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2017-10-01 10:01 pm

Helper Mods Application


We are currently looking for four helper moderator applications. As of current, we are in need of 2 Prompt moderators and 2 Application mods. Both types of moderators will be brought onto the team immediately after applications close. The remainder of the mod team will be the same, so don't panic! We are just in need of some more hands to assist us with specific types of work, as sometimes, our availability can hinder us from performing to our best capacity.

For the sake of there not being any confusion, Ryoko, Ryn, Slip, and Monica will be considered Head Mods. They will be taking care of the game's behind-the-scenes. Helper mods, in this case, will assist with the following:

Prompt Moderators:
Will be responsible for 2 or more prompts for each of the following: intro log, test drive
Will be responsible for 3 or more task board submissions monthly

Application Moderators:
Will need to review applications within the application/review period each month.

IMPORTANT: As of 15 October 2017, we only have openings for Prompt Moderators.


All applications are screened! We will respond and contact individual applications October 7th with further questions, follow-ups or decisions. Final Mod decisions will be announced to the game at large after applicants have been notified.

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2014-10-28 10:41 pm

[ mailbox ]

Welcome to the NPC mailbox. Characters are free to send letters to the various NPCs currently in charge of the city. All replies will also be written and sent via messenger bird. Replies may take a while as they are busy officials.

Requests to meet NPCs in person are doable, but there is no guarantee it will happen—at least immediately. Efforts will be made when possible.

Since inquiries are sent via letter, you can write them as long or as short as you wish.

To schedule a thread with an Arehtei, refer to this entry.

To send a letter, fill out the following form and include the message.

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2014-05-25 12:37 am
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2014-05-25 12:35 am

[ profile codes ]


basic instructions

❖ you can choose whichever style you prefer. they are ordered from simplest to most in-depth.
❖ all fields are fairly explanatory and clearly marked.
❖ all code template colors are based off the "simple id" examples. rest are just examples of customization and how it would look with info.
❖ for directions on customizing the codes, scroll to the bottom of this entry.

id cards )

permissions )

abridged bio )

in-depth bio )
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2014-05-25 12:35 am

[ confidential contact ]


If you have any issues regarding the game, the mods, or other players, please contact us! We want to ensure that your time here is an enjoyable one and will do whatever we can do to help if possible. There are several ways to contact us:

Mod email:
Comment to this entry
PM the journal

The mods are as follows:


If you are submitting your concern via e-mail or to this entry, please fill out the following form:

All comments are screened and our responses to your comments will also be screened, so we can communicate through the entry if preferred. Everything will also remain confidential, but if another party is involved please realize that we will have to disclose some information if we have to contact them. We'll always double check before doing so, but please keep that in mind and make a note if there is anything you are uncomfortable with sharing.

We will try to be as fair as possible and do as much research and as many discussions as needed.
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2014-05-25 12:35 am

[ reserves ]


Applications Open November 1

Reservations open for eleven (11) days. It will open at 12:00AM CST and close at 11:59PM CST. This period will begin during the last week of every month and lasts through the first four days of the month, overlapping with the application period. The list will clear as applications are processed and fully cleared out at the end of the application period. We will disable commenting to further prevent anyone from accidentally commenting to the entry.

Reserves last for at maximum nine (9) full days. The reserve expires on 11:59PM CST of the day listed. This means those who reserve prior to application opening have at least two days to submit the application once it opens. The moment your application is sent it will remain locked in until processed. There will be no extensions since the reserve period only lasts for a set period of time. We will not give out reminders, so be sure to keep up with your reserve!

Be sure to check this list, the comments, the taken (A-M | N-Z), and application pages. You are free to use the current test drive for practice and sample purposes.

You may reserve up to two characters at once.

If you would like to reserve a character, fill out the following form.

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2014-05-25 12:34 am

[ applications: canon characters ]


Reserves Open October 25th
OC Applications are here

IMPORTANT! Applications are on a monthly cycle. They run from the 1st through the 4th of each month. The cycle opens at 12:00AM CST and close at 11:59PM CST. Notices will be sent out all at once at the end of the cycle, and no later than 24 hours after the end of the cycle.

Before applying, please be sure to read the following:

  • Read the Rules and the Game Information.
  • Double check the Reserves and Taken Characters lists (A-M | N-Z) to make sure the character you're applying for is not on the list. Also check the comments in case the entry has yet to be updated, as well as any pending applications.
  • Feel free to use the most recent test drive both for practice as well as to use for samples. IMPORTANT! If you submit threads as samples, you must submit the application with that character journal. This is the only way we can ensure that the samples are from you and not someone else.
  • Linked samples must have been made within the past year.
  • You may apply for up to two characters per cycle.
  • Application challenges are allowed. Reserves will have priority, but it's not definitive. We will choose the better application regardless.
  • Do not plagiarize. If we find that the information provided was directly taken by either another player or source material such a wiki, the application will be rejected immediately. If we find this after processing the application, we will revoke the application and have you removed from the game with potential ban.
  • Reusing your own applications from other games is allowed. We only ask any original written samples to conform to our game. That is, we don't want to read samples that are set specifically for another game's premise. Note: this does not apply to threads linked from other games used as samples.
  • If you are rejected, you cannot reapply for the same character until the next cycle. However, you can apply for a different character in the same cycle.
  • Those accepted must fill out all of the required entries within a week to be considered part of the game. Otherwise, we will consider it a revocation of the application.
  • Fill out the form and comment to this entry! You can either paste the application directly to the entry or link it from your own journal/musebox.

application form )
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2014-05-25 12:34 am

[ application: original characters ]


Canon Applications are here

Applications are on a monthly cycle. They run from the 1st through the 4th of each month. The cycle opens at 12:00AM CST and close at 11:59PM CST. Notices will be sent out all at once at the end of the cycle, and no later than 24 hours after the end of the cycle.

applicable oc types )

rules )

application form )
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2014-05-25 12:33 am

[ canon update ]


If you'd like to update your character to a different canon point, fill out the form below and comment to this entry. We will try and process it within 48 hours. But first, you should be aware of what will ICly happen to your character.

When your character is on a canon update, they completely disappear from the world. It's almost as if they were removed the game, however there's a key difference. Their amulet will remain and be in a translucent state. Characters will be gone from the game from three days to a week. They will reappear wherever their amulet is and can continue their progress from wherever they left off. They will also retain all of their memories.

If you have any questions, contact one of the mods or ask them on the form.

Current Canon Point: The canon point upon application.
Updated Canon Point: The new, desired canon point.

Updated Background: All we need is all the new information, so just a summary of what's happened between the current and updated canon point.

Updated Personality: If anything has changed about the character's personality fill it here. Just like in the original application process, we need as much details a possible, especially if there were any big changes.

Updated Abilities:

Other: Anything else worth mentioning.


Here's the clean copy and paste form:

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2014-05-25 12:33 am

[ hiatus/drop ]


Need a break? No problem! Just fill out the following form and include HIATUS in the subject line.

The maximum amount of time allowed for a hiatus is one month, though we can make exceptions depending on the circumstances. If you require a longer hiatus, please contact us as soon as possible.

Anyone who is on hiatus for at least three weeks is exempt from that month's activity. However, if your hiatus only lasts two weeks, you will still need to comment to the Activity Check, but you will only need to fulfill half of the requirements. You cannot use a hiatus to be exempt or do half activity two months in a row.

— DROP —

If you're dropping a character or leaving from the game entirely, just fill out the form and include DROP in the subject line. You must also defriend [personal profile] simpathis and leave [community profile] empatheias, [community profile] crystalnet, and [community profile] empatheias_ooc.

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2014-05-25 12:31 am

[ player plot log ]


We've had a lot of player plots that have come through as well as other smaller events that leave potential impacts on the setting. To make it easier to keep track for everyone, we've created this log!

❖ Plot Proposal

We welcome and encourage all kinds of events and plots, especially if it can drive the game's emotional flow direction in any way. Thus if you have a particular event that you'd like to suggest, fill out the following form and we will discuss it with you either on here or in private depending on the nature of the plot.

❖ Points of Interest

Additionally, if your character has been through an event or has done something that could alter the setting in some way that should be noticeable by the population at large, fill out the following form! It could be something being destroyed, created, and it doesn't have to be something created by emotions. If something is built, like a new attraction or local location to visit, you can mention that, too! We will try to work it in, either by publicly announcing it or have tasks that may react to the change.

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2014-05-25 12:30 am

[ emotion tracker ]


The current Emotion Tracker Spreadsheet can be found here.
The current Emotion Tracker Survey can be found here.

emotion tracker )
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2014-05-25 12:29 am

[ task board & businesses ]


The current Task Board can be found here.

task board )
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2014-05-25 12:28 am

[ adventures & excursions ]


The current Adventures & Excursions Charting Log can be found here.

adventures & excursions )