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[ rules ]



» Stay in character.
#1 rule of any RP. While character development will happen and may alter characterization, we should not be seeing a character pull a 180-degree personality change without reason. Gamewide HMDs will be posted trimonthly and mods will step in if there is a conflict that can't be resolved by players. HMDs in general are not required, but players will be encouraged to at least post to the gamewide ones.

» Be nice.
Just like the characters, we want to keep the emotional flow of our players positive! Respect one another and if conflicts arise, try to resolve them peacefully. If you are unable to, you can always contact the mods to help.

» Stay active.
Activity Checks are held during the last seven days of the month. The requirements are as follows: (Only need to choose one option)

  • Option A: 1 entry + threads totaling 7 comments
  • Option B: At least two threads totaling 10 comments.

We also use the strike system. If you fail the AC twice in a row, you will be removed. Thus you can fail once and then pass the next round to have a clean slate again. We will be keeping an eye on activity in general. Any player who is repeatedly striking and/or barely passing will be contacted and may not be eligible to apply for additional characters until it is proven they can handle the load.

» Always ask for permission.
Ie, the no godmodding rule. If there is a plot or an ability that would greatly affect a character, ask the player first. No one likes having someone else take control of their character without permission. This includes potential fourth wall breaking.

» No metagaming.
Be sure that the knowledge your character possesses during the game is information they could reasonably have discovered in-game. Even genius characters can’t break the 4th wall and read mod information posts.

» Warn, lock, and move mature content.
Please use warnings and journal cuts if you are making posts involving mature, sensitive, or potentially triggering content. Threads in the general community should stay rated T. If it begins to get steamier than that, post a warning and continue the thread in a locked journal.

» No playercesting.
It's perfectly fine for your characters to know of each other as that may be inevitable, but please don’t simply thread with yourself. If you get into a situation where your characters have to interact with each other, then you can either handwave or have someone else be in the thread with you.

» Limited headcanon use.
Sometimes we just have to make up things to make RP work for our characters. Headcanon can be used, but we request that it be used sparingly, only when needed, and with sound reasoning. This is especially so for anything involving characterization. If a character is coming in with unknown pre-canon history, please note it and we request that you do not try to make up their history in their application. If it comes up in game, you can use your own theories. Just be consistent and be ready to retcon it should any new material for the canon appears.


Currently, you may have a maximum of five (5) characters at any given time with of a maximum of two (2) characters per canon as long as the two characters do not generally interact within the canon. If we find that you are struggling to keep up with activity, we may contact you to discuss the issue.

» Canon characters.
Any fictional character that comes from a work of fiction with a concrete story line may be applied for. The work must be an official work, i.e. no fanfiction. The character must have enough depth within their work to provide adequate characterization without the need of a lot of headcanon.

Types of characters allowed:

  • Canonical "alternate universe" versions of characters which have their own unique story arcs. For example, multiple Doctors from Doctor Who, or Final Fantasy characters from Kingdom Hearts alongside their original versions.

  • Animals and children with enough development and backstory (i.e., enough characterization) can be applied for. Information about pet characters can be found in the Game Information entry.

  • Characters from podcasts, webcomics, etc are allowed as long as they are fictional, original works (ie. not or a comic based unofficially on another work.)

Types of characters not allowed:

  • Game imports, fandom AUs, characters from fanfiction, etc are all not allowed
  • Author self-insert characters
  • Characters who are pregnant at their current canon point. They will need to come from a canon point prior or after their pregnancy.

In addition, we have a one month wait period for new canon titles and it is based off the English localization schedule. For titles that are confirmed to receive a localization, you will have to wait until one month after localization, not the original release. For titles that have been around for several months but have no confirmed, no expected, or very slim chance of localization, then it is possible to apply granted there is still enough translated material for the mods to refer back to for the application.

» Original characters.
As of November, 2015, original characters are allowed to be applied for. Our main criteria for OCs is that they must be of your own creation or come from a medium that is designed for and encourages players to make the character their own. Their application page can be found here and includes more details about the types of OCs we allow.


  • Pure OC
  • MMO OC
  • Blank Slate Canon Protagonists

Not allowed:

  • Fanon/AU OCs
  • Game Native OCs

All OCs will be subject to the same standard and rules as canon characters. This includes characterization issues—no player will be given a free "creative license" pass if the characterization does not match with what is written in the application. It is one thing to develop a character and another to change it completely.

» Drop grace period.
If for whatever reason you drop your character only to realize that circumstances have changed and you would like to return, you have three (3) days to make this decision. You must contact us with your reasons and we have complete discretion whether to reinstate your character. This can also only be granted once. If in the future you drop and wish to return to the game, you will have to wait until the subsequent application period.


Should any conflicts or issues arise, come to us first. Like you, mods want to enjoy the game and we will be quick to try and resolve any problem that comes our way. The sooner something is dealt with, the sooner we can go back to having fun. You can find the various means to contact us here.