOCly on October 29th
5 (11.4%)

5 days: ICly and OOCly on October 31st
13 (29.5%)

7 days: ICly and OOCly on November 2nd
18 (40.9%)

More than 7 days (please clarify in comments)
3 (6.8%)

It should not be delayed. (3rd portion will go up on the 26th as planned)
5 (11.4%)

Rituals! (Before and during event)

Oct. 20th, 2017 04:51 am
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Hello! These are the rituals for October! The Arehtei of the month are again Elios (-), Aiada (-), Sosyne (+), and Thras (+), with a bigger lean on Aiada due to the event! Please look below for more!

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Oct. 19th, 2017 04:34 pm
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Hi all! I went on hiatus a couple days ago but I only just realised now that I don't have everyone I'm currently threading with on plurk. I may not start anything new until the end of October, but I will be very slowly tagging the current threads I have now. Sorry for the slowness, things are just rather stressful right now!

This affects Weiss and Rinoa. Thank you for your understanding!

-1 Chemist

Oct. 19th, 2017 02:04 pm
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Hey, guys. Megu here. I haven't been feeling well for the past couple of days due to a nasty cold and that's been affecting my playing Honey Lemon here. I've decided to bow out for now and rest up. Honey has left a couple of things that anyone is free to take: a couple of outfits, fabrics, sewing machine, dress dummy, a portable lightning rod she uses to redirect the lightning she produces from Dunamis, a powerbank she invented to charge her electronics, and her multiverse notes she used for her lecture (which included a few pages of her figuring out if it were possible to create a breach into Verens). Hopefully, I will be well enough to app here again with this girl or someone else.

Thank you for letting me play with you guys. It was a blast. Bye!

TEST DRIVE: November

Oct. 18th, 2017 07:38 am
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Welcome to [community profile] empatheias' test drive meme. This test drive is to help interested players test their characters in the game's environment. We've included a few prompts that incorporate specific elements of the game, though you'll find all of them have a lot of leeway for players to get as creative as necessary. Before diving in, here are a few things we'd like to remind everyone about the game in general:

  • Date reminders. Reserves open Wednesday, October 25 and Applications (Canon | OC) open a week later on November 1st. Apps will only be open for four days!

  • OC Reminder! Just a quick reminder that original characters are allowed. Those interested can also use the test drive. OCs do not need to be reserved.

  • Emotions are key! Empatheias' premise focuses on how anyone's emotions can affect their environment, be it big or small. While not every emotion will cause a reaction, significant ones definitely will. How much effect a character will have will ultimately be up to you, the player. Also, while we're giving a lot of leeway for the test drive, keep in mind that there will be some limits in the actual game.

  • Everyone has an amulet. All characters have a unique amulet that is specialized for them. It will contain all of their emotion drops and it serves as the network device. Remember, communication is telepathic. Otherwise, it works basically the same.

  • Assume the character is already in the game. Because "OMG WHERE AM I IS THIS REAL LIFE" threads aren't going to be very helpful in this test drive! Plus, those are going to happen in-game, anyway. So to make things easier, just assume that they've been around at least a week or so. Still learning the ropes, but not a complete "first day" experience.

  • First or third person allowed. Your threads can be in either first or third, but we'd advise being flexible about it. Remember, these threads can also be used in your application for samples! Reminder: We only require one sample and it can be done in either format. We have also made a change to our sample requirements, so look over the Applications page!

  • Transfer to in-game. If accepted, you can assume threads made on the Test Drive happen in-game if the scenario can reasonably fit. These threads do not count toward AC.

Now with that out of the way, here are some prompts you guys can work from!

Prompts )

For your threads, put the Character Name and the Canon in the subject line to help readily identify them. You're also welcome to use more than one prompt for respondents to choose from. If you have any questions or want to brush up on the game information, refer to the Game Information entry. Otherwise, tag around and have fun!

Winds of Obsession

Oct. 17th, 2017 08:56 am
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Is everyone ready for some more adventure? As mentioned in the Mid-Month announcement, this is where we’ll reveal the details of this month’s event. While the first portion of the event will not have a log component, the second portion’s log will be posted tomorrow, Tuesday, October 17th. Please take a look, and feel free to use this post to plot with your gamemates!



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That’s everything for now! Please direct any questions or concerns here, and again, feel free to use this post to plot!